Grown Men Stealing From Kids….

Two men with bags

According to the Eureka Police Facebook page,

On December 12, 2016, at about 10 p.m., two full Toys for Tots bins were stolen from the Bayshore Mall. The two male suspects were last seen running north on Broadway. Call EPD at (707) 441-4044 if you have suspect information. Refer Officer Soltow case number 16-008875.

Two men with packages



  • How sad! Just horrible!

  • Come on Bayshore Mall, get better cameras, seriously! Those stores pay you high rent for minimal lame security coverage or what?

  • Tweeker zombie strikes again.

  • Talk about some low life a—-to steal from kids. Catch these low lifes and lock them up throw away the key [edit]

  • Was the security sleeping?those should be watched.pond scum!!!

  • Wow!! How low can a person go! Stealing from a child that really deserves something at Christmas!!

  • Did you DONATE to the toy drive? Or do you just complain?

    • Are you saying that if you can’t afford to donate to this toy drive that we have no right to complain about thieves? Just curious. For some this is their whole Christmas. So whether I donated or not, these creeps need to be locked up.

    • I donated quite a few gifts, and volunteered for fundraising both before and during and event for toys 4 Tot’s. This is horrible, those people should be ashamed. They deserve to be caught, they deserve to suffer the consequences of their actions. Their mugshots and surveillance photos put on display for all to see.

      For someone to shame anyone who may not have been financially able to donate is ridiculous.

      To the parents who are forced to rely on the generosity of others to insure your children are not left out this holiday season. You have every right to be outraged regardless of your ability to give.

      Veterans friend I encourage you to delete your post.

  • May Santa take their clothes away and shove coal up their a** . Then send them to the North Pole.Hopefully they would freeze to death.

  • These are just two of the thousands of crooks and criminals meth heads and junkies dysfunctional scumbag human waste piles is that Humboldt county is a home to.
    We are due for a clean sweep throughout the entire County the moral. Decay to stop,

    • “WyattHerb”, is right on the money! We are seeing what ignoring the meth and junkie problem is getting us. This is like a cancer. It will continue to spread and cause devastation, if it is not stopped. These people will take everyone down the tubes, not just themselves.

      They will take your air, water, property, health, and anything they can put their hands on!
      This problem will not go away on its own. Lets have some town hall meetings of our local residents, so we can try to get some ideas and possible funding to extinguish this terrible problem.

  • Truly these wastes are using up our air. PLease catch this scum.

  • Where did they buy the stuff in the bags. There has got to be footage there.

  • I’m going to get a few Xtra gifts to take and donate to try and hoping more amazing people will too.god bless all.MERRY CHRISTMAS despite the fuckin grinches!!!I think I spelled that wrong.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Toys For Tots is held by The Marines…..

    If anyone knows who they are call The Marines Recruiting Center, not the police.

  • For really o Those cameras need to be updated.

  • Grown Men? Hardly. Boyish drug addicts, I feel sorry for them. Karma is a mother’fer. Intent and action influence the future of those boys.

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