[UPDATE 6:32 p.m.] Vehicle Rollover Near Stone Lagoon

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA single vehicle rolled over on Hwy 101 near Stone Lagoon about 5:50 p.m. The patient has minor injuries. The vehicle is in the roadway and at this time it isn’t clear if both lanes are blocked or if traffic is able to go around.

UPDATE 6:32 p.m.: Traffic appears to be getting through. Tow truck is on its way.



  • Alot of wrecks lately.drive safe,I ran into alot of ice this morning.

  • this was ‘… 3 cars vs elks in rd. one elk was down & also blocking traffic’

    expect the unexpected.

    wishing you & ms kemp a peaceful new yr & that 2017 sees you n yours happy, healthy & enjoying good fortune.

  • Kym….. love your work and glad someone is out there to keep the community informed…. but, i’m new to the area…I can never figure out when ‘casual’ mention is made to a location that maybe only some local folks know about. Where is Stone Lagoon ?? please remember that many, many people live off the 101 as I do…. .but I’ve never heard of Stone Lagoon…. why can’t you say, “Stone Lagoon, south of Eureka 5 miles”…. (and i’m sure that is not the location)…
    I’m having trouble everyday not knowing what areas to avoid….
    Thanks for listening…and thanks for keeping us informed…

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