‘Get Permitted,’ Humboldt Sun Growers Guild Urges Farmers

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Dear Cannabis Farmers of Humboldt County,

As your neighbors, friends, and fellow community members we urge you to get compliant and apply for your cannabis cultivation permit.

We know a lot of you have been on the fence about getting permitted. Whether it be old stories of flip flop policy and fears of the upcoming regime change our country is facing, feeling confused and overwhelmed, or just some good ‘ol stubborn outlaw mentality; we understand your concerns. We are venturing into unknown, unfamiliar and at times scary territory. Realize that these sentiments are felt on both sides. County officials share this community with us and are doing their best to make policy that works for everyone. They are just one breath ahead of us. We ask questions they do not always have the answer to and are also venturing into unknown territory. Know that they do understand how important you are to this community and what you contribute to our local economy.

We urge you to get on board in this new era of legalization and medical regulation. We believe it is in your best interest to become compliant, add security to your future and continue the legacy that this county is so well known for.

The minimum requirements for acceptance of your application with the county are simple and you STILL HAVE TIME to get your application completed and submitted to the county. If you have an existing cannabis farm in the inland zone the time to act is NOW! You have until Friday DEC 3Oth at 4 pm to submit your permit application for commercial cannabis cultivation. After this deadline, no new permits will be issued to existing or new farms until a full Environmental Impact Review has been conducted. No one knows how long this will take or what the outcome will be.
We don’t want to see you lose your livelihood over hesitation. It is unknown what the full repercussions of non-compliance will be but we assure you they know where and who you are and someone will eventually come knocking. Some of you may be willing to take this risk, heck you already have been for years.

We have a different vision. We see this as an opportunity for the cannabis farmers of Humboldt County to unite. We can push for policy that benefits us and our community. You can demand a better price for your product and increase profit margins, rather than continue to deal with falling prices. This is also an opportunity to legitimize your business and provide over the table the jobs to our community. You can come out of the woods and market your product as a legitimate business and actively educate the rest of the state about the benefits of clean sun grown cannabis.

We do not want our community to end up dealing with another boom to bust situation as we have in the past. This is a new era and we see this as an opportunity for our community. We thank you for being an integral part of the Humboldt community and whatever you choose to do we wish you the best for your future and your family.

-the Humboldt Sun Grower’s Guild



  • Fear mongering. Some of us know the system is broken and choose to create a new paradigm. Unfortunately, you have been brainwashed sunshine, and now play on the side if the beast and the man and the establishment. Everything ganja goes against. So good job! Those who grow 25 plants and do it right and are true kind family now have you to thank when “they” come knocking. Gimme a break. Talk about some fear mongering.. who is paying you?? Fishy fishy phishy. And this is for commercial, right, so don’t sign up if you don’t blow it up. Screw the man and all his minions everywhere. It has caused the war in drugs and now it’s using those involved as their undercover agents causing even more riffs in the communities. Say no to regulation. All this regulation is why d.t. is in office now, sick of the rhetoric and control and regulation if everything we as humans do. Sorry, but even with your good arguments. Some of us will never bow to some authority out of fear, which is a this is. Just do it right, and the universe will reward you!! Dirt farmers and outlaws unite!! Actually if youtruxk in dirt, you’re not a farmers. Not how it works. Get a clue.

    • Buildingsoil25yrs

      DIRT FARMERS RULE. If you are not building and creating your own soil you’re just strip mining resources for your own benefit. Trees and plants add to the soil without effort. It takes a bit more effort on our part to contribute instead of just extract; in partnership with our livestock friends.

    • If unpermitted and cited,Civil fines of up to three times the permit fees that you don’t have .this could be expensive especially if fined daily as written into prop 64 .the worst legal part is- if the county pursues non permitted people thinking of making $ the money’s gained go back to the CA general fund .yes the district atty will be reimbursed but nothing will go back to the county lol………….beeracracy
      Check pg 69

    • yep my 25 plants aren’t gonna pay for permits and water consultants!

    • What ever happened to just say no?

  • Black Rifles Matter

    Leading sheep to the slaughter house. Jeff Sessions will put a stop to this “legal weed” and all the money spent on making property compliant will be wasted. If you really think that bitch ass Gavin Newsom is going to stand up to Sessions and the Trump machine you got another thing coming. It’s time to wake up People.

  • Agree with the first commenter. Did Mendo stop the Feds from getting the list of the zip tie program and raiding ? Are the policies at best ambiguous and not fully planned out? Are you ready to provide ADA handicap access and everything else that comes with legalization , pesticide permits etc? Do you have a safety coordinator hired yet ? All these things and more are coming and yet they might not remain. The legalization movement was corporate America wanting a slice of Mom and pop pie. Good luck. Also please hire security because people like Hank sims will be printing the list of all the “legal ” grows and the people behind them. If you think the market will crash and people won’t want to rip you off, you are in denial. With states Like Texas , there will always be a market for the rippers to sell to. You’ve got to be ballsy and semi-stupid. ( i know many of you are not)to take the chance right out of the gate.

    • There was a memo from the feds saying if your cannabis company meets certain requirements then it can operate with immunity. That memo came after the zip tie program. Future weed buisnesses that follow these rules will not be harmed. 215 left too much grey area for law enforcement. I wouldnt freak out about trump or sessions. They have bigger issues and are not going against weed. Donald trump is actually a proponent of legalization of drugs.

      • Black Rifles Matter

        Ya. It’s called the Cole memo. (And that’s all it is, a “memo”) lol. Eric Holder released it few yrs ago. Kiss that goodbye and expect Sessions to mail letters to every state with recreational in the first month or two. You should really do your homework on Sessions if you think he’s going to not “go against weed” as you say. Trump is not a supporter of legalizing drugs either. Where do you get your sources from?? Besides, Trump isn’t going to be the Attny General. Jeff Sessions is. You are right about having bigger problems then weed though, problem with that theory, is those problems will take much longer to solve and work out than the ease of signing a few documents telling states that are in violation of federal law will be prosecuted. All he has to do is sign some papers. No voting, no congress, just sign and deliver. Wait, watch, enjoy.

        • You should really do your homework on Trump:

          “We’re losing badly the war on drugs,” Trump said in 1990, per The Herald. “You have to legalize drugs to win that war.”

          “You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.”

          Trump further explained that tax revenues from a legal drug trade could be used to educate the public about “the dangers of drugs.”

        • Donald Trump on Medical Marijuana

          “In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state,” Trump told The Washington Post. “… Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.”

          He has also expressed support for medical marijuana, telling Bill O’Reilly in February that he’s, “in favor of medical marijuana 100%.”

      • Exactly what I’ve been saying since that “memo” went out, nothing was ever put into “law” it’s just a memo folks…

        • Black Rifles Matter

          Glad you see it as well Gazoo. Too many people living in fantasy land round these parts.

          • Perhaps the supes should extend any deadlines and petition Gov Brown to do the same.
            The election for prop 64 wasn’t based on the assumption we would get a nutter like lifelong antiweed Attorney General select Jeff Sessions.

            So NOW the regulations are demanding that local growers make a very big stakes bet, to declare with a deadline well before we can get a look at what Sessions might do.

            The stakes were not the same before this election.

            There are so many ways and reasons they could develop some CAMPv2.0 enforcement, so many advantages and so few downsides to it.
            This is a pending local and state emergency…action is required.

            We would be ‘lucky’ if the only enforcement from the Fed is against all the weed shops, both medical and ..well medical. It would screw our market just that alone. After the effects of the market crash, sure the price and the risks would be much higher.

            The effects on the rural economy everywhere would be pretty massive.

            • Black Rifles Matter

              Asset Forfeiture coming to neighbors near you soon.

              • that would be step 2 after they go after the medical dispensaries..again.
                On the other hand, ‘asset forfeiture’, yes indeed..and with the feds the property owners who have mostly seemed to not suffer much when a ‘tenant’ gets rousted by Humboldt County, (for some it’s even been a way to foreclose on sold property and profit again.)
                The feds will not care about whatever social and legal decisions were typically made by the county, so..perhaps even property owners ‘leasing’ land may get jacked too, once a tactic by DEA etc.
                The dispensaries are well funded now and plan to mire any action in massive legal challenges, if you believe them.
                Smash and grab tactics in the woods against basically defenseless farmers easily portrayed in the easily manipulated major ‘news’ as nobody sympathetic would be easily the cheapest and less entangling way to make a Big Splash and scare the crap out of cheaper investors while BigTobacco and Big Pharma work the refs in congress so as to dominate the market later. (The most ardent prohibitionists would love to screw the early business investors.)

                Read these articles at Leafly and the comments for more details on the subject of prohibitions and Sessions.
                Note also the Rohrbacher-Farr Amendment has to be voted on periodically, next is April 2017, last was December 2016. That and the Cole Memo seem to be the legal bulwark, haha, for weed investors taking the big risks.
                It will be the little people who suffer, as always.

  • How are we all going to be expected to supply such a tiny market(ca medical)? That doesn’t make sense. We are flooded With product now and we supply most of the country.

  • No worries Humboldt farmers , its,a dying way of life , you all know so don’t stress on the permit, either way ends up the same.

  • Yes , the government is here to help you, Get legal , and if the government arrest you will the ” program ” help with lawyer cost ? do they promise to feed our families when the hammer comes down ? No at this time there is no guarantee. Who or what negotiated this deal for us growers, was it a lawyer or John Doe with no legal or business sense.


  • Haha nice plug, but we’re not buying any. Too many good points to make, just to waste em here.

  • I have a question. Maybe the answer is obvious, but i don’t know it:
    What if you are only growing the 6 plants for personal use approved by Prop 64?
    Do you need to register to do that?
    It’s not a “medical,” and it’s not commercial. It’s just growing your legal 6 plants (i didn’t notice any limit on how large those plants could be).

    Maybe we’re still supposed to register with the County so they can try to get their Measure S funds… or maybe the water regulation agencies want to know… but i just don’t know! Can anyone tell me? I am in a vulnerable situation and don’t want to have even one plant on my place if doing so without paperwork would be illegal.

    • There is no registration required for Prop 64 plants. You need to be 21 and living where you grow. Check the local regulations to see if there are outdoor (or indoor) bans in effect, or regulations about the location of the plants relative to other people’s homes, schools etc.

      But, Prop 64 makes it legal to grow, and to keep on hand what you grow. It does not make it legal to sell or barter any of it, nor to give away more than a tiny amount. You should not take more than an oz off your property for any reason.

      • Then 6 large plants is okay? No square footage?

        • 6 plants basically they have to be indoors. And in a 10×10 foot area. Also, in reality you are only allowed an ounce even in your own home. If you read the law. Which most people didn’t. And now they say you won’t be able to get legal weed until 2019.
          Great job voting people!!!

          • And for medical if you don’t register and don’t get water board permit you can only grow 6 plants in a 10×10 area, if you have 2 recommendations then you can grow in a 20×20 area with 12 plants. In mendo you are allowed up to 25 plants total with out registering with the sheriff. it also states that this area has to be all together. Not in separate areas. From what a gather you can have either veg or bud plants. I could be wrong on that

            • marijuana marijuana marijuana

              i hope it’s common sense that with the six-plants-personal law comes the understanding that a person can have their six plants worth of personal marijuana at their home as well.

      • Thank you so much, Ed. I trust your answers, because i think you have probably read the whole Proposition 64–which i haven’t done.

        A couple more questions, then, to “edify” everyone 🙂
        Is it six plants per parcel, or six per adult over 21 residing on the property?
        And is it true that they must be inside and within 100 s.f., as commenter W says?

        For what it’s worth, my questions are about a small property in unincorporated, rural Southern Humboldt, zoned Residential/Ag.

      • Yes thank you,Ed! So me and the 19 other people living at my property who are rarely around and I don’t actually know their real names ( Freedom, Chakra, Rainbow Dave,etc) will be cool to grow 6 each X 20 makes 120 plants Cool! Now what’s all this about permits and taxes and such? Of course we won’t sell any! Nobody is selling any its all personal and medical and if you find my weed in New York you must be mistaken because we said we don’t sell it!!

    • 6 plants indoor from what I’ve read

    • The county permit requirement kicks in at anything above 200 sq feet. Six plants should be under that.

  • They cannot regulate how much medicine I need .The lawyers are getting geared up for law suits against the county and the sheriff will give the feds the list under the table just like they always have .

    • Prop is for recreational use only. If we need more medicine they will have us BUY a 215 card and buy it from a dispensary so big brother gets his cut of our money.

  • One of the best things that dope Growers got going for them is the huge amount of corruption in this state. we have one of the biggest economies in the world, yet our infrastructure is falling apart. The County can’t even afford to have sheriffs in each town. I’d imagine a large part of the money that is supposed to go to enforcement will get siphoned off to the special interest.

  • And once again, how will they get search warrants for all the greenhouses with no cannabis showing? My attorney said if they show up to an empty greenhouse that there will be grounds for a lawsuit.

    • They Can say they have probable cause and then TRUMP up some lie.( sorry no pun intended )

    • I’m pretty sure that if you got a permit based on you actually declaring that you were going to grow weed in that greenhouse….that would be considered probable cause. Ha Ha I will enjoy watching the big declared scenes with their little county permit getting eradicated by the feds as they have been blowing it up in direct violation of federal RICO Act for awhile…and bragging with swagger so yeah screw em!

  • Growers would be in a better position in the future if they take the money the regulators want and buy Cannabis related stocks instead.

  • Suckers are getting played hard right now Sunshine you are another good- hearted yet unwitting agent of the corporations and government. Tossing us a big ball of fear and saying it’s because you care- Ha Ha! You value what you imagine as safety over your community’s small-scale economy. You will end up with neither. The county , the engineers, the inspectors and the paper- pushers are now cashing in. But they offer us nothing but fees and taxes.

  • While issuing permits to grow, I hope the County will also check to see that building permits have been issued for houses and other structures.
    That would affect 90% or more of the houses in Salmon Creek.

    • Unpermitted buildings are already taxed if that’s what you’re worried about.

    • The county already said they are only requiring permits for buildings used for cultivation or proccesing and that your residence doesnt need to be permited nor do other buildings on your property nor used for cultivation.

  • marijuana marijuana marijuana

    “Get Stuffed” white boy potster recommends to fancy guild people.

  • When they do something about the bulgarian grows, when they do something about the tweaker grows, when they do something about the ” I need 400 more this year” grows, then maybe I will worry.
    By the way isn’t it nice this time of year with all the out of town growers and trimmers gone?

  • Krystal is to ” true Humboldt ” what Patrick Murphy is to ” emerald family flammers” just another greed grower trying to assimilate into a Babylonian shakedown. It’s like their the new sports teams of our county. With all their lame hats and shirts. Except all their good at is flapping their gums. Krystal and Patrick must have the same accountant. Good at cooking the books! They also must work out at the same gym!!!!!!!

    • Vultures Coming To Roost

      They’d better hope their accountant is squeaky clean in all other aspects of their life. The strategy is to bust the accountant on powders or something that can have nasty legal consequences and then turn them into a source of info. It is no secret that the accountants here in Humboldt are the ones with the golden information and that many are complicit in the violations of the RICO Act that have allowed the consolidation of the biggest and greediest into what we are now witnessing.

  • What I found interesting about the map of permit applications showing the green dots was the concentration in areas like Island Mountain. These areas have been served with the letter from North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board for the NOI for Cannabis Cultivation. Failure to map and prove your water source and storage will result in a $1000.00 a day fine. This is the convoy of the future, except it’s a pencil pusher behind a desk with google earth. From what I hear, they intend to send the letters to all known cultivation sites. So if you file an NOI, then cannot or do not get a state permit, they can then fine you the cost of a permit, per day I do not know. It might take a couple years but the money being raised is earmarked for exactly this type of enforcement. I have been an outlaw grower for over 25 years, it’s not the helicopters anymore, it’s the beaurocracy. My hope is all the good people are ok, whether they get permitted or not. The ones ruining the environment or neighborhood, good riddance.

  • Question.. Since pot is still a schedule 1 narcotic and bank loans are FDIC insured, will a property owner who has a commercial cultivation permit attached to their land be eligible for bank financing and or access to their equity?

    • A ganja permit isn't a federal crime.

      The permit itself isn’t a federal crime. Not an expert but any permits “allowing” illegal activities attached to the land are null and void, meaning the permit shouldn’t factor in to other finances because the FDIC doesn’t recognize the permit whatsoever. It’s not a legitimate document as far as they’re concerned. If there’s no marijuana, there’s no crime. It’s like if your kids declare your backyard a space station and draw up a permit for it. Your backyard isn’t a permitted space station, at least as far as the feds are concerned. Unless you actually start launching space ships from it, then they might get involved.

  • AnonymousHumboldtian

    Hey Kim, what’s going on with the Humboldt County Cup? Is it still going to happen in Ferndale?

  • Prop 64 permits 6 plants PER PARCEL, not per adult living on said parcel.

    It allows you to keep all the produce of that garden, but requires that you store it IN THE GARDEN / grow area.

    The law allows indoor or outdoor, but localities can force cultivation indoor AND subject it to “reasonable” regulation (definition yet to be determined).

    The law includes a stipulation that when state authorities declare that federal prohibition has ended, localities can no longer ban outdoor.

    • Thank you! That’s one of my questions answered. 6 plants per parcel. I take it that Humboldt is not one of the localities forcing the cultivation indoor… that is, 6 plants will be allowed on a parcel without needing to file paperwork.

  • And so it begins. Water quality control board fines couple $37,000+ over leaked water bladder. http://kiem-tv.com/video/mendocino-county-landowners-fined-thousands

    • DANG! The water bladder in that story didn’t exactly leak, more like burst. Can you imagine seeing 50,000 gallons of water gushing along the path of least resistance in your own backyard? That couple is hating it.

  • Ouch! Where eradication failed now fines and liens will prevail? That is seriously fucked up. In the last killing it years hopefully you paid down your mortgage, shrunk your debts & u have some savings and a plan B cuz this is all sorts of ridiculous.

  • ” It is unknown what the full repercussions of non-compliance will be but we”… (ETA: Those submitting compliavpnce documents, should be aware we are still leaving ourselves wide open for EASY federal prosecution, asset forfeiture, robbery/theft, asssault, murder, just to name a few “repercussions”,)
    SMH. Sheeple.

      • Black Rifles Matter

        Live in reality much?

        • Been here 25 years and I have signed for a permit. I do not fear the feds because I understand the weed thing has become much bigger then Humboldt county . I do not walk around worried I am going to be robbed , assaulted or murdered. If this is your reality and you live with these fears get mental help. It is no way to live from day to day. I wish everyone peace and happiness weather you are getting a permit or not.

          • Black Rifles Matter

            25 years?? Weak. Hahahaha. Ok buddy, you want a glass of milk and a cookie for it? You must not have any family or friends who’ve been charged federally in last five years then. Asset forfeiture is real!!

            • I have a life long friend doing 5 to 10 as we speak. Why don’t you have me over for those milk and cookies and a will let you cry on my shoulder. You could tell me how your daddy got popped and ratted out the whole family? Then I would understand why you live in fear.

  • They should be paying us.

    This is Our Thing

  • Is county gonna give money back if new trump administration calls bs on all the green dot farms. Why couldn’t deadline be after trump & new fed crew sworn into office. So we really know if it’s worth it or not.

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