Hell Hound or Injured Angel? Either Way, She’s Lost

The wild looking beastie to the left and the sweet faced hound below are both the same canine. She was found on Dyerville Loop Road about a mile north of the Fort Seward cutoff today.

“She may have fallen out of a truck,” said the finder. “There isn’t much around where I found her.”

The dog is an older female with an injured eye. She’s very skinny wearing a black collar with no tags.

The finder is heading out of town for the holidays so unless someone contacts her at (707) 223-2855 before 11 a.m., the dog will be taken to the shelter.

“She is going to need medical attention for that eye,” said the finder. Dog with injured eye




  • Poor pup. Hope she finds her way home for the holidays.

  • They will be putting a hold on her at the shelter, and if the owner is not contacted we will participate in getting her a home…..if not my own, she is super sweet. Thank u for posting Kym. She also had two pieces of blue cloth around her neck.

  • If she fell out of a truck, I hope she finds a NEW genuine HOME for the holidays.

  • My dog once rolled in dead fish at the beach and I had her tied in the back (securely in the middle of the bed) and her harness broke and she fell. I drove about a quarter mile before I noticed her absence. It happens to the best of dog owners. Thank God she only suffered some road rash and tenderness. My dog sleeps under my sheets every night, has the best food, and goes everywhere with me as my family. I hope this was just a case of an unfortunate separation.

  • C’mon folks! If this girl can get to Gville vet, I’m in for the first $100 on her care. Kym, let me kn
    ow how I can help make that happen, how ca we reach Judy on this —, and who else has a little extra heart for an aging lady on a cold night? Who is going to join me?

  • She looks bummed, perhaps she’s been lost for awhile if she’s seeming too thin. If shes ultra thin and did fall out of a truck then i hope she finds a new home. If lost she may be registered as so with the county animal shelter.
    Yes anything can happen, the best of owners have had dogs fall out of trucks.
    Thank you for picking her up and hoping the very best for her 🙂

  • And I do believe she has cherry eye which can be fixed with a somewhat expensive surgery.

  • Well as of now, I have to drop her at the shelter tomorrow. If I have another option for a foster or space for her I am open to suggestions. She sure just appreciates a warm bed n nice meal. I am willing to pitch in for vet bills. Wonderful ‘Ol Lady even if she snores like a man. Hehe. I have an older dog right now and don’t have the time sadly

    • Try posting all the pics & info on Humboldt Paws Cause their specialty is helping lost & or found animals find their owners!!!! Although in this case it’s questionable if taht would be the best for this unfortunate old girl!!!!

  • I pray she gets the best care and a home better than were she came from

  • I dropped her off at the Shelter in Mickenlyville. They thought after some medical attention they would be able to find a good home for her. Her case # is A07004 if anyone is interested in adopting or donating for her. Thank you

  • Call Garberville Vet (707) 923-2023…they accept donations for emergency care for strays and lost pets. Let’s ask our friends to kick in, too. I’m calling when I reach my phone.

  • I wish all dogs had a good home.

  • She’s awsome!!sweet face.i loved it when my dogs rode in the back,tied in and secure.untill the vet told me it causes harm to the dog.to much air in the ears,to much for their eyes,dust bugs etc my baby got smacked with flying debris,and got an infection,THAT WAS IT no more of that.they still have their face out the window,from inside,but still get the air.i hope some real amazing folks loving caring give her the best home.Mine are my best friends,can’t live without them.and to the man who toke her in,may God bless you forever sir you totally ROCK!!!!!

  • The Shelter is overcrowded and dogs are on a euthanasia list. This sweet girl, now named Harmony made it off the euth list and is now adoptable from the Shelter. If Harmony is adopted, it will save Harmony and the dog(s) that takes her kennel!

    Please call the Shelter at 707 840 9132 for more information about Harmony!

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