13 Days and Counting: Time to Get Cultivator Permits Running Out

marijuana gardenPress release from the County of Humboldt:

If you are planning on operating locally as a cannabis cultivator in 2017 you must submit your application to the Planning & Building Department’s Cannabis Services Division no later than Friday, Dec. 30. This deadline also applies to individuals seeking permits for other commercial cannabis activities including: manufacturing, processing, wholesale distribution, or nurseries. Beginning Jan. 1, 2017 no new applications for local permits will be accepted by the county until after an Environmental Impact Report is completed and the Board of Supervisors enacts a new local ordinance.

Application materials including the application form, checklists, and other information and resources can be downloaded on our webpage. Those seeking to apply may also wish to use the department’s GIS platform to develop a plot plan to include with their application submittal. Keep in mind that the permit process can be complex and it involves paying fees to cover processing costs incurred by the county and other agencies. The department is accepting all applications received, provided they are accompanied by the minimum required contents, which include: a deposit towards application fees, a completed application form, and a basic plot plan showing the parcel on which a permit is being sought. All those who apply before the deadline will be given time in 2017 to provide all additional required application materials.

If you have questions about the permitting process, please contact the Planning & Building Department at 707-445-7246. The Cannabis Services Division may also be reached by email to: cannabis@co.humboldt.ca.us.

We are increasingly busy receiving cannabis applications which make it difficult to respond to phone calls and emails immediately. Those seeking to submit permits are therefore encouraged to deliver their applications in person as soon as is possible.

For those customers who will be submitting multiple applications simultaneously, we ask that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 707-268-3742.

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  • Please be aware that you will be paying fees for a permit that only allows growing under the state’s medical provisions. There is absolutely no guarantee that your fees or your permit will do anything for you in securing a permit for recreational cannabis growing. Since we passed the recreational “legalization” proposition in November this ‘medical” permit system is further questionable as a state board will soon be appointed to hammer out differences between “medical” and “recreational”. Again- no guaranty that medical will even remain as in other states we have seen “medical” absorbed into the “recreational” system of production and distribution. In addition- with Trump now elected as President we may see a huge change in federal policy with perhaps even the DEA and Attorney General coming down on collectives, dispensaries and counties like Humboldt who have acted in ways that may be considered criminal under the RICO Act. One thing I can guarantee you is that you will pay fees to the county and be on a public list of known cannabis producers. Also that the fees you pay for “enforcement” will be used to begin a campaign of eradication and punishment for your neighbors who may not have had enough $$$ to join this government program. Do you even care about that? I know- it’s all business and about grabbing what you can for yourself at this point! Congratulation, Humboldt Nation! You really are special.

    • Yes. Many things to consider. Many details, known and unknown unknowns.
      The part of your comment that I disagree with is that ‘my’neighbors “may not have enough $$$ to join this government program”. Most have plenty money, yet are not ‘joining’ due to either, their reticence to trust and align with government (after all, heretofore the first requirement to be part of the industry was an lack of concern about the law and/or a distain for the government), they just say ‘get off my back’, or they want to keep their heads down (ideally for 3-5 years) till what will REALLY happen becomes clear. (Never thought, until recent years, how this business is a libertarian dream and very much the “free market” system that Republicans speak adoringly of).
      I do agree that the fees will be used to hire inspectors who will be charged with inspecting those who don’t sign up. (So, kids….. Don’t count on the theory that ‘there aren’t enough personnel to inspect and visit many of the grows!’).
      Want to ask an attorney about your comment that ‘officials’ will be able to come onto a property at any time. Think they still may need or (so as to avoid ‘calamitous consequences’) prefer an appointment. (County and Water Board / State may also be different in that way).
      The BIGGEST UNKNOWN (wild card) is what the Trump Admin will do about cannabis! Stay turned kids!!……..

      • nobody should be assuming who has or does not have money for something.

        plenty of ppl want to be a part of this and dont have the money to jump thru hoops.

      • It WAS a libertarian dream that is quickly becoming a liberal nightmare. The assholes that beg for more government programs and complain about greedy corporations, the same phonies that preach about supporting small farmers, and getting money out of government are the same assholes buying off the government and becoming large corporations. That’s why I call them hippycrits. These are the same [edit] who cheat on their taxes and then preach about helping the poor. Liberals suck!

    • Good rant, but it’s only fair to mention what Obama’s administration has already accomplished. Cbd oil is now officially a schedule one drug. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/marijuana/cbd-hemp-oil-named-a-schedule-i-drug-by-dea

      • The blind lead the blind when it comes to post-truth drug policy.

        So sick of reading things like meth is S1.

        Nope, pharma makes too much from Desoxyn for that.

        S1 is for hippie drugs, horrible things like non-toxic DMT (produced in our brains naturally and present in a slew of plants, like spider plant), the peyote cactus, ayahuasca…now CBD.

        It takes a special kind of perspective to see the process as scientific and not political.

        One of the biggest problems this will lead to is that there are “cannabinoids”–substances found in cannabis that affect the endocannabinoid system–in a bunch of other plants. What kind of sense does it make to outlaw cannabinoids only from cannabis plants? If the substance is harmful it’s harmful, no matter what the source.

        Kind of makes me think it’s not really about real harms, it’s about really harming (hippies).

  • You are uneducated, follow the process, pay attention. We have the best supes in the state, they will work to keep our farmers at the top of the list for state licenses. Auma was written to mirror mrsa, do you homework. With that said the county will take an app from anyone and the fees gladly, doesn’t mean the 900 who have submitted will be approved. I’d guess less then half, but time will tell.

    • Actually I am very well educated. Been here since ’79. BS in Botany at HSU. Active in local environmental politics for many years. Dealt with many county processes in getting Class K permits and road access issues. Have spent energy replacing failed culverts and drainages. Have built cabins and gardens w/o permits where possible. Survived CAMP and kept it small for a long time out of respect to neighbors and the creeks. Know many people grappling with this BS. My words above are true. I know many who have jumped into the ranks of greedy and government seek to discredit my words but I am quite well educated and I have a good sense of where all the ambiguous wording is headed based on experience with living through The War On Drugs my entire life. But hey- now call me something else! I know people hate to hear my perspective and feel a need to malign my words as they race for the gold and “safety”. Ha Ha!!

      • Was referring to your education on the topic at hand, not your college degree, congrats bud glad you have a degree on the wall. All I’m saying is… we have the best supes in the state, they truly are trying to make this work. They have shown zero inclination that they will not mold the program to work under AUMA even though it was written when MRSA was the only law on the books. It won’t be for everyone, and it won’t be easy. The back market will surely be more profitable, nothing’s changed…

        • ” the best supes in the state ”

          Is this a joke ?

          • Not a joke, our shoes are trying hard, is the ordinance perfect, of course not, but… How many cities and counties are in the state? How many have pushed through an ordinance to permit auma projects? We are currently at the top. Take advantage Humboldt, get licensed, represent our county, create a legal industry that can build and sustain our economy. Change is a bitch, but this is all we got. If we waste this opportunity, Humboldt will be Del Norte county…. we all agree no one wants that.

        • Okay, sorry if I overreacted. My rant is based on actual facts and projections based on experience. We can go point by point of mine but instead I’ll address your one point- our supervisors do not know what they are doing for long-term security of our local growers nor do they care about anybody but the largest growers who have already bought them (ex. CCV-H and Emerald Family Farms are two groups where I personally know the players and what has gone on behind the scenes). What the supervisors have done- unlike any other county in CA- is set up a complex permit system that requires major expenses on the part of growers to pay not only administrative fees and taxes but also make payments to engineering firms and contractors. It has stimulated a boom in these consultancy, contractor and engineering firms and that is why you see many people attacking my perspective. The environmental community has been part of this approach as it deals with some terrible environmental grows. To their shame they did little to nothing to address the source of the problem a decade ago when their favorite DA Gallegos set the mega-grow greenrush in motion with his public declarations of minimal prosecution. Then these same environmentalists worked to shift the blame from huge grows on private land as they did not want to disturb some of their funding streams and friends who had gone that route. It is no secret that this county permit system, like the recently-passed AUMA is skewed towards rewarding the large grows who are most able to afford the high costs of government licensing because they are indeed the mega-grows that blew out production through our epic 5 year drought showing little concern for our creeks or fish. They are the same people we should stand against while we encourage smaller growers yet we reward the big and the rich while we fake the smaller into thinking they will have a chance so we can take their money and issue them meaningless permits….It is a scam. Most people on the inside know this. I am offended that we as a community don’t call it out and stand against it. But money talks and that is what the supervisors hear. A hundred large grows are easier to manage than a thousand small grows and so everybody important is on this ride…These permits are only for “medical” grows and that category of grow is increasingly shaky. The statement you sign that you “will only sell to qualified/permitted distributors” is bullshit and everybody in the planning department knows it. So yeah- we are all bullshitting each other while plowing the smaller family growers under. I think it’s disgusting that some of us are celebrating this farce. We used to be a lot better. We used to stand together as Humboldt Nation. Now that is just anther marketing term for our greed.

          • I agree also FT

          • I agree with you FT, AUMA and legalization will inevitably weed out mom and pa, and encourage efficient large farms. I am just hoping we get our fair share of them located hear, since this is where it all started and they belong. We need all the local revenue and jobs we can get, Humboldt don’t got much else left. What else could the supes have done, not licensed the 1 acre farms and let the rest of the state grab them? State made the rules, not the county.

          • Spot on Frank , humboldt grow scene is over

      • I totally agree with you, Franklin’s, and I would remind people of one other thing: You are signing up and paying all these fees for the right to grow and sell only medical marijuana and only in CA. Good luck with that! If you think it’s flooded now, imagine competing with everyone just for that little CA medical market. And if you are planning on playing on both sides of the fence, well, that wouldn’t be very smart, considering that you are putting all your info out there on public record.

  • Also be aware that you are giving the authorities ( local & federal ) permission to enter your property without a warrant at any time.

  • this is for any out-of-area people who are following this issue–THE WAR IS NOT OVER!! for every individual participating in cultivating so-called “legal cannabis” there are still at least 50 criminals involved in the drugs trade,growing marijuana, involved in illegal interstate commerce, trading weed for/distributing hard drugs, murdering naive young people,perpetuating violence,home invasion robberies et cetera ad infinitum.if you are considering coming here and moving to hippie heaven ,FORGET IT.

  • Degree’s are nice. I have one also,(AA ) big whoop – de- doo common sense is just as good, if not better. ( If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it’s probably a skunk.)

  • The black market is the only hope humboldt has to keep this industry from being absorbed by competition at a macro level. Dont loose your monopoly.

    • Keep it underground

      In the short term (1-3 years) maybe it’s a smart decision to sign up. There’s plenty of demand and the oversight from the county and state should be pretty minimal. In the long term though the people who own dispensaries and retail locations will just grow their own. Either indoors or in giant greenhouses in salinas or San Diego or anywhere. They might suck at growing so they’ll hire people from up here who know how. What will they need us for? Nothing. And even if they wanted to buy from humboldt they won’t be able to afford to. With the price crash and competition they’ll have to be large scale vertically integrated corporations to survive. Keep it old school underground!

    • Typical Humboldt mentality right there. Continue the war on drugs. Murdering minority youth in cites like Chicago where they’re literally slaughtering each other over your product that you cultivate behind locked gates on properties that haven’t been properly assest or developed in decades. Not only killing minorities but killing revenue from property taxes that our lives locally desperately depend on.
      Keep up all the wonderful self righteous bull-shit. Your belief system does not wash the blood of poor minorities from your hands and it certainly is far from reality.
      If you participate in the black market, you’re the contributing factor in murders across the United States.
      Remember that.

      • In many ways I agree with a lot of what you said but in my opinion property taxes are higher than would be expected here because land is valuable because of growers.

        • Wrong.
          Property transaction, like the people are shady. Either all cash or partial cash. Never recorded at actual sales value therefore never properly adjusted. Ad on the illegal building and development and it’s another dollar taken out of our mouths.
          Hard to look in the mirror when the problem is staring right back at you.
          Humboldt is one big breathing shitting hypocrisy.

        • Permits to poison salmon and get rich.cool.

      • people RIGHT HERE are robbing and murdering each other on a daily basis over weedgreed money and drugs.

      • Oh come on… that’s a huge reach. Minorities in Chicago killing each other over humboldt weed? Cite a source please.

      • Wow ! Wash the blood off my hands ??? Dirt and animal poo is what I wash after working in the garden! To say we are responsible for murder in Chicago is ridiculous and shame on you ! Many many people pay for building permits and more than a fair share in taxes .. people kill people because they have poor morals and poor work ethics and non loving families.. don’t blame the wonderful people of California

  • Im worried about humboldt families not chicagos.

    Dont buy the corporate lie!!!!

  • I hope some day people can grow what they smoke without going through the middle man (dispensaries ) Which means it won’t become a business, Growing pot to get rich. If you can’t grow it buy it from a friend Who could use a little extra cash, without the government knowing about it.
    Six plants can grow a lot of weed for personal use. with some left over.
    Don’t get greedy and don’t over indulge. Moderation.

  • Wow!!it’s funny for as long as I can remember pot was so bad,if you smoke you’ll go to jail.not very many people grew,if you bought a bag it was a LID,and there was no BUD.man how times have changed.Now the government wants to control us and all the weed and get as much money as they can.and tell us what to do.it needs to be more fair!we just don’t want to grow for the government do we??

    • Government has little to do with it, legalizing it has everything to do with growers demise, mega grows are popping up by the thousands in the western states, once the yearly crop reaches the demand , price will drop like never seen before, Humboldt will be trying to figure out what happened , be the end of jacked up trucks and fancy pants, back to can’t sell a house in humboldt

  • beautiful garden in that pic. i like seeing variety in a small space. [unedited] delete a altogether if you’re going to edit it, editor. the county’s tax collecters can collect dog poo all day for all i care. still, have a great day!

    • to answer an earlier question in this thread, one can grow six marijuana plants outside *technically, according to the written law* only if they’re in a greenhouse. if some idiot neighbors complain about the smell, you’re in for a fight though. i find it hypocritical that while reading other threads, people wish death and suffering to family of petty shoplifters on this website on a daily basis and their posts remain, but tell the tax collectors to shove their permits up their ass and the post will be edited.

  • And another thing I’d like to know is how are they going to get all these search warrants to go onto people’s property if there is no cannabis showing? And what if they do bring the crew and the greenhouse is empty? TYIA

  • Grow a 1000 plants its only a misdemeanor now.

    • From what I tried to read in all that paperwork it sounds as if they are going to try and fine the hell out of you which could put leans of your property.

      • Better than prison

        • No. Even in CAMP days – if you didn’t run and were caught- the county would probably give you 90 days in jail. After serving time you would go HOME- to your house where your family lived. Now they are preparing to fine you out of your house. It is not better. It is some serious bullshit that people are for some reason accepting and even signing up for…people got weak and sold-out.

  • Only reason to get a permit is to avoid a felony. Thats history now. So will be the profit soon. Exit plan and savings and no debt. The trianglethat matters now

  • Maybe you should all get real jobs…

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Not that old chestnut. Fail. It’s always been a job. Seeds are not magic beans that you throw on the ground and reap big profits with no work. The big profits were the result of illegality. Farming is work, greenhouse or not. That’s why taxing people per starts or sq. Footage is a Joke. Total crop failure is always a threat in farming. You can lose everything. Tax at the point of wholesale sales. That’s the gauge of your gross income. All your annual expenses for business and living are paid out of your wholesale receipts, just like every business.

      Enough with the “real job” crap already.

    • If you get Cancer please don’t use cannabis as a medicine. Thanks.

  • From felonies to land confiscation because you can’t afford to pay the fines, lawyers, & stakeholders.
    Mendocino Calif. Rain Water cachement storage bladder leaked into the environment. $37,000+ fine. http://kiem-tv.com/video/mendocino-county-landowners-fined-thousands
    Medford Oregon: 40 yr legal pond suddenly turns illegal when landowner decides to grow a modest garden. 90 days in jail, fined, forced to destroy the fire fighting, wildlife savior pond.
    Will post link in a reply.

  • Wyoming pond man wins his life, liberty & property back, but will never recoup the money lost to lawyers, courts.

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