[UPDATE 4:57 p.m] Juvenile ‘Priority Suspect’ Captured by EPD

Female Police officer running

Eureka Police capture suspect. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

After establishing a perimeter early this afternoon, Eureka Police captured a 14-year-old juvenile male who had multiple previous contacts with law-enforcement, according to Captain Steve Watson. The youth had multiple previous felonies and weapons offenses. He is also believed to be involved in multiple burglaries.

The juvenile was a “priority suspect,” said Watson. He went on to say that POP (or Problem Oriented Policing) had made capturing the youth their mission this week.

EPD had been looking actively for the juvenile today. When they spotted him, he ran. Officers closed off several streets around California , Wabash and Del Norte and were able to take him into custody between two homes on 1800 block of California shortly before 1 p.m.

We’ll update with more photos and information as soon as possible.

UPDATE 2:26 p.m.: Photographer Mark McKenna captured the apprehension and arrest of the young suspect.

Capt. Steve Watson holds the perimeter at California and Wabash Streets while EPD searched for a 14-year-old juvenile male suspected of multiple felonies, including weapons charges.

The suspect was located by officers between two houses on the 1800 block of California Street and taken into custody.

EPD Capt. Steve Watson talks to the suspect as he is searched.

The suspect was placed in a patrol car.

Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Detective Drake Goodale points towards the intersection of California and Wabash following the apprehension of a juvenile suspect actively being sought by the POP unit.

UPDATE 4:57 p.m.: Press release from the EPD here:14-Year-Old Booked for Numerous Charges



  • Was there.lots of cops.could have stolen town hall.crazy

  • Glad they caught that little turd!!!

  • He’s been breaking into houses armed with guns…it’s a good thing they got this kid before something worse happened…

  • Sadly, because of Props 47 and 57 and his age, he will do little to no time, and will be back at again. I’d say crucify him (Judicially) and maybe he will not be an repeat offender, but odds are not in humanity’s favor.

    • Right you are Paula. The juvenile justice system is all about the defendant and not the victim. He’ll be out before Christmas. Eventually he’ll confront LEO’s armed and that will be the end of him.

    • I think if he has firearms and is breaking into buildings and stealing he should be treated as an adult. The parents should be looked at. No discipline? Most often The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • Seriously? I as a parent have done the best I can and my children will make mistakes and their own decisions that contradict what I have taught them. You can’t blame parents unless they’re out there dining it with them.

        • No matter how well we teach our children and try to steer them in the right direction, they will make mistakes. as kids we all did. But this kid has gone way beyond this. Time and again. ( multiple felonies ) whatever the parents are doing it isn’t working. Put the kid in the scared straight program. If that doesn’t work he will end up [edit] in prison.

  • Officer Porambo is my favorite. She looks nice today!!!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Bulldozing Eureka into burn piles and fencing it off is the only answer.

    Humans don’t live in Eureka, only mutant types.

  • Steals for cristal.who is his (adolt) handler,mentor?

  • So sad for this kid. Doesn’t stand a chance. Meth at 14. Wow. Meth at any age is sick. Destroys lives. My sister started at 16, now 53. We used to double date, cheerlead together, etc. She lost all of her kids and is a toothless wonder in hayfork. My family would be so different if that shit hadn’t taken her. Meth is the scourge of america. Now I’m seeing coke is back…great…

  • This is, in it’s way, a positive story.
    Young person gets into drugs and gets a shotgun and starts burglarizing houses while armed.
    No one has been killed during those burglaries.
    No one was killed in the apprehension today.
    This kid may have another chance to live, and good luck to him, he will obviously need that.
    Way to go EPD.

  • rank little asshat!

  • MaMa tried.

    • None of ur bussiness

      U tell me what the heck there is for kids to do here? Nothing at all unless u have the big bucks and really not even then and what right does anybody have to judge people none look in the mirror and judge yourself unless u know this young boy or the whole story keep ur rude comments to yourself go back to ur perfect world like u have never done wrong in ur life this ain’t a perfect world look who’s our president I don’t vote but even if I did I wouldn’t have voted for either one of them so back off mf

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