[UPDATE 4:34 p.m.] Breaking News: Shooting Victim in Redway

Law enforcement is blocking off Whitmore Avenue. [Photo by a reader]

We’ve received the report that there is a gunshot victim at or near Redway Feed. A reader says that she can see a large number of law enforcement around Redway Feed. Whitmore Avenue is closed and crime scene tape is up.

We are following this closely and will be updating as soon as we can.

UPDATE 2:45 p.m.: Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office tells us by text, “School was advised of incident and will conduct lockdown at their discretion. Suspect still outstanding. No positive suspect ID as of yet. Poss suspect vehicle grey dodge with no tailgate.”

UPDATE 3:21 p.m.: According to our reporter, Bobby Kroeker, law enforcement searched the former Episcopal Church which is now a residence. Several people were detained in handcuffs.

By Bobby Kroe

UPDATE 3:28 p.m.: According to a school spokesperson, the buses rolled on time.

UPDATE 3:50 p.m.: According to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement is searching for three suspects and their vehicle–a grey Dodge pickup, four door, damage to the rear passenger side with no tailgate–following an altercation that led to a man running through Redway being shot in the back.

They are asking anyone who sees this vehicle to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

Here are the images taken from a security camera of a nearby business.

Grey dodge four door Grey dodge four door Grey dodge four door

UPDATE 4 p.m.: According to Sgt. Taylor, the three suspects and the man who was shot got into an altercation at the grocery store. The man fled away from the scene of the altercation. “He was running,” said Taylor, when he was shot in the back. Taylor said that he believed that the person in the “rear passenger seat” shot him as he ran from Empire onto Whitmore Avenue which is several blocks from the original scene.

UPDATE 4:10 p.m.: A reader sends us these photos as officers and a civilian reach the victim not long after he was shot.

According to the photographer, “[Y]ou can see the gunshot wound by [the officer’s] knee…[He] was talking and stuff…[But] wouldn’t let them cut his vest off.”

Body in ditch Man helping victim of a shooting

UPDATE 4:34 p.m.:

This video shows officers detaining people in the yard of the former church right after the incident occurred.



  • What is Humboldt County coming to. This is second shooting in last 24 hours. Has our Water got something in it to make people Crazy or what?

  • Who was shot ?!!? Was it a robbery or something else?!!? Does anyone know more details??

    • Alderpoint Jubal. Little rough around the edges.. not exactly a charmer, I imagine money is somewhere in the mix. Or a woman.

      • Jubal is in a christain program it’s amazing to see this and to see God change his life he was showing me this tonight I was amazed the hair on my skin was standing up when he told me he met God I thought I had I had a bad life the will of God is on him

  • OMG! And right around the corner from the school during school hours!!!!!! We used to use that building for playgroups!

    • About 15 years ago I worked for a year in Redway at the old Music For Little People outfit. I would walk from work to the grocery store to buy lunch and have to pass by people sitting on the sidewalk, in broad daylight, shooting up. This was right across the street from the elementary school. There was a house being used as a shooting gallery right next door to where we worked, probably one of many in town.

      I had heard so many great things about that community before moving there, but I left as soon as I could. Although I did meet some good people, for the most part all I saw was a drug infested, paranoid community that was ruled by greed and fear. And that was 15 years ago… it’s obviously much worse now with daylight assassination attempts in the downtown. So sad

  • Its time upstanding community members take back this town.

  • Not a robbery. Across the street from the store is where it happened. It was some guy who is a bit crazy that got shot. I know more but not much its not my place to say.

    • It’s open season on shooting people who are ‘a bit crazy’. It’s okay then. WTF?

      • I never said it was ok. Dont imply that. I just know hes not all there. Im not surprised it happened though.

        • Yep i know a few folks who have almost been beaten and or run over by cars and the common element is the person being violent says “trumps president now i can do what i want”.

          Have you heard anymore about the man in mendo who shot and killed someone who was going through a dumpster near his house for food? Hes claiming self defense and is being thanked by others. This is how it starts!

          Considering trumps said nothing about the loss of life at ghost ship, hes made it clear he doesnt care if the “losers” (ie gay, trans, musicians, artists, activists, anyone different from him) are killed.
          A guy showed up with a gun to kill people at a pizzeria based on a ridiculous fake news story about clinton. Of course cuz hes white he wasnt shot by police. Thats the mentality right now, go kill folks who are different and you’ll get away with it.
          Our tight gun regs in CA have created the biggest black market for guns in our country.

          • Are you sure the Russians didn’t do it….

          • You need to lay off the dope [edit]!!!

          • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

            Wow, that is the furthest stretch yet for blaming Trump, who is not president yet. The violence in HumCo has been rising for years, and under, gasp, Obama, but it’s easier to blame the loudmouth from New York. Or, here’s a though, look at the local culture of drugs, drugs and easy money, drugs and violence to keep the easy money. Guess that’s too difficult for cannabis infused brains to link together.

          • The [edit] who got shot killed somebody and got away with it! This guy has been in trouble for being with under age girls, found with a dead body in his car and many people swear he is a sexual predator. Talk about doing fucked up shit and getting away with it. And trump isnt to blame you nutter the people responsible are.

          • You are so full of it . No one is doing stupid shit because trump is pres other that the liberals . How low and despicable of you trying to make a shooting into an anti trump rant . Grow up and learn to deal with adversity . The main thing people should be taking from this here is that you can be shot by unknown people in instant , so be respectful and carry a gun so you don’t have to run and get shot in the back . The only defense is a good offense .

          • 80% is straight lies
            10% inaccurate
            10% spin

            We only get told what they want us to know. It’s freaking almost impossible to truse anything that comes from Dinosaur media.

        • Nope he’s not all there or anywhere [edit] why kill people if you know he’s not all there

        • he got in a car accident, and it messed with his head, but hes not crazy. and nobody deserves to be shot, or killed, so for those of you who think you know about the whole situation you don’t.

  • Perhaps this will spur them to figure out who killed stephanie

  • Jubel got shot for good reason.

  • Someone, if you know more please tell the police

    • I just know a ton of people that work at redway feed. They caught the whole incident on camera so im confident the police have all they need.

  • Is the victim still alive?

  • Get the crazies out of here

  • They should have locked down the school I realize it a lot of work for the staff but it should be about the children’s safety not the staffs workload. This is not ok.

    • Redway school was on lock down and the staff at Redway School, the Family Resource Center, both schools in Miranda and the SHUSD transportation along with the district office quickly went into action to ensure all students were kept safe and away from harms way.

    • The School did not allow any child who lives in Redway to walk home from school. They had to be picked up by an adult/Parent. Those that ride the bus were released to the bus’. All High School and Jr. High students living in Redway had to be picked up at Redway school and not allowed to walk home. Don’t know what more the school could do.

      • Parent of student there

        Called the parents

        • I absolutely agree as a parent of 2 small children I expect a phone call I’m not doubting the school did their best in keeping the children safe but when something like this happens the parents need to know the school is capable of keeping our kids safe

          • You might want to go to the school board meeting then and re visit the phone policy . Currently they aren’t allowed to call for themselves because they aren’t supposed to have phones . It would be smart to encourage kids to carry phone so they could all call home on their own . It would take over an hour to call all the kids parents in one class . It would take 30 seconds for all kids to call on their own .

            • The school district has an automated calling system in place that they use regularly. It calls all the parents and sends a robo message. Individual phone calls not needed in this day and age. Not sure if it was used yesterday.

            • We get safety alert texts from Marin safety authority (cops) anytime there is a threat to schools… (they have your emergency numbers when you enroll a child)…It’s called technology. Shame on Sheriffs office and redway school for not having a safety protocol in place! Parents should be notified. Period. Considering all of the horrible mass killings on school campuses safety of children at school should not be a debate.

    • Parent of student there

      Parents should have Definitely been notified!

  • That place is not a “residence”. it’s where the “current landlord” lets transients stay. Rumor is Encimer wants to convert it to a homeless shelter for transients, now that he was kicked out of gville

    • Kym kemp, I think your great. I think you have a great service to offer our community. Thank you for your service. I know you are a very nice community member . The trolls that follow you are heartless, judgemental, racist, bigots that have no life and I think you should just cut them out of your blog. They ruin it. If you have any faith in mankind it’s gone after reading the statements of your followers. Just give us the News! Not who has the lowest I.Q. That could crawl up to a keyboard for the day and call themselves a “local” in between doing whippets, smoking a fatty with a go pro strapped to themselves in the day, being drunk and beating people and burning people and camps, cars,Rv’s by night. I like others just quit reading after a while. Hate is cheap and everywhere especially on the threads of blogs…think about it? You don’t need comments. It’s all made up hearsay anyway…

      • The comment section certainly is flawed but I know it has opened my eyes to the fact that not everyone in the world thinks like I do. That’s a good thing to learn.

        • Good reply, we all have different thoughts on any given subject. Letting morons speak is all part of it.. Let’s us know how people think around us. Scary sometimes but very enlightening….

        • Totally love RHBB! Been reading for couple years, only commenting lately!!!! Thinking back…having to wait for papers, hoping the item I wanted to know about was even reported on!
          technology is amazing, it would be nice if comments weren’t so MEAN AND NASTY! Thank you, Kym.

        • But allowing a comment tp remain that advocates extrajudicial murder of a specific individual and then advises how to do it crosses a line for me Kym. It and the nasty gutter level of trolling that spilled over from the LoCO Thunderdome is why I spend so little time reading either blog anymore and am even less inclined to comment. I have more fun ways to waste my time. Sorry, I was a fan and contributor for many years, but you’ve lost me as a loyal reader.

      • Great reply Kym!!

        “Street Dan” The comments (even flawed) can be a great resource. People who know more information about the story Kym published can post & let us all know. The community can come together on Kym Kemp & discuss important topics.

        There is no way Kym can monitor every comment ever made on her blog nor should she. “Freedom of speech” is a powerful thing & should not be taken away because you don’t agree or don’t like what they have to say (even trolls have a right to post).

        If you don’t like a comment & think it’s a troll, do what I do, just keep scrolling down & ignore it. The more people comment back & argue with the trolls, the more they want to keep it going. They want to piss people off & get everyone worked up & against each other. Just ignore them!

        Ignore the trolls!!

        • Imagine the power trip a troll can earn by anyone commenting on his rant? Ignore and the troll doesn’t win and troll feels empowered.

  • That truck looks like one that returned a tool (that was being towed) to Just Rent It a few weeks ago, when I was there. The back end got damaged when they were towing the tool (forget if it was a wood splitter, small bobcat, or what…), and they did not tow it correctly so it smashed a rear quarter panel. Doesn’t happen every day, so Charlie and Cindy (of JRI) should know who that was.

  • They did lock down the school. Right after it happened school went on lock down.

  • Old but not so wise

    Great work, you just put a target on their backs.

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  • What a sleazy thing to do, Kym, showing a man shot and lying in a ditch. I’m sure he or any victim would really appreciate you taking advantage of a terrible situation. What an assault on a person’s dignity…and don’t say it’s okay because you can’t see his face.

    • I disagree. It’s news. It conveys the gravity of what happened in what should be a quiet little town. No kind of coverage of something like this is comfortable.

    • Oh please, she is just passing on the information given. And maybe the community NEEDS to see the horrifying details to make changes, otherwise it’s just a bunch of words unfortunately these days. A guy shot laying in the gutter where kids and family’s freely roam, that vision doesn’t leave your head in a hurry.

    • Nora Ephron, famous screenwriter and well-known journalist, said that troubling images need to be published. “That they disturb readers is exactly as it should be: that’s why photojournalism is often more powerful than written journalism.”

      I went to church most of my childhood in that building shown in most of these photos. I played tag in the street. No one ever shot a man in the streets of Redway as he ran away that I remember. Don’t you think we ought to really see the dramatic rise in crime so that we can believe truly that it happens?

    • It’s okay you can’t see his face


    • I want raw, unfiltered news and Kym provides it, thanks.

    • Sturgis wake up to the real world ( for better or worse )

    • Pick up the New York Times or any other newspaper, watch the nightly news or CNN. They show us explosions, videos of war, dead bodies on the front page. Why attack Kym when all she is doing is informing the community?! She didn’t take those photos. Kym does a great job & if you don’t like it, find another news blog to take your frustrations out on.

      Thank you Kym for EVERYTHING you do & all your hard work. You are important to our community & to me❣❣

    • It is def not sleazy. Thank you Kym, for running this story WITH photos! Just because the images are shocking doesn’t mean we shouldn’t see them.

  • Karma…. Rest In Peace Scott Johnson
    Merry Christmas to the Johnson family. Local justice. Police haven’t done anything about the Man that he murdered.

  • I went to girls scouts after school in that church. We roamed the streets free from unnecessary violence, as kids should be able to do in a small town. Its sad to read what’s happening lately. No morals, no brains anymore!! Stand up, fight back for our community!! Show whatever photos necessary to evoke some sort of thought process to the people who are allowing these idiots to take over. Enoughs enough!!
    Kym Kemp, keep up the great work. I support you 100%!!!!!

  • Parents were notified and school was on lock down! I’m a parent of kids at redway school. I think I know if they locked the school down.

    • No, parents were not notified about it. I heard about it from one of my customers, at about 10 after 3, right about the time my child got off the bus at West coast Rd and Walked to her grandmother’s house. In Redway! My son called me at 3:14pm from a friend’s phone at mjh to tell me that he was riding the bus to Redway and was going to be in the gym. At no point did any school official ever contact me.

    • So am I and I wasn’t notified they should have notified every parent not just the Redway parents. I know they have their hands full but I need to know my kids are safe

    • I am sorry but I am also a parent of children at Redway school and I will say that I was not notified whatsoever and I got a text at exactly 6:18 pm that said they took precautions and didn’t let kids walk home. My daughter has recess right before school gets out and she says that they did that just as always.BS

    • Parent of student there

      I wasn’t notified and I have 2 children at Redway.

  • princess kickingass

    Greedy people come up here to make their weed money growing their weed and turn our beautiful humboldt into ‘The Green Ghetto’ .
    No money is going into our hospitals or schools or neighborhood. There are no playgrounds or activities for the kids and there are people being shot right outside of our children’s classrooms. This is real.
    We are losing our youth sports programs, not because there arent kids, just no parents volunteering for the kids to continue. This is real.
    How do we sit and idly continue to expect for anyone else to act on these issues.
    Yes. We do need to see this unfortunate victim lying in the ditch dying outside our childrens classroom.
    This is so fucked up .
    Our Green Ghetto.
    How do you sell your land to the Greedy Green Grower.
    Seeking The Gold Rush
    Shame on You
    Shame on All of Us
    Make a Change

    • Humboldt Could Be Paradise

      Princess, you are sadly right. The hippie dream of peace and freedom through weed has degenerated into a nightmare of crime, addiction, and violence. I can only hope that legalization will force the growers out of our hills and their riffraff trimmigrants off our streets. Marijuana and its attendant drug “culture” have turned Humboldt County from a paradise on earth into a little corner of hell. Let the corporations have it. Then if we have to be a poor county with underfunded services, at least we can be poor without all this crime and tragedy.

      • Well said!

      • I am all for this one. Much rather be quietly poor, and keep our lands, rivers, hills clean and green. Fuck all of this pot industry bullshit. They can have it. Everyone can move away and we can have the quiet and environment loving country values again. Be the change.

    • Well, PK, growers have spent according to my estimate, more than 1 million dollars on environmental restoration in Humboldt County in 2016. They are repairing the damage of decades of logging, and decade of underground pot growing. And they are doing it voluntarily as part of preparing to bring the cannabis economy into the mainstream. There’s plenty more that could be said about the generosity and civic mindness of growers in this area. You live among institutions which cannabis money built, from KMUD to the Mateel; and you enjoy a economy which is based on grower money. Not every grower is a model citizen, true enough, but many are and they deserve our thanks for what they do for all of us.

      • Ed Denson- I respect your work in the past. I learned much from you during CAMP days when we organized as COG (Citizens Observation Group). But now I argue with you. I believe that both you and Kym have bubble vision and see a limited view of who now makes up our grower population. I think I see more than you both do and it’s not anywhere near as good! My old- school friends (1980s and prior) nearly all agree w my unfortunately negative perspective. We are out in the hills from Branscomb to Weitchpec and it’s a LOT of selfish greed and terrible behavior. Our policies of legalization and permitting are rewarding the greediest and biggest who are often the opposite of the best and most caring. How did people blow out massive profit in a 5 year drought? Many did it by screwing the fish and going for it. These are the people now buying permits for massive grows that will wipe out the small people. I do not like seeing what is going down and I must comment.

        • Kym is hardly uncritical of the grower culture. Like everything else is life, there is dark, there is light, and there is mostly grey.

    • Anyone under 100 years old & has more than two children….blame yourself. The population of California ( & the world) has more than doubled since 1950. THAT IS THE BASIS OF all the problems you see. From global climate change to neighborhood crime.

      • [edit] Do you think only having two or less would not have doubled the population… Do the math……and it going to double again less a plague or mass killings take place….

        • There’s probably a giant solar flare lurking below the surface of the sun which should take out most of us. The earth will have a chance to heal it’s self over time.

    • Exactly! Some of the people know what Jubal has done. For the do gooders who haven’t done their research sohum is better without this puke. He is not an innocent victim. He is a victimizer. The police did little to nothing when he killed a great person named Scott. [edit]

  • Also Kym Kemp is just doing her job! We as residents need to be vigilant and know that things like this can and do happen in our area. It’s important for us to obtain this information. Share away Kym. I for one appreciate all of the information.

  • Every one acts as if its just marijuana that ruins this place. I know just as many people into coke and herion as weed. I’m not saying that what people do for the pot is right.. im just saying its only PART of the problem. Not the problem as a whole. This guy was into waaay more than just pot. And honestly, i dont think weed had anything to do with this shooting. So I, therefore, dont understand why its being broight it up in the first place. Stick to this issue… i man got shot with in 100 yards of a school, right next to a business, and multiple houses in the middle of the day.

  • Man last time I drove through garb I was thinking it’s really become a shit hole people laying around everywhere all fucked up and out of it , all three gas stations were plugged with fuckin transplants/leasee’s then I went through redway the gas station and the market were looking the same . You never know anyone’s story there coming from everywhere you can think of and all it takes is a new name like oak leaf or dirt clod and there a new person but really there drunks addicts and criminals . Same out 36 it just fades out when the weather comes . We didn’t know how good we all had it , i was born and raised here it’s scary how bad things have got in my lifetime (34)years and I hope it doesn’t get worse for my kids .

  • Those people that have smoked their brains and minds away way before any outsiders came in with hard hustled money and purchased land and prospered.
    This area has been exploited long before anyone alive today was born.
    The low life’s you refer to as locals are stuck in town due to their permanently screwed up meth faces that even Stevie wonder can spot five miles against the wind.
    They have a hard time getting hired due to the past they have ling forgotten when they exhaled them fat meth hits, so now they live under bridges or anywhere else they can pitch a tent or cardboard clubhouses.
    I feel bad for any real tourist that drives through your so called beloved town to see these hideous faces and the evil souls that you get a glimpse of when you look into their eyes from the right angle.
    Ashamed is what I am for all you third generation acid and meth heads, its not cool at all as you all seem to think.
    Thank you kym for posting everything you post, your apparently popping, cause you certainly have haters…

    • Get your heads right.
      Thoughts manifest reality and focusing our thoughts on
      Beauty Living Kindness Friendship BarBQues Children Laughing
      Think Pleasant and You will See Pleasant.
      Lift your eyes to beyond the rest and manifest the reality at its best.

  • it is a nation wide problem we are just starting to catch up

  • “You can’t go back home to your family, back home to your childhood…back home to a young man’s dreams of glory and of fame…back home to places in the country, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time—back home to the escapes of time and memory.”

    Taillights constricted into the darkness as the driver’s eyes settled from rearview to horizon. His brother stood and waved so long…SoHum.

    Not original. But authentic. Like SoHum once. If only in my mind.

  • Well here we are at the end of 2016 with only a few weeks left with a record number of homicides, and we are still trying for more. Which came first, our residents with mental health issues or were their mental problems caused by their substance abuse. I’ll bet most all of the homicides and other crimes we have seen here in Humboldt county this year, have involved substance abuse issues.

    When you ingest substances that change you whole body chemistry you are messing with mother nature and how your body is suppose to function. If you are not eating, hydrating, sleeping, and doing things to keep your mind and body working properly, then you are working on ways to destroy yourself. Unfortunately you will also be destroying other people along the way. This isn’t just about you.

    Sober up Humboldt!!! A new year is just around the corner. It might feel good waking up with a clear head to face the day. Quit hiding behind the alcohol and drugs. Find something something POSITIVE to do! You may find you actually like yourself when you are straight and have your faculties intact!

    • Amen!!
      Instead of trying to send the bad seeds away & telling them to get out of our town, try fixing the problem first. Kicking them out isn’t very “community” of us. It just means more will come through. If we are in a “mental health crisis”, why not try to fix the root of the problem? Our medical services & justice system are so broken!

      Putting a bandaid on an open wound won’t fix the problem. You need to find the root of the problem & fix it for good. We have mental health clinics but where’s the rehab facilities?!? The only rehabs are far too expensive for the average Joe. Not just anyone can afford $20,000 for a couple weeks in a rehab. If we had free rehab facilities, we would have a lot less addicts roaming our streets.

  • Been there done that

    It is a nation wide problem. And I guarantee all those scum bags on the streets causing all this crime are not pot growers. They don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. Years ago people wanted something done about the riff raff. The do gooders wanted to keep them all like pets. Now they all know where the free home is and they keep coming. Its hard to fight a war when nobody understands people are getting killed. Maybe seeing this guy shot in a ditch near the school will be a step towards realizing these people are not pets. They are psychos and nobody is safe until they are moved on. We need Clint Eastwood.

    • Agreed. I’m conservitive liberal. Hyprcosity, I know. Yes, a hipocrate. But fucking really? Trump is so scary! As we all know, more money needs to to be poured into rehabs! NOW! Wtf!!! We have a community of addicts that some want help, some not so. Blame big pharma for sure!!! And also take into consideration a persons free will. I have been perscribed many opioids, passing on all. Chosing alterative methods of pain relief. I pray for this family as well as the sweet community of redway. Peace be with you. 🎁🎅

  • Actually, the area is pretty tame compared to days past. The Anglo-Saxon history is that word got out in San Quinton jail in the 50’s that the Garberville/Redway area was a good place to go after incarceration and earn a living making methamphetamine/ephedrine and/or grow pot, as there was a lot of land that was not patrolled by the owners. When I was a kid, this growth of the criminal element from the south came home to roost. My Grandmother took us grandkids to Bear Creek one day for a swim at the family swimming hole, and a criminal popped out of the brush and leveled a huge side-by-side doubled barreled shotgun at us kids and our Grandmother, and announced we were on his land, which could not have been further from the truth. Grandma level-headedly apologized profusely and shepherded us back into her vehicle and we sped away from our very favorite swimming hole. Never again did we get to go swimming there, and grandma promptly sold the land being discouraged by the lack of assistance from the then unhelpful law enforcement personnel, who wisely did not provoke these individuals, unless absolutely necessary, being overwhelmingly outgunned. This event took place back in 1968, and I was 7 years old. The experience was so frightening that I remember it like it was yesterday. Grandma proceeded to sell the remainder of the holdings our family had worked for almost a century to acquire to farm/ranch, divesting the heritage that had been created. I still have family there in Garberville and the surrounding vicinity, and I pray that they are not going to be a victim someday. I have found, living almost in every corner of the U.S., that it is impossible to get away from drug addled weak minded individuals who will take any opportunity that presents itself to take advantage of those who are incapable of protecting themselves, and every area has its share of meth-wrinkled faces staring back at you with forlorn eyes asking for pity and/or money for the next hit. It is just human nature to have as part of our society a group of people who are less than what may be not in the mainstream and therefore considered by some as deplorables, which is too bad, since it is the diversity of human nature that is at the same time is our most beautiful aspect and our most unwelcome attribute as well. The problem with drugs has been around ever since the first person ate that rotten fruit they picked up off the ground and liked the feeling, and the social difficulties associated with mean-spirited people has also been a fundamental part of society for as long as society has existed. What to do? That is the ageless question that has not been solved since man/woman has been on this earth, and if anyone can figure out how to stop the crime in the area through the change of fundamental human behavior, then please, let the rest of us know. In the mean time, those individuals who are guarding their grows with shot guns and feel compelled to level at a group of kids, or will shoot at a combatant adjacent to a school with children present, should absolutely be dispatched with extreme prejudice, as they are definitely not worth being around to contaminate the gene pool. I just wish I knew who the guy was that leveled at us kids back in the day, so as to teach that criminal some manners (that he won’t ever forget), and I ‘m quite sure the reader can figure out what the rest of that story would look like. Peace…

    • Sounds like a story from the old Early ranch. I’m sure there are a few similar stories.

    • You’re very handsome.

    • Thanks for the story Barry.
      As stewards and community members, we are not doing our jobs, we are failing terribly. As a community, we somehow need to come together to agree what this little piece of the world should and could look like…together. How do we get the members of our community (new and old) to become a strong unit for change? As one, we need “be the change we want to see” and make a unified statement that we cannot, and will not, stand for this nonsense any longer in this beautiful land of Southern Humboldt that we’ve been blessed with.
      We need to ask why its ok with some people to dump their “disposable” vehicles on the side of the road and why is it ok in the mind of some community members to then smash, paint, decimate, and then leave them to look terrible in our paradise?
      Its like the old wild west out here…people taking likely drug-induced pay-backs into their own hands. Why do we, the community, think that is ok? By sitting idle, that is what we are telling our neighbors, youth and all of us members of the community–young and old/long-time and new/innocent and guilty.
      Again, we all need to re-visit what “community” means to us–start from scratch. What do we want our world to look like? And, we need to engage residents to work on projects that will produce change. Let’s not leave it up to the politicians. Let’s not turn a blind eye anymore. It’s up to us.

      • Can you suggest some solutions?

        • Turn in any drug activity in your neighborhood.
          Turn in anyone growing more than 50 plants.

          You asked.

        • Community meetings to come up with a list and then strategy…but here’s a start: brave and dedicated people step up to be community leaders, people willing to participate in community service projects because they care about our community, education of our neighbors through workshops, roundtable discussions…any more ideas?

      • i agree but.......

        Thats cool. I hear ya & i thought it was going that direction with the Locals On Patrol. I REALLY wanted to volunteer, Especially seeing the amount of needles they pick up. Unfortunately i dont, cause i dont want to participate in other antics, such as flashing lights in people’s faces. I am not a cop and dont wish to interrogate a fellow Human being as so.

        They also are making fun of addicts on their site w a pic titled “Just say no to drugs, lol.” I didnt find it a laughing matter, AT ALL.

        Try to give input & your shunned from the group and are disregarded as a Troll, like a recent attack on 2 different opinions on their fb site, which was removed from their public forum and disregarded as just negative comments from Trolls. “Act like us or dont participate, Your input is obsolete, cause we say so, your defianetly wrong & have no clue”, seems like their motto.

        Too bad they cant see how they are preceived by MANY & humble themselves cause i and Dozens of others would have already volunteered & still wish to, but like i said, dont want to, cause the use of certain antics, we feel are wrong. There is more strength in #’s but instead we stay divided for difference of opinions & a lack of understanding in these differences. So i continue to pick up trash by myself every so often, while they continue to deem themselves the true and only saviors of So Hum.
        😣 🔦 🔦 😣🔦 🔦 😣 🔦 🔦😣🔦

        • I agree. The local folks o locals on patrol need to realize they and the family and folks they know are not the only locals, whoever it is defined. Lots of people live here and do what they can without joining that group, it’s just too bad they live in a time warp of dinner table prejudice. Ive over heard numerous members if that clique say things about “dirty fuxking hippies” and “all hippies are drug addicts” and “making jewelry on the sidewalk if panhandling so go away” (uh.. you’re not a cop) so maybe they just realize they are in a bubble inside of a bubble. Yet they also stand behind standing rock..? Locals on patrol is a great idea but the wrong people doing it

    • I like the way you think

  • I think something very important has been overlooked. A brave woman took it upon herself to call 911. Not for a moment did she think of being hurt but instead she only thought of caring for an injured man who needed help. She called knowing the police would come and she through her bravery may have saved his life.

    Yes she came from the church today. She is a concerned citizen with the glory of God within her. Question: Would you have been brave enough to call for help and then go outside until the paramedics came? She knew she was doing the right thing and that God would protect her. Yes, the church is still showing God’s love and care.

    • The Lord Is My Sheppard!

      All life is precious! Im sorry to hear he might have been involved with another mans death yrs ago & that he may be a predator but it is not up to us to judge him. He will have to answer to the courts and then someone much higher up someday

      • Sometimes justice by law fails and people resort to taking justice into their own hands. It may not be right but you would think differently if one of your friends or family members were murdered and it was overlooked by police like that person wasn’t someone’s father, grandfather, brother etc. when the judicial system is fixed (especially in humboldt county) then maybe the need for local justice will stop.

    • Guess god got there a little late, right? Hilarious!

      • The Lord Is My Sheppard!

        Id say he got there in time just fine, the man is alive right?

        • If there was a god, none of it would have happened. Get your head outta your ass!

          • The Lord Is My Sheppard!

            If we lived in a world where nothing bad happened, there would be no need for God. We all would be content. But with incidents like this, evil must exist & i thank the lord for intervening.
            P.s. last time i checked, i hold my head high above my shoulders from lost meanies like u. Bless you child, i hope you find the light someday

            • Keep telling yourself that. Damn you people never make any sense. I love how you say people who don’t believe your fairy tales are “lost”, constantly shaming them like the hypocrites you are. Thousands of religions in the world, but YOURS is the right one. Save it for Sundays [edit]

              • The Lord Is My Sheppard!

                It is u who misundrstand. He can kneel to any God he wants of choosing. They are all but different stories told, as the same for many Devils. Just pointing directions Out for meanies attaking, who may need a lil love in their life. I originally was only pointing out the victim will be judged someday for his rumored actions and its not for us to take it in our own hands. I love how if someone disagrees with you, there is a need to attack & kill their comment & beliefs. So sad. Eat a cookie, hang out with a loved one & tell them you love them. This may help you anger problem. Much love, peace be with you Satan

        • no jubal hall died

          • The Lord Is My Sheppard!

            Looks like evil prevailed along with all the nasty comments they will have to answer for someday. All life is precious, whether u like them or not. Its not up to us to judge.the whole story is such a sad tragedy. My condolences to his family & friends. My condolences to Scott’s family too.

          • Is that confirmed ? By what source??

    • That woman was also questioned and detained for involvement in the shooting… i was there, and know who she is. She is no woman of god ill tell you that. She was just trying to help a fellow user/abuser. Don give her unjust credit, especially when its from the mouth of a person who witnessed nothing.

      • How do you know this woman? Accusing someone of such things on a public forum, appears both personally invested and unnecessary. Even if said woman is – as you claim – an “abuser”, running to aid anyone after hearing gunshots is admirable. Perhaps you could try feeling and spreading love and compassion for others, instead of hate and anger.

  • Theres a GOD alright… But he loves us enough to let us make our own choices..

  • It is definitely a nation wide problem, but it’s absolutely horrifying to see it in smalltown usa.
    There are over 95 million people looking for work, but no jobs, thanks to over regulations. The new jail & release of true criminals who have hurt others isn’t helping. Yet Californians still vote for more releases, more taxes, more regulations, more destitution.
    I think I now understand why Canada reinforced their southern borders.
    My condolences to the young man’s family.

    • The liberal agenda is terrifying.
      It’s literally mind blowing to see these measures created and then passed.
      I’m so thankful I moved out of the state earlier this year.
      Life is pleasant, taxes are lower, roads and school districts are better, crime is virtually non-existent and entrepreneurs are thriving here. Most successful conservatives left long ago, they always refer to their new home as ‘what California used to be like 50 years ago’
      I now know what that means and more than ever understand the message behind Make America Great Again.

  • Other than the issue that caused the need for redway school to impliment a safety SOP,I would like this to be a lesson,and that the one(ones)responsible for the lack of proper actions in the school be reprimanded.as of now,town is not getting better.lets make sure it doesn’t happen again and possibly hurt many more people.especially all of our kids.

  • Hey ironically them boots are hot, stolen from a business in garberville, this guy had it coming from all the things I hear,..

  • Let’s stay on subject.most of the comments,(my assumption),are about school lockdown(or the lack of).a violent action happened so near our children at school and many parents are quite upset that the situation at school level was not handled properly.Don’t sweep this under the rug!Get the facts,analyze the facts,make educated decisions,learn…

  • Kym have they identified the person who was laying in ditch and what is his condition?


  • Hay its me im a epic no filter man of honar and iiam breathing good and walking a[edit] lol

  • Im here still

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