Do You Recognize This Woman? Fortuna Police Hope You Can Help

Fortuna Police posted this image of a woman and asked the public’s help in identifying her. They wrote,blurry photo of a woman

Do you know this person? The department is attempting to identify this female as we believe she may have information related to a current criminal investigation. If you have any information, please contact the investigating officer at 707-725-1447



  • Too many people in Humboldt don’t want to get involved for various reasons. Kym, seriously: every article you publish similar to this one should include an anonymous way to report things in hopes that someone–anyone–will step-up and do the right thing.

    Anonymous Tip Line: (707) 268-2539

  • It would also be helpful to know when/where the photo was taken.

  • Well i bet she’ll be long gone now!

  • Looks to me Rohner park area?

  • That Sauce is Boss

    if cameras were from this century around here, maybe…just maybe…it would help some people get identified more easily. I mean seriously, that looks like a picture taken of a tv screen that pre dates the 90’s.

  • Maybe its for the arson fire at the park?

  • and when was this pic taken? she looks familiar,

  • Having information about a crime is not the same as being a person of interest. She may have been in the area at the time and seen something and not even known it was related to a crime but could help so the picture may be blurt but maybe she will see it and realize they are trying to contact her. I once saw a car that I didn’t know was involved in a crime until later but I was able to give more information on it than the original description the cops had. Definitely worth putting the picture out there regardless of clarity

  • What an overall terrible pic. Someone should still be able to identify her by the hairstyle alone, of course this is still humboldt tho….

  • Tom Ford sunglasses and black or charcoal North Face vest. She’s not going to throw them out, expensive items. Lipstick. Not an average tweeker!

  • I used to work with her, like stand right next to her for hours a day; I recognized her instantly. The Accessories aren’t the only thing that gave her away, but they are a big part of the recognition, she wore the same stuff at work.
    @Mendo Mamma, yea those are nice sunglasses, she loves those with a scarf combination, exactly as pictured … Patterns are easy to recognize every now and then. I’m not assuming she did anything wrong…. just a person of interest

  • looks like KELLY….

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