Local Congressman Sponsors ‘One President at a Time Act’

Press release from North Coast Representative to the House, Jared Huffman:

Jared HuffmanNew legislation introduced by Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) in the last hours of the 114th Congress would amend the Logan Act to ensure that U.S. foreign policy is conducted only by the sitting President, enshrining into law the longstanding policy that only one President serves at a time. The “One President at a Time Act” would require that in the period between a Presidential election and the President-elect’s inauguration into office, the President-elect cannot conduct foreign policy matters without the authorization of the United States government.

“Foreign policy does not exist in a vacuum,” said Rep. Huffman. “Not only is it an unacceptable intrusion for a President-elect to start engaging in foreign policy matters before they are in office – let alone before they are fully briefed on complex and fragile geopolitical situations — it is dangerous and harms America’s standing in the world. That’s why I am introducing the ‘One President at a Time Act’ to clarify what most of us already believe: that only the President, not the President-elect who is fresh off the campaign trail and not yet in office, has the authority to make critical foreign policy decisions that impact America’s safety, economy, and global standing.”

The “One President at a Time Act” amends the Logan Act, which bars private citizens from engaging in foreign policy, to clarify that its authority extends to Presidents-elect during their transition period.

In 2008, President-elect Barack Obama notably steered clear of commenting on foreign policydecisions during the period between his election and inauguration, as did his predecessors Bill Clinton and George W. Bush who each recognized during the transition period that there is only one U.S. President serving at a time.



  • Amusedattheinsanity

    Congressional approval is at an all time low because of obstructionist crap like this. You guys really don’t get why you lost do you? Why don’t you call it the “Obama isn’t the worst president in history act” ?

  • Amusedattheinsanity

    Obstructionist rhetoric from the party of denial and inaction.

  • It’s nice to see a Democrat who is actully liberal.

  • The votes on this Bill will tell us a lot about the next four years.

  • This makes sense, So it probably will not get advanced into Bill form.

  • Our system of government has ‘worked’ mainly due to the deference by those involved in it. Granted, that has created a kinda good-ol’-boy system to a degree, YET, there are boundaries that MUST be respected (like foreign policy), and that our founders planned, to maintain something close to a democracy.
    Agree with you, Anon, the vote will be telling!

  • Sorry to say I’m not seeing much coverage on this bill, found only one other item and that from a tv station.

  • Another very sad attempt by sore losers that still have NO clue why they lost.

    Nobody could hurt the failed clueless anti American foreign policy this country has endured for the last 8 years!

    Jared Huffman should focus on creating jobs & helping the economy & all the problems in this country. Why hasn’t this been the the direction rather than all the foolish rainbow chasing?

  • Only CONGRESS can declare war. We haven’t declared any wars since WW2. All they do now is declare war on WE THE PEOPLE. Drug war, war on poverty, war on terrorism, .. PERPETUAL wars that keep the banks happy when they collect interest off the money loaned to every war party in every “war”.
    Stop wasting our lives.

  • Yay! Huffman is awesome!

  • Hey Jared , a little less time trying to figure out how to be divisive and maybe more time being productive, grab a shovel we got pot holes to fill.

  • It is not obstructionist to prevent a pres elect from meddling in foreign policy! Look up the word, [edit]

    • Love it!!! Sociopathic asshole! I can’t stand his cheeto face. I wish him nothing good.

      • It’s funny how his team out smarted everyone and used the electoral college to in a way never done before and now everyone is pissed, too funny, I guess you should have thought of it first , but you didn’t so that makes us the lesser , degree or no degree

    • Me cuzins and me won this round be och

    • sharpen your pencil

      With that logic, it is no wonder you people lost the election! The all exclusive lefties with their fake “moral superiority” complex. Remember asshats, when you point a finger you’ve got 3 back at yourself! [edit] Far left, and far right, are the EXACT reason we are in this fubared situation we are faced with right now. As long as the Clinton politics exclude half of the population for not bowing down to their thoughts, the far right will continue to resist your perspective. The reason the dems lost is because they alienated half the population, worked out well for ya, didn’t it?

  • I would prefer he bring some jobs…or do something to benefit Mendocino County.

  • It’s funny how it’s only the tolerant liberals on here using vulgar language and calling people names. I wonder if it was a Trump supporter using the same words the Liberals were if someone would sensor the post. Sincerely an ex-Democrat

  • I suppose it would be pretty embarrassing to have the president elect do more good for the Country before he even took the oath, than the sitting president has in 8 years.

    • That is an ignorant statements.

      The blinders that people have on about Obama is astounding. I certainly concede that there are aspects of his presidency that are not great. Absolutely. But that is to be expected of any president. Just as I would concede that Trump may prove to be a good president.

      But to say that Obama hasn’t accomplished anything and is the worst president ever is ridiculous. And to then take every action of democrats and try to say “this is why you lost” is even more ridiculous. Especially since the president elect is not a true republican. For republicans to say democrats lost can be equally applied to republicans. The president elect has essentially reshaped the republican party. The republican party is in the same state as the democrats. Their party is obsolete and needs to be restructured. Anybody that can’t admit that is lying to themselves and, apparently, did not watch the same election as everybody else.

      • typo. single statement. not statements.

        • Tired of snowflakes

          Except one detail, We changed our leaders recently, when was the last time you did? Huffman represents the people of the bay area and the city of Arcata. Northern, Southern and Eastern Humboldt disagree. Humboldt County has the same problem as the state, population density at the bays run the policy decisions for the rest.

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