Two Knocked Unconscious After Traffic Collision in Eureka

Patient in ambulance after Scion crash

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

A flatbed tow truck and a Scion collided at the intersection of G Street and Hodgson Street in Eureka about 3:15 p.m. Two adults in the Scion were injured and reportedly unconscious following the crash. Both patients regained consciousness on scene before being taken by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital.

Eastbound Hodgson Street is blocked by the tow truck, but will be open soon.

According to Eureka Police Officer Tae Song, the car was heading south on G Street at around 40 miles per hour and failed to stop at the stop sign. The tow truck was traveling east on Hodgson and tried to brake but was unable to avoid the collision. A child in the tow truck was scared and was picked up by his mother.



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