A Point in Time: Help Count the Homeless

Teen challenge volunteer prepares for questionnaire interviews.

At the Teen Challenge Center during the 2015 count, volunteer Emily Frankhauser prepares for questionnaire interviews.

Press release from the County of Humboldt:

With the biennial Point-in-Time (PIT) count of homeless people coming up Jan. 31, the PIT committee is looking for volunteers and gathering donations.

During the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 31, volunteers will go to places throughout the county where homeless people are known to sleep, and take a head count.

The count is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requirement. Information gathered during this count is used by local planning departments and by county nonprofit agencies in applications for grant funding and planning.

Throughout the day volunteers will also be stationed at hubs across the county that homeless people frequent for services. Willing homeless participants will be asked to complete a survey to find out some basic information about them.

Currently, PIT committee members said they are expecting four hubs in Eureka, one in both Arcata and Fortuna and two in McKinleyville.

The homeless count further east is expected to be conducted by Mobile Outreach staff from the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). Throughout the week, as staff venture to different locations, they will survey homeless people and ask where they slept on the night of Jan. 30.

“The results help us get a clearer picture of the demographics of our homeless population which aids us in planning for the future,” said Sally Hewitt, DHHS senior program manager and co-chair of the Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition (HHHC). “Getting accurate numbers is especially important this year with the recent passing of the No Place Like Home Initiative. The initiative will provide $2 billion for housing and services for homeless people in communities across California.”

Once the count has been completed, staff at the California Center for Rural Policy will analyze the count data and produce a final report.

The HHHC is looking for people interested in assisting with the count, as well as people interested in donating new socks for homeless people who participate in the survey. Food for count volunteers is also needed.

For more information, contact DHHS Secretary Wendy Choate at 707-441-5520. Information is also available at the HHHC’s website humboldthousing.org.

Two Teen Challenge volunteers deliver forms for processing.

After participating in the 2015 PIT count, Teen Challenge volunteers Scott Fuller, left, and Mike Johnson deliver PIT forms for processing.



  • This is like spending taxpayers money to count fish in rivers, what difference does the count make? The number of homeless are the number of homeless whether you count them or not. Not to mention there’s no way that the count is accurate, it’s probably not even close, but let me guess the more homeless there is, there more money the state gets to spend on counting homeless.
    And yes I know they are a “non profit” and their asking for volunteers. Just don’t pay any attention to the grant reference or the 2 billion figure I’m sure no one Makes a living off dispensing the funds.
    They came to do good, and did very well indeed.

  • Well.. you seem like the big hearted type tucked into your nice cozy home that youll probally never pay off in your lifetime, or is it just a rental and you make sure the real owner of your walls of security are tucked into their cozy home?? I wonder if they will ever pay back what they borrowed.. It seems to me that the whole tax dollar spent talk you and many others constantly complain about and blame on the homeless use is quite the contrary and is actually you who waste OUR tax dollars for your foolish head to rest. Have a wonderful night sleep tonight my dear and i wish you dreams of enlightenment to open your shallow mind and realize that our flesh is all construed from the same clay. The homeless are Not responsible for spending Our tax dollars!! Happy new year, and may you and all others with your foolish cover ups of the foolish truth dream the same dreams that some homeless man or woman might dream tonight…or better still …go get some of your toasty friends and take a walk and give a simple smile without a judgement to try and bring some real cheer to a few lonely hearts sitting next to a dumpster for warmth because they are HOMELESS not heartless.

    • The folks living in the streets and down by the river certainly do one thing well, and that is take from the general public. Many of these folks have the benefit of SSI, SDI, Medicare, Medi-Cal and AFDC. These folks pay nothing for the large amount of medical care they consume.
      Many folks living outdoors appear to prefer the lifestyle of living for free while begging from folks, and being given whatever they can obtain by making excuses for themselves. These folks eschew work and participation in society, and prefer to squeeze and scam, deal and steal, all while thumbing their noses at “straight life”.
      Of course they scream and cry at those who educate themselves, work, support their families, are responsible and have the benefits of paying for their own lifestyles. The constant attacks that these “homeless” folks make on regular society’s sensibilities should clearly indicate that the lives of those living outdoors, by choice or other circumstances, are not impacted by lack of smartphones, access to food, clothing and medical care, or lack of anything at all. They only choose to live in public and suck from the bleeding hearts of others. This is what I call a lifestyle choice, not a handicap.

    • Sandy, My comment had nothing to do with the homeless, it was a rant pointed at the people making a living off the money (part of witch is mine because I’m a self employed worker who actually pays taxes not someone who makes a living off of other people’s tax money) that’s ment to help the homeless. By the way I own my property and built my own house with my own two hands. I had to actually WORK hard at a full time job to buy materials and then build my own house on my weekends “off” instead of sitting on my ass expecting someone else to do it for me. When you make an Assumption you only make an ass out of yourself and umption..

  • I wish “teen challenge” would change their name to reflect reality. It’s not for teens.

  • Alot ove’m have homes. But nobody at home wants to put up with their #h&t! Sorry Revrent! I’ll put a extra dollar in the kettle next time.

  • There are some homeless folks that don’t want to be.ive come close,it’s a scary thing.so I help when I can.i can always do without something,so I can give.Human kindness.we need more of.Do some sort of kindness today for someone,pay it forward.youll feel good,and get a smile

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