[UPDATE] Dead Body Found on the Shore in the Ma-le’l Dunes Area

At approximately 9:30 this morning, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a body discovered in the Ma-le’l Dunes area between Arcata and Eureka. A woman walking on the beach reportedly discovered the body near the water.

We’ve requested more information from the Sheriff’s Department and will update when we learn more.

UPDATE 9:42 a.m. Tuesday: Body Found on Manila Beach Was a Young Male, Says Sheriff’s Office



  • Not familiar where this beach is. What area is it located?

  • How about a better description never heard of this place does it have an American name an English name.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    No, that is the name.

    It’s near Manila.

  • Liz, thanks for the suggestion; got right to it.

  • Is that right by the gun range?

      • South of gun-range north of Manila.
        Fiends of the Dunes area, where so much vegetation was removed
        that the geology has been destabilized, killing hundreds of native- natural progression trees and destroying emergent wetlands.

        Funny thing is that the same folk that profiteered from destabilizing our sands have been granted
        “Resilience Grants!” No story here, just run of the mill Humboldt corruption.

        • .these dunes are full of plants and animal..not just European beach grass..I think it looks great
          I was just out there last week ..along with horse people and dog walkers. It is a nice area not a lot of people go to

  • Basically it’s the dunes from hwy 255 to the ocean west of Manila

  • Instead of wondering where the hell the exact location is wonder about a probable poor soul depressed during the holidays that went in to put an end to it all.

  • Unfortunately, the isolation of the beach has always bred sketchy behavior. Hopefully it’s someone that was lost at sea, she returned them and not a violent incident.

    When we were allowed to ride in the area, it was the Manilla Dunes; they best ORV area on the northcoast. Used to be a big tourist draw, but all of that went away and as mentioned previously, the whole area is destabilized and will have dunes up to the slough. ORV use never did this, but the “science” and enviro communities would never allow a multi-use area, only full “protection” was the option.

  • The xdune rider is correct, the ORVs didn’t destabilize the Rudd Property and Mal’el as one could assume.
    It was Andrea Pickart’s ill conceived and mismanaged approach to alter the vegetation- that lead to the loss of a 30′ tall, continuous fore dune, three ponds, acres of Coastal Act marshes, wildlife, and paleo forest that hasn’t moved in thousands of years, is now slipfaced with dead trees.
    Andrea had told Manila CSD that she would NOT destabilize- she lied, trees died.
    Where are the journalists?

  • so dead body??? dead body???

  • Male or female?

  • Jeeeez I just read the brief on this body found near the water, skimmed 20 comments & not a single 1 regarding the human life that no longer is, except ‘Life is Good’ which concluded it was a suicide due to depresyadayadayadada which is a complete assumption! Seems as if human life is meaningless to y’all & it’s more important to discuss the location, the dunes, political issues, or the Lockharts who aren’t even related to this story for GOD’S SAKE!

    • Thank you. Agree, sad for this person’s passing. Can we stay on the subject of this article?? If not, please move on.

    • the coast guard kept paging out notices about “a body in the water” 2 days ago (i think, during the storms)). i never caught the location. cg was telling other mariners to keep an eye on the water for that person…

  • Dune Fan - ATVs suck

    The dunes are being frozen in place by non-native species. Removal of those species allows the dune to move, as they are naturally supposed to do. A non-moving dune is NOT natural! Off-roading in the area is destructive to this fragile ecosystem.

    • A person posting about sand when the article is about a deceased person is not natural! WTF is wrong with you? A life lost, and you feel the need to change the subject. Please don’t post anymore about sand dunes.

  • Such a bad time of the year.prayers to the family.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    I have no insight to the person that passed. Could be good, could be bad. My comment is not directed to that person but rather to the living, but unconscious person who uses these two words together; dead body. Please, do not ever say, “dead body” around me, I will blow a gasket. A body was found on the beach. Was it dead or alive? If it was dead, it’s a body, if it’s alive, it’s a person. By the way, Merry Christmas!

    • “Dead” is being used as an intensifier in this case.

      Body doesn’t necessarily refer to someone deceased. For instance, one could say, “My body is in the chair but in my head I’m walking the fields.” Or, as Robert Burns used it in his famous poem:

      Gin a body meet a body
      Comin thro the rye,
      Gin a body kiss a body,
      Need a body cry?

      Should a body meet a body
      Comin’ through the rye,
      Should a body kiss a body,
      Need anybody cry?

      Try not to blow a gasket over such a trivial thing as two words placed together in a way you think is wrong. It seems a waste of a perfectly fine gasket.

    • ( L. C. n. s. bad) the word “dead” is is simply an adjective describing the noun “body”
      when alive your still a body. If you’er going to blow a gasket do it somewhere where someone can find your pea size brain and your DEAD BODY.

  • I hope my body is never found in Humbolt it would cause a save a tree tweet. No wonder homeless don’t matter or beached body’s God rest in peace ..

  • Where is the gun range?

  • Back when you could ride on the dunes there was dunes. Now its brush. Not trees. It’s a tweeker haven for drugs and stolen stuff and homeless camps. It’s not even safe to enjoy a day at the beach in that area. How many redheaded blackbelt stories of recovered stolen items or abandoned cars and trash? Too many. Should be barbecues and paddle tires!

    • “This 160 acre dune unit is the most pristine remaining dune system in the Pacific Northwest. The name came from a place name of the ancestral Wiyot tribe. Open during daylight hours.”

      Unless of course you live there and use the area for a toilet.

  • This is a tragic event for any sympathetic reader of this story. The “victim” and the unfortunate woman who came upon the scene on Christmas Day are the ones eternally affected. Any person who attempts to pry their opinion about anything else from his shaky podium should be kicked off of it by his donkey riding, cowboy hat wearing compadres.

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