PG&E Crews Will be Inspecting Lines Soon; They May Be Accessing Private Property

pg&e featurePress release from PG&E:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) crews are conducting routine inspections on foot along routes of electrical transmission lines in Humboldt County. PG&E or contract crews may need to access private property to complete these inspections. Depending on the terrain, the use of unmarked all-terrain vehicles may also be needed.

Crews will patrol and access a 5-mile and 30-mile transmission line that runs within and between the rural areas of Eureka and Bridgeville through January.

Additional inspections on three other lines in Humboldt County will begin on January 25 and run through February. Those inspections will be along transmission lines through the areas of Rio Dell, Scotia and Fortuna.

These inspections will help PG&E maintain and improve the overall electric system reliability for the communities served in Humboldt County. Weather and other factors affecting safe working conditions may impact the work schedule.

Whenever possible, our crew members will introduce themselves at your location and answer any questions you may have about the inspections. PG&E employees and contractors always carry photo identification cards and are happy to present them to you upon request.



  • Why not post water proof signs on every road 2 days at least before crews arrive? Like cal trans, move the signs as they move down the road.
    There have been too many bad people cruising the backroads, i will personally block an umarked vehicle that appears to be casing the area, which unfortunately is what most unmarked delivery/repair trucks appear to be doing. At this point tho its worth stopping unknown folks on our backroad just to make sure.
    Cant pge afford to buy those removable magnetic signs you can put on your truck? Big pizza delivery companies have ways to do it so why cant pge? Too much money spent trying to save their own ass in court after blowing up those neighborhoods in san leandro? And they wonder why we dont trust them as a company.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      If anything pg&e should just leave you paranoid pot growers without power.
      The only thing you use power for is dope growing and use the care program.
      I wish every pot grower was deported to Al Bab, Syria and we could clean up our country from filthy growers.

      • You “Sir” need a reality check, Cannabis is NOT the reason these A$$hole$ are stealing everything they can get their hands on!!! Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, etc the chemicals are the problem NOT Cannabis!!! Especially NOW, since it’s LEGAL!!!!

      • Chump has a valid point. A lot of Growers are on The CARE program. a lot of the new Growers over the last 15 years have come up here to do nothing but rape and destroy the environment trying to make a quick buck. Of course heroin and methamphetamine use has gone up too, but one can only expect that when you make a drug the Cornerstone of a community.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump, are you a real fucking person? What’s the chip on your shoulder? Every single comment I’ve read of yours is negative, and borderline crazy. Guaranteed Fox news junkie. From all your comments I’ve read, sending the Marines into Humboldt for various reasons, I’m guessing 40-50 year old white guy who maybe served, and if you did accomplished nothing, but that’s all you talk about? Am I close?

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