[UPDATE 2:04 a.m.] The State of the Roads—Northbound 101 by Loleta Now Open

The highways and side roads of the Emerald Counties took a beating with last night’s storm. We’ll be updating this post throughout the day on the state of the roads as new information comes in.

Hwy 36:

  • Buck Mt. Area: Planned construction. Motorists can expect 30-minute delays weekdays.
  • Various construction jobs all the way to the Trinity County line, causing 10-minute delays weekdays at a few locations.

Hwy 101:

  • UPDATE 10:09 a.m.:
    Slide on Hwy 101 near Loleta

    Slide on Hwy 101 near Loleta. [Photo from Caltrans District 1]

    OPEN! A slide with a tree covered part of Hwy 101 by Loleta last night. The northbound lanes closed at approximately 11:15 p.m. Traffic was diverted to Singley Hill Road.  Caltrans says the road is now OPEN. (See here for updates.)
  • A slide on Hwy 101 near Big Lagoon. Now OPEN.
  • Slide north of Piercy blocking all of 101. Detour around on 271. 10 minute delays.

Hwy 254 the Avenue of the Giants:

  • Route 254 (Avenue of the Giants) is closed between Holmes Flat and Shively Bluffs (pm 41.2 – 43.0) due to flooding, according to Caltrans. No estimated time of reopening.

Hwy 299:

  • Closed at Big French Creek which is approximately 4.5 miles west of Big Bar. No detour available.

COUNTY ROADS:  (In alphabetical order)

  • BERTA ROAD: Flooded per scanner traffic.
    Hay truck overturned.

    Hay truck overturned. [Photo by Greg Connors]

     A big rig is overturned and blocking the roadway. (See here for updates.)
  • COCK ROBIN ISLAND ROAD: Closed per County Roads.
  • COFFEE CREEK ROAD:Closed per County Roads.
  • EEL RIVER ROAD: Closed due to flooding per scanner at 7:37 a.m.
  • FRESHWATER ROAD: Closed due to flooding per scanner at 7:37 a.m.
  • HOOKTON ROAD: Closed due to flooding per Caltrans.
  • JACOBY CREEK ROAD: Closed due to flooding per scanner at 7:37 a.m.
  • JACKSON RANCH ROAD: Closed per County Roads.
  • MERIDIAN ROAD: Closed per County Roads.
  • PINE HILL ROAD: Closed per County Roads.
  • PORT KENYON ROAD: Closed per County Roads.
  • REDWOOD DRIVE (Bluffs between Garberville and Redway): OPEN
  • SHELTER COVE ROAD: Closed between Toth and Hillside due to a slide per County Roads.
  • ZANES ROAD: Flooded per scanner traffic.


  • In the last week I have received 20 inches of wetness. Hoooweeee!

  • Wow, CalTrans and CHP have been busy! Thank you for getting our roads open ASAP!

  • Awesome year for rain catchment!!! One of the best investments to make, people have captured literally hundreds of thousands of gallons even before these storms. I saw a set up where water run off from a roof on the house attatched to pipes that ran down water lines and filled a series of ponds. Pretty inexpensive to do if you do the labor yourself. No excuse for pumping this coming year 🙂
    Ponds are overflowing, creeks raging, ah the beauty of the rain. All those newbies who just arrived in the last few years, this is winter in humboldt. Welcome. Riding out the winter here is a right of passage that reminds us we humans are not in charge. Standing at the edge of a raging river is quite humbling. Get your rain boots on and walk in the woods just after some rain, its the magic key that keeps the forest vibrant.
    And for me at least the harder the winter, the sweeter those first few days of spring are. Quite amazing!

    • Well said, my mother (age 95) saves every drop of rain that flows from the roof into pipes & down into barrels AND saves the shower warmup water as well for her garden – she hauled water as a “youngen” & still considers it precious as we all should.
      Your comment was a beauty to read & every sentence created an image that I so heartily have felt. I recommend all to read it again. We are fortunate to live here.
      Yes, quite amazing!

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