Santa Coming! (As reported by Emergency Dispatch)

Bolo Suspect

Bolo Suspect

Emergency Dispatchers in Fortuna have just sent out a BOLO ( Be on the Look Out) for vehicle that left the North Pole heading to the EEL River area.

Description: “Brightly colored Red Sleigh pulled by 9 reindeer; foremost reindeer Rudolf  with a bright red glowing nose”.

Vehicle operator: Santa Claus 5 ft. 4 in. 285 lbs (whoa) white beard wearing a long red suit. “Subject in possession of a large red sack of toys for all the good girls and boys”

“Units not to attempt to contact vehicle or subject report location only”

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Awesome! Happy Holidays everyone, may we all be blessed with good company, tasty treats, and a warm safe place to sleep.

  • Kym this is so cool. Thank you and Merry Christmas from Michelle Steele and Family.

  • Hey I was in my yard about 5 minutes ago with my telescope. And you have a bolo out for a man ina red vehicle, I think I saw 9 brown objects, pulling this red vechicle through the sky. Oh by the way one of the objects had a glowing red nose real bright. Could this be what your looking for if it is I truly believe you can get him for ex exssive speeding , wearing no seat belts, no licence plates , I think you should aporch this man with caution. Oh if you can catch him is there a reward for him.

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY!!!HO HO HO 🎄Bless the beasts,and children may you all be blessed with love and kindness!!for those who don’t believe,I pray for PEACE everywhere and safe from harm!!

  • I didn’t see him. Maybe next year if all goes well.

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