[UPDATE: Now With Info on Hwy 36] The State of the Roads and Weather (Plus, One Heck of a Video of the Slide That Closed 299)

Boulder breaking on road during slide

Boulder breaking on Hwy 299 yesterday. [Screengrab from video by Kevin Erwin. See it below.]

Heavy rain is coming this afternoon and hanging out through Thursday. Expect impact to roads and rivers. Below is a graphic from the National Weather Service showing what they think might occur. This includes a flood watch for low lying areas, high winds and snow in the mountains.Weather alert

Our roads have already been battered by an early wet winter. Hwy 101 is blocked by a slide between Cooks Valley and Piercy. However, there is a detour on Route 271 around which only adds about 10 minutes to the commute.

Slide blocking Hwy 101 in Northern Mendocino. [Photo shared by Caltrans on Facebook]

Yesterday, Hwy 299 by Big French Creek closed because of a huge rock slide. According to the Facebook page of Humboldt’s California Highway Patrol, “It is expected to be closed until the middle of next week and could possibly be closed until 12/24/2016 [Christmas Eve] depending on weather.”

The video below by Kevin Erwin captures the incredible moment when the huge slide pushed once again across 299 and blocked the highway. Fortunately, Caltrans was alert to the signs of impending problems and stopped traffic so that no one was caught up in the thousands of pounds of rock and debris launching across the roadway.

(Advance to minute one for the most dramatic footage but watch the whole thing if you have time.)

UPDATE: Hwy 36 also has some delays currently that drivers should be aware exist. Caltrans spokesperson Myles Cochrane says, “The biggest job happening along Route 36 right now is at Buck Mountain, where motorists can expect 30-minute delays weekdays. That’s actually not a Caltrans project but an FHWA job where they’ve hired a contractor to clear slopes in preparation for future improvements they have planned for the area. Additionally Caltrans is doing some guardrail and drainage work on 36 all the way to the Trinity County line, causing 10-minute delays weekdays at a few locations.”



  • Reminds me of 1964 floods. In 64 there was so much rain and flooding that Eureka was cut off from the rest of the world via roads.

  • Note:
    If you are traveling Highway 36, know that the roadwork between mile 36 and 40 stops traffic between 7:00am and 6:00pm, Mon-Thursday. 7:00 to 3:00pm on Friday. They have up to 3 stops along that stretch at this time.
    They do not work weekends. They have to complete this phase of the project by Jan. 13.
    Please plan accordingly.
    Also, 36 is not plowed over South Fork during storms, and with the predicted lower snow levels that and chains will be an issue later in the week.

  • Wow! Sure glad they anticipated this and stopped traffic!

  • WOW, that was creepy watching it. Sad it has closed the road at this time of the holidays but at least there is time for people to make other plans for travel before Christmas. So thankful no one was on the road at that time or traffic was stopped. Be careful out there. We are suppose to have some wet storms coming in today for a few days. Probable flooding and more slides expected 🙁

  • Great catch on the video! Whoa!!!

  • Good job Cal Trans having a heads up on this and stopping traffic so no one was hurt. Thanks to all that help keep our roads safe, with this storm coming you may be real busy, stay safe.

  • Between the road conditions and the rain predictions, it is a good time to hang out at home for a few days.

  • Destroy all humans

    Go earth! Wreck up us some more! Looking forward to more.

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