3,154 Pounds of Food and $1,778 Donated to Local Charity

Mike McGuire

Senator Mike Mcguire second from right at the event. [Photo from Food for People]

Press release from Senator Mike Mcguire:

The skies opened up and so did the hearts of the Humboldt community on Wednesday when high school students, city councilmembers, business and non-profit leaders, Boy Scouts, and children showed up in the pouring rain to donate OVER one and half TONS of food during Senator McGuire’s first annual  “Drop-off and Donate” food drive event.

“We know that the need is great, and we all know how incredibly generous Humboldt is, but we were overwhelmed by the amazing response on Wednesday night,” Senator McGuire said. “We feel privileged to have partnered with Food For People, who does such important work in every corner of this great County, and we were thrilled that three local high schools stepped up and collected trucks full of canned and dried food to help alleviate hunger. Thank you.”

The food drive collected 3,154 pounds of food and $1,778 in financial donations, including a $1,000 donation from Safeway and $500 from AFSCME and County of Humboldt employees.

Three local high schools, Arcata, Eureka and McKinleyville High, participated in the Humboldt Holiday Food Drive Showdown to win the coveted “Golden Can Award” and its next school dance on the house (up to $750 in value). The victory was clear when Eureka High School Principal Jennifer Johnson and her students drove up pulling a horse trailer full of donations. Eureka High will officially be awarded the trophy and check at a ceremony in January.



  • Awesome! Well done….

  • Merry Christmas!!

  • I really like Senator McGuire, but do the others in the picture have names?

  • I was hoping this would be good news about a single donation.

    A lot of people are prospering and making millions in the green rush, and yet it was three high schools full of busy teenagers, Boy scouts and local business and nonprofits that were the ones to pull this off, with donations from Safeway and a county employee labor union. It was an amazing effort and a lot of hard work.

    But green rushers: step up, people. Give back to this community. Fund a scholarship, or call a local non-profit and ask for their Christmas wish list. Next time you’re at Costco, fill up a second cart for the food bank or a shelter. Ask local animal shelters if you can buy them some pet food and supplies.

    Donate supplies or building materials or MONEY to a local school or worthy cause. Pick up your fucking phone and start asking the community what it needs from you, and how you can help.

    Happy holidays.

    • In reference to your civil rant for “Food for People”, you have definitely provided “Food for Thought” – Thank You! Maybe, hopefully, people will take your words & turn them into actions.
      Many in our community will have a better holiday than they might have otherwise had thanks to all who made the food drive a success. It’s appreciated. Kudos.

    • Thank you!!God bless you

    • Really 778 dollars? People are making tons of money. Safeway donates 1k and the rest raised is 778? Disappointed. One person could’ve donated that without all the hard work.

  • I hope it was actual food, and not hundreds of cans of pumpkin pie mix and condensed milk like my shitty school always seemed to raise!

  • I wonder how many pounds of weed translated into cash donated to various charities?

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