Seventeen New Employees Sworn in at Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

 Sheriff Swearing in ceremonyPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce the swearing in of seventeen new Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office employees and four promotions.


     Duane Christian – Lieutenant

     Ken Swithenbank – Lieutenant

     Greg Musson – Sergeant

     Morgan Schlesiger – Emergency Communications Supervisor

New employees:

     James McGill – Correctional Deputy

     Dillon Huffman – Correctional Deputy

     Michaela Rice – Correctional Deputy

     Andrew Ramirez – Correctional Deputy

     Tashayna Gulihur – Emergency Communications Dispatcher

     Jade Campbell – Emergency Communications Dispatcher

     Bang Cao – Deputy Sheriff

     Peter Cress – Deputy Sheriff

     Roselie Freixas – Deputy Sheriff

     Travis Rogers – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

     Patrick Del Rosario – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

     Matthew Froeming – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

     Chad Crotty – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

     Peter Leipzig – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

     Nathan Cumbow – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

     Danielle Vickman – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

     Mathew Clevenger – Deputy Sheriff Recruit

Three of these positions are the direct result of Measure Z funding to increase staffing levels for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.  The Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing competent, effective, and responsive public safety services to the citizens of Humboldt County.

If you have questions about current job openings please contact Human Resources at (707) 476-2349, or visit their website  Multiple open positions are made possible through funding from Measure Z.




  • They should have hired a dietitian and a personal trainer.

    • Law Enforcement used to have height, weight, age and vision requirements. They also had physical fitness requirements. No longer. With the advent of “diversity” physical fitness and the height requirement had to go or face law suits. Also, if an agency requires an officer to maintain a certain degree of fitness and he/she is injured working out then it opens the door to law suits and work comp claims.

      • They still have to pass physical exam plus PT training as part of state requirement. Just because someone is ‘larger’ than others does not mean they can’t do their job.

  • Three from Measure Z, where did the rest of it come from?

  • Looks like they’re gearing up to go after the “red dot” dope growers.

  • Congratulations to everyone but I am curious. There is a mass exodus of Correctional Deputies from the Jail. The jail has forced overtime and has done so for years. They have a serious retention problem and do nothing to address this problem. Only 4 new Correctional Deputies? Lots of promotions? Maybe the Sheriffs Department can finally start addressing the staffing problem at the jail and start to care about the people who work hard, long shifts with the forced overtime. The Correctional staff have always been treated like the bastard step children of the sheriffs department. It is incredibly sad. No wonder there is a mass exodus of experienced people. Start caring about all of your employees Sheriff Downey.

  • Wasn’t Bang Cao the deputy that got shot in shelter cove a couple years ago? Why is he back as a new employee?

  • Maybe he was out of leave for awhile due to shooting and has been reinstated.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Meal Team Six is my favorite….

  • Cheap cristal,magically,makes jobs for friends.

  • Gearing up for all the raids on permit apllicants.

    First question asked in interview. How good are you with a machette?

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