Suspect in High Speed Chase in Mendocino County Arrested for Attempted Murder and More

MAXSTADT, RYAN JOSEPHThis is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

(See video of a portion of the chase at the Mendocino Voice. Scroll to the bottom.)

chpstarOn 12/20/2016, at approximately 1935 hours, the Ukiah Police Department (UPD) observed a Kia sedan that was connected with multiple local burglaries. UPD initiated a traffic enforcement stop and the vehicle failed to yield resulting in a pursuit. The vehicle quickly entered US-101 northbound from Talmage Rd. Upon Request from UPD, CHP officers took over the pursuit. The suspect continued northbound on US-101 towards Willits. The pursuit reached speeds of over 100 mph.

The suspected vehicle exited US-101 onto SR20 near Willits. Willits Police Department was prepared and successfully deployed the spike strip at SR20 and Walker Road, flattening the vehicles tires. The pursuit continued northbound SR20 and Holly Street. Just north of Holly Street the suspect pointed a handgun out of the driver side window and fired multiple rounds at the pursuing officers (no Officers or Patrol Vehicles were hit). The suspect continued northbound for a short distance and eventually exited the vehicle and ran into a nearby creek. Ukiah CHP, Willits Police Department, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department performed a search for the suspect in the wooded area. With the assistance of the MCSO K9 Unit, it didn’t take long for the K9 to locate the suspect. The suspect was arrested and identified as Ryan Joseph Maxstadt. Maxstadt, who is a San Jose resident, was booked into the Mendocino county jail for 664/187 PC, 245 PC, 2800.2 VC and 1203.2 PC.

This incident is still under investigation.

Note: Although, the CHP press release originally gave the suspect’s name as Mazstadt, the correct spelling is Maxstadt. We have updated to reflect that.

For more information, see the Mendocino Voice’s story.

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  • So cal trash

  • San Jose is not in So-Cal, it’s in the Bay Area.

  • Anything south of the bridge in Hopland is SoCal, accept it Dude.

  • Agree it is so cal. Look at a map where is the dividing line. I say Palo alto and I would throw the dogs a bone and give them SF.

  • I’m just going to drop this here.

  • Based on a quick google, it looks like the correct name is Maxstadt, not Mazstadt.

  • STRANGE: There is no booking listed for Mazstadt….

  • Shooting at cops is naughty!

  • As a kid it was everything south of Garberville was L.A. , ahh the good old days

    • Word up! The north is smaller than the south deal with it Carolinas do.

    • Willits was LA to you as a kid? Hella illogical bud. Willits is an amazing small town with a great deal of country properties that don’t grow weed or grow small amounts. After 8 years of dealing with a holes in so Humboldt I’m grateful to live in a mellow area filled with kind hearted country folk and so hum is more cityfied than Willits has ever been.

  • General Tommy Frank's

    Da pisan you just don’t get it ,must be a humbloldt thing anything south of Ukiah if so CAL to me

  • Hey/hay is for horses, nothing is necessary but food and water, and worthless is in the eye of the beholder. What reasons would you give for shooting at CHP and WPD that would not justify using lethal force? Is it ok to call a woman a b***h? What if someone called a woman you care about that?

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  • Lots and lots and lots of professional thieves coming up from the bay, and not just gang members. The crime in the bay is off the charts and only going to get worse. There have been a lot of breakins in arcata area that have nothing to do with pot and involve thieves gaining entry by crawling under house&removing floorboards to get jewelry and such.
    From what i hear frm the bay, pure bred dogs are the latest commodity, people are being jumped while walking dog and dog stolen. If you have pure breds put a lock on any access to your yard, a few rotts were allready stolen from a yard in eureka.
    The huge influx of gang members here isnt helping, and is why the increase in gun availability is happening in humboldt. Guns can often get more money than drugs. As we well know here, making something harder to get legally only makes the black market swell. CA gun black market biggest in country as we have the most regs to get a gun. Background checks at stores really only benefit the company who gets paid to do the background checks at this point. Theyre the ones who backed the latest prop, even tho the state knows those checks arent working.

    • They might also use a crossbow to send a cable in through your upstairs window and lodge it into the far wall, upon which they’ll zip line into your house to open your safe, grab your stuff, and, well, then they must have some way to zip back UP the line to get away. They will even raise or lower your foundation to get a better angle for the zip line if need be. Of course, there’s the old lower the cable to slide down into the place from skylights, chimneys, or holes cut into the roof. Not to mention using torches to cut their way through steel walls, giant ladders to scale your outer walls (or moat), whatever they need (it’s all in the truck) to gain access.

    • Thank you for your very informative comment.

  • Let’s hope that is a dog bite on his head.

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  • Just missed blowing half the loser’s head off! Wonder if some whirled peas would have fallen out?

  • Ryan is actually a really good guy, who is obviously making some poor choices, and being influenced by outside things. Instead of saying more bad things about him, maybe pray for him and his family. Just saying.

    • Good guys don’t endanger others by driving recklessly, at high speed. Good guys don’t shoot at cops, endangering innocent people! Your comment is seriously f.cked up.

    • No one's perfect

      THANK U! You are right. He is a very nice guy. Good people make mistakes too. We are all human. People shouldn’t believe everything they read or hear. He didn’t even have a gun. They said that so no one would say anything about them beating the shit out of him. They held his head under water after beating him with their batons. Just because some girl said he was her driver when she robbed people.

  • fuck all spectators

    ryan maxstadt is a great guy despite the poor choices he has made while under the influence of meth.. he is a very honest and trust worthy individual who holds down a 9/to 5/ job and takes care of his family and friends… the kid was very depressed over recent seperation between him and his wife… that really fucked him up inside.. i know this cause ryan joseph maxstadt is one of my best friends man..

  • U said he is one of your bestfriends man? Do u mean ex? Because he is curently seeing someone I know really well and I’m sure we r not talking about the same person. He also clams he was never married and if he was I know for a fact he isn’t at the moment.

  • On another note, that’s my brother in law and all this extra nonsense from everyone is ridiculous. So shut it up already.

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