Suspects’ Truck Used in Redway Shooting Located in Alderpoint Area

Grey dodge four door

Vehicle used in the shooting as shown on surveillance tape from a nearby business. [Photo provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Friday, December 16, 2016 at approximately 11:23 a.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs received information regarding the possible location of the suspect vehicle associated with the attempted homicide in Redway on Tuesday, December 13th.  Deputies were directed to an unmarked dirt road in the Alderpoint area.  The dirt road was in poor condition and deputies soon had to continue on foot.  The deputies soon located a freshly cut tree that was blocking the road.  It appeared the tree was felled in attempt to block further passage on the roadway.  A short distance beyond the tree, deputies located the unoccupied suspect vehicle which was partially hidden in a brushy area.  The vehicle was towed and stored as evidence.

This attempted homicide case is still under investigation.  No arrests have been made at this point.  Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

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  • Weird security camera that mirrors everything (note billboard writing is backwards)…..or is that an artifact of the video to image process? It caught my eye because at first I thought the billboard said something about KMUD
    Believe it’s supposed to look like this:

  • Idiots, they will be caught soon, hopefully without incident

  • Jubal hall ????????

  • Surveillance cam images always look like they were shot with 15-year old digital resolution. Or maybe only VHS quality. Why is it always so horrible?

    Note to self: look for *decent quality* security cameras when I get some. I mean, can’t we at least shoot for decent? Someone’s android phone shooting through a couple layers of backlit cellophane would look about like this.

  • Whoever has owned that truck in the past is going to get called to the principal’s office to tell, tell, tell. Plus fingerprints, plus DNA. This should all be wrapped up in a few weeks. Everyone in that truck will be out of the biz.

  • Eye 4 an eye just makes the world blind!

    So where’s all the negative comments justifying attempted Murder on this man? What? Afraid you might be considered an accomplice now?

    • They haven’t crawled out from under their rocks yet. Cold-blooded creatures don’t like winter.

    • Well first of all no one is scared to write any truthful comments about this nasty [edit] and actually I personally have written a few but some other bitch keeps deleting them so let’s c if she can mind her own business and stop deleting the truth we all know that the truth hurts but that’s no ones fault expect the stupid person who is trying to hide from the truth and for everyone’s information he got what he got and he deserves much more for just the few things I know for a fact he did [edit] and karma will handle the rest so this act of kindness was done for all the families and women out there that had to go through such a life changing tramitc event by endureing that nasty motherF****ER near u or on u and for anyone who wants to open their mouth bout how no one knows the truth cz we do know the truth it either happened to one of us or one of our family members and no matter what just putting ur hands on a women should warrant many many yrs in prison let alone a stupid worthless excuse for a human [edit] and doing drugs he nothing but the shit under my shoe and as he lie there in the gutter I was able to give the greatest news gift to my neighbors wife being able to tell her as his direct comment was ” I was able to escape the grim reaper try again motherF****er” (and is live on fb) well it sure looks like that grim reaper is catching up to u quickly n we will c u who has the last laugh

      • Eye 4 an eye just makes the world blind!

        So stooping back to this awful mans level is better? Doesnt this make u or the shooter as awful as Jubal? His family is probably thinking the same on the shooter or u. Justification for murder by murder, sounds pretty stupid to me. Ignorant dysfunctional cycle that continues to turn in or dear dumbolt. Besides i could barely read your rant. I know growing is a hard job and many just didnt have the time to graduate but CR’s new semester starts in a month. They have these classes, called English, Spanish & French. Any will do you some good.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Toyota truck, devil’s lettuce, hundumery…

    One Marine division can bring these grower terrorist out of their rat holes, and to justice.

    Anyone growing weed is a terrorist and should face the Marine Corp to be rooted from their filthy dens, dragged to justice.

    Pot growing has destroyed so much, it’s time the garbage growers were brought to justice.

  • You would think if them boys were smart they be hightailing it across the border about right now but I think it’s pretty obvious they ain’t too smart trying to assassinate a local junkie in broad daylight and all in the middle of town I have confidence Downey and company will have them rolled up in a couple weeks

  • Well it’s a free world with the right to freedom of speech and I feel totally fabergasted by your actions… deleting my post only says that you are not adult enough to handle the reality of the real world and that is a shame on you …. how or why is my question of why or who someone would give up the location of the truck it isn’t out of line and is a valid question …. how would u even try to justify or make up any excuse as to why it would b out of line to say thank you to the individuals didn’t your mother teach you any manners

  • Eye 4 an eye just makes the world blind!

    The McConnell family lost their lil 6 yr old girl to the gunman of the Sandyhook school shooting. They forgave the shooter!!!! They forgave the shooter, who murdered their precious lil innocent child. I felt that took so much more strength than retaliation. We can all learn from this couple 💑
    The phrase “violence begets violence” (or “hate begets hate”) means that violent behavior promotes other violent behavior, in return.

    Also im disturbed how many justified murder during broad daylight, a block from the school!!! We are sooooo lucky no child was hurt during this altercation. Sooo lucky no child was hit by a stray bullet. Would his shooting still be justified if a child was hurt? Your violent mindset is gonna get someone else hurt, who has nothing to do with the situation. Grow Up!

    • I’m extremely angry at the whole entire situation a fist fight should have resolved this whole entire issue started as a verbal confrontation and then those S.o.b bring out a gun close to the school very childlike and stupid …. I also understand the anger if it was your daughter being raped by him what would you want to do?

  • Seems as though the low life’s are weeding each other out. Get outta the way and let it take its course.

  • Hey this guy didn’t have to shoot 45 shots to get him he should have been a cop

  • im alive fuckers and inocent

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