Spreading Christmas Cheer

Article written by 4-H Reporter Malachi Church (Son of Kym Kemp)

SingersBrothers caroling with the Miranda 4-H Club at the Senior Center in Garberville on Friday.[By Kym Kemp]

On December 23rd, Miranda 4-H Club members spread a little Christmas cheer through the Southern Humboldt community. 

First, they helped decorate the Mateel Community Center in Redway for the Community Christmas Dinner held at noon today.

Flower arranging

Mimi LeClair, age 13, and Amanda Rowe, a parent, create centerpieces for the tables. [By Frenchy LeClair]

They strung lights,

Reya Mahony decorating. [Photo by Shana Archibold]

Two of the decorators pose. [Photo by Shana Archibold]

put up signs, chairs, tables, set up flower vases and a Christmas tree.

Decorating the hall

The youth hung wreaths and lights, laid out colorful runners for the tables, and set up vases of flowers. [By Frenchy LeClair]

After decorating they practiced for their guest appearance at the Skilled Nursing Facility at the Garberville Hospital.

Choir practice

With the Mateel Hall decorated, the kids ran through their songs. [By Frenchy LeClair]

Later, about 10 club members went to Jerold Phelps Community Hospital in Garberville and sang Christmas carols.

Choir singing

The club serenaded the occupants at the Garberville Hospital. [By Frenchy LeClair]

Then they gathered inside at the Skilled Nursing Facility.

Choir singing

Singing. [By Frenchy LeClair]

Singer in Christmas hat

Braxton singing.[By Kym Kemp]


Jonathan Archibold and Malachi Church singing.[By Kym Kemp]

Some community members that perform at the facility every Friday brought out their own instruments and joined in.


Community member playing mandolin. [By Kym Kemp]

Another community member playing autoharp. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Some of the residents just listened.

Christmas apparel

Cheery fellow. [By Kym Kemp]

Others sang along.


[By Kym Kemp]

Afterwards the club members and the residents were offered cookies and other delicious treats by the nursing staff.

Thank you 4-H kids for helping others have a merry Christmas.



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