Puppies Die in Fire; Home Saved

Smouldering ruins

Photo provided by Briceland Volunteer Fire.

Fire crews (many of them volunteers) responded to a structure fire at 2:22 P.M. in the Fire Creek area of Crooked Prairie. The crews were not able to save an outbuilding which collapsed killing several puppies but a home was protected and so were the residents.

“We would like to call this a save, because the home was saved,” said Peter Lawsky, Chief of the Telegraph Ridge Volunteer Fire Company, “but unfortunately a litter of puppies, who were in the outbuilding at the time apparently died. [T] the mother dog escaped.”

“Upon arrival we found a shop type outbuilding adjacent to the main house collapsed and fully engulfed,” said Lawsky.  “The fire was just starting to

spread to the porch of the residence.”

Crews quickly put out the porch fire and the house was not damaged.

“Two Telegraph Ridge Fire engines, two Briceland Fire engines, and one CAL Fire responded and assisted in controlling and mopping up the fire,” Lawsky said. “Telegraph Ridge would like to thank the Cal Fire crew and our neighbors, the Briceland Fire volunteers for responding so quickly and helping us out.”

Earlier Chapter: Structure Fire Reported in Crooked Prairie Area



  • How terrible. Poor little puppies.

  • Hotdog! It ruff being a puppy out in the hills, dog gone it,

  • Good thing those torches didn’t go up, poor pups, glad no one was hurt, thank you firefighters

  • RIP Puppies. 🙁

  • What a shit hole. I know it is terrible that animals died in this fire but let’s be real-thank goodness no first responders were injured in this call. Thank you volunteers!!!

  • Good thing Cal-Fire showed up or it could of been a total loss.

  • Great job firemen

  • Never a picture of the home. Why? Not to code or uglier than the garbage exposed after the fire. This place completely off the grid? Sure looks like a hippy encampment. Puppies are not the issue. Its the owners of the puppies we should be concerned about. Where were they? No pic of them as well. looks very suspicious…………

  • I am more than a little bit curious as to the cause of the fire. Any educated guesses?

  • Looks like another shit hole in the hills, derelict owners, nobody around???? Grow season over so move out I guess? Our hills are beginning to look a lot like landfills, not Christmas!!

    Sad in deed for puppies, but sadder we have allowed this type of development to continue all over the once beautiful Humboldt County countryside.

    Get rid of these types of landowners.

  • Crimestopper you are indeed a goofball

  • T-Ridge firefighter

    Just to correct all your wrong assumptions-
    Volunteer firefighters had knocked down the fire before CAL Fire arrived. Good to have CAL fire there,
    they helped with mop up. The home (not pictured, partly to respect privacy) was a nicely built small cabin, one bedroom, one bath, with a Christmas tree in the living room, on the grid.
    Family member reported the fire, the owner and resident returned while the fire companies were still
    there. The fire started only an hour after someone had left. Most likely cause was electrical.
    No sign of anything suspicious, just a terrible accident.

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