[UPDATE 6:45 p.m.] Injury Traffic Collision; Three Vehicles Involved on Broadway

According to scanner traffic heard at approximately 6:30 p.m., at least one person was injured following a three vehicle accident in the 2000 block of Broadway in Eureka. The vehicles were in the southbound lane.

Might want to avoid the area as traffic is likely to be a mess.

UPDATE 6:45 p.m.: One minor injury, according to the scanner.



  • Call me A.D.D. but....

    Thanks for posting Kym. Traffic was really bad on Broadway.

  • From what I heard

    Two young children were taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the paramedics said on the scanner that both had been properly secured in their car seats, were acting normally, and had normal vital signs. There was no mention of any injuries and no siren was used, so it seemed to be a precautionary measure to get them checked out just in case.

  • Glad folks are ok.please be safe all.be alert when out driving,shopping.be alert to everything around you..

  • and stay off your phones, !!!

  • driver's handbook explains all this

    Keep decent distance !!

    and look out for idiots making their own fucking laws !!! like the ppl that think its cute to stop and yield waving someone thru who is trying to turn left. Just knock it off!! And don’t take their “gift ” of right of way
    Flip em off..

    Be aware: It could be a set up for insurance scam..

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