Building in Rio Dell Evacuated Because of Natural Gas Smell

scannerA maintenance man is evacuating a multi-residence building in the 700 block of Rigby Avenue in Rio Dell after the smell of natural gas was detected about 4:30 p.m. Emergency crews are on the way.



  • Natural gas has no scent unless mercaptan is added to give it an unpleasant odor.
    If the gas is leaking from pipes then you can smell it, if it’s not a leak from a gas line
    and you smell a foulness, be aware it could be H2S. Deadly at higher concentrations and explosive too.

  • Got a light?

  • The smell is just rio dell , it’s natural

    • Not when i smelled a nasty odor thats not from the air

      • What would you say the odor smelled like that is a known smell? Not just a unpleasant, nasty odor.

        • Used to have to pump propane, also has odor that is…strong and pungent! The smell added to Natural gas actually saved my friend and her family back in the late 70’s! What an important added stench!

      • Maybe it was the stench coming from “His Orangeness” all the way from the other side of the country???!!! That would explain a LOT!!!!

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Rio Dell does smell and maybe the 1000 meth labs were off gassing, combined with the hash labs, grow houses, and pit bull feces created this?


  • Why don’t you jerk offs quit with the jokes, it ain’t no laughing matter that there was a gas leak that I smelled when I walked out my friend’s apartment, yes it was a foul ass smell and someone I work for has no heat.

    • Don’t pay attention to them. Unfortunately Humboldt has a disproportionate number of rude people in it, you have to put your force field up and ignore the haters. I currently can’t use my water heater from a propane leak, it is an awful smell.

  • Most appliance service companies, and some fire departments, have combustible gas detectors that are very sensitive and quite reliable. No combustibles and it’s just a stinky odor, combustibles? run like crazy.

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