[UPDATE Wednesday] 14-Year-Old Booked for Numerous Charges

The suspect was located by officers between two houses on the 1800 block of California Street and taken into custody. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Press release from Eureka Police:

On December 20, 2016, at about 12:54 p.m., an officer with the Eureka Police Department attempted to contact a juvenile on a bicycle near Wabash Avenue and Pine Street in Eureka. The juvenile had numerous outstanding warrants and was a suspect in multiple residential burglaries and firearms related crimes. The juvenile abandoned his bicycle and fled on foot. Additional officers and POP detectives responded and ultimately located the 14 year old male juvenile near the 1800 block of California.

The juvenile was booked into Juvenile Hall for outstanding warrants for vandalism, juvenile probation violation, possession of a short barreled shotgun, resisting arrest, and possession of less than ounce of marijuana. He was also booked on fresh charges for residential burglary, possession of methamphetamine, possession of stolen property, and juvenile probation violation.

Additional warrants for residential and commercial burglaries are pending.

UPDATE Wednesday: Press release fromt the Eureka Police Department:

The 14 year old juvenile arrested yesterday by EPD has been identified as the suspect involved in the December 16th shooting on G Street in Eureka. The juvenile was booked today with the additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a short barreled shotgun, juvenile in possession of ammunition, conspiracy, convicted felon in possession of a firearm, and probation violation.

Anyone with additional information relating to this incident is asked to call the Eureka Police Department.

Earlier Chapter: Juvenile ‘Priority Suspect’ Captured by EPD



  • His parents must be soooooo proud, assuming they even know who he is and what he’s up to.

  • That is alarming that a 14 yr old boy has a rap sheet so full of felony bad one s what do you do with a child like that ?

  • I guess we can day it’s a good thing he didn’t get shot and killed by the cops while running away. Too much of that going around these days.

  • CAN’T STOP STUPID! Messed up DNA strand and here’s the proof. Even good parents can have misfits incapable of being part of society. Think about the 8 years of liberal Soetoroism on this poor child. There’s always more where this little -hit came from



    • None of ur bussiness

      Wrong mom works and dad is termanily I’ll we have ask for help but the fine law enforcement and probation in this town don’t give a rat’s ass it’s just a paycheck and a job to them just like Cws I’m a mother who cares not one of these who don’t what am I suppose to quit my job and go on welfare so then u could complain about me being a welfare rat all of the law enforcement district attorney probation they r a JOKE around here don’t hold ur nose to far in the air I think u put ur pants on the same way I do look in the mirror

      • Patriot in Willits

        Not to sound too critical, but the use of punctuation is important if you want other people to understand what you are trying to say.

      • I know what you mean. People talk smack about moms. I also have always worked, I would have liked to work part time but they wouldn’t let me plus I can’t really afford it. I haven’t been a perfect mom but did the best I could in our “fend for yourself” society. Had I gone on welfare I would have been faulted for that. And don’t even talk about abortion. Women can’t win.

        If you are his mom, sorry things went this way. This county has a huge dark undercurrent. 14 years old is still a baby and I hope this kid can redeem himself. He will need help to do it.

  • Hopefully someone turns this kid around. Terrible that is only 2 yrs older than my child.

    • J. Worthingham Fatback

      turn him around so he can see the gas chamber-thats where he is headed with his type of criminal escapades.

      And not quick enough. He is allegedly the punk who shot that guy on 16 in or about the turd Squires victorian! He (squires) deserves anything this punk kid gets, just because he maintains places like that!

    • ( As ) A waste of time and energy. But feel free to try.

  • Just one of the side effects of taking God out of schools. It’s going to get a lot worse folks before it gets better, get used to it .

  • What a little [edit]! Breaking into houses a armed! I’m glad no victims were killed that we know of, hope he is charged as an adult and has to atleast stay the night in jail

  • That hurts my heart just knowing that he is only 14. I wish there was something I could do to help him turn his life around and see that he can have a better life. Eureka is rough and I am sure his parents are just peaches. Say all the mean things you want from the comfort of your home behind the screen of your iPhone, but obviously this kid has had a rough life to be in so deep already.

  • I didn’t even pay attention to what color the kid is .until smdh pointed it out .

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Children shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Eureka.
    It’s time to evacuate Eureka, then bulldoze it, fence it off, and use it for a trash dump.

  • So the police work to pluck a home invasion burglar off the streets. They catch the person, get one shotgun away from him and put him in Juvie. He had drugs with him. The police will write up report after report that will go to the DA’s office for prosecution. The DA’s office will do what they can to get a conviction. But the laws voted in by (both republican and democrat) will come into play… AB109, Prop 47 and Prop 57. Is that because of no religion in school? democrats? republicans? NO! You can pray all you want. He will be released because of stupid voters. He was arrested because of smart policing. Thank you Eureka Police Department.

  • Little thug wannabe. Needs heavy intervention and therapy. Probably abused as a kid, or neglected, huffed chemicals in sixth grade, played the choking game in seventh, and robbed at knifepoint at 14…he’s on his way.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Give him a doughnut, and tell him to remain closer to church oriented activities.

  • Bet him and his friends hold meetings on corners or at his house on the living room couch. He may have worked along alone this time. But another 14 year old will replace him. I just don’t understand these kids and we wonder why there is such a need for foster parents. Parents are not doing there job..then they toss the kids out into society because they can’t handle them. Parents will be responsible for costs associated with his behavior but that won’t stop the cycle

    • I would like him for a foster kid.i think he is tall, for his age, and likely smart.just stuck here in eureka.

      • Smart? The little hellion is almost as smart as a box of rocks. Quite frankly I like the rocks a whole lot more. He shot someone with that shotgun, I would pity the people who would take him in as a foster kid’ or should say Fester kid because his brain is festering. A very sick mind.

  • It just breaks my heart,14 and he’s already a criminal.what or where are we going in such a rush that no one saw a kid in big trouble in his life to help him.there has to be away to show our youth that crime really doesn’t pay,and there’s a better way!it just seems parents don’t have time to pay attention anymore.not one of my children,or my adopted kids are criminals,their great people couldn’t be prouder.their caring,loving,honest,trustworthy the things we teach our kids to be.something has to change before we lose more!!My wish this holiday is for PEACE!!✌

    • breaks your heart? Breaks my last nerve. I had a good idea of right and wrong before I was 14, and he chose to play thug. I didn’t. Simple. [edit]!

      Sociopath? Maybe. Then he needs medical lockup for 15-20 years for reprogramming.

  • Liberalism at its best and the product is this criminal kid. And for “truthy” I again post my last comment:
    CAN’T STOP STUPID! Messed up DNA strand and here’s the proof. Even good parents can have misfits incapable of being part of society. Think about the 8 years of liberal Soetoroism on this poor child. There’s always more where this little -hit came from.

    For the touchy feelly losers out there-Soetoroism is Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama and his wonderful agenda and the results now in our face daily.

  • To the sore winner repeating himself—How could Dick Tracy be so wrong?

  • So, Now he gets shuffled off to CYA prison for a few years, new tattoos, gang life behind bars, then let back loose in Humboldt after that. No job prospects, mulitple felony convictions…and he’s gonna be MAD at the people of Eureka…Think that’s gonna fix him? Watch out Humboldt, when he gets back…

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