Missing Girl Located With Father

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Eureka Police DepartmentOn 12/09/16, at around 3:14 PM, Eureka Police Department officers responded to the 3300 block of Dolbeer Street on the report of a possible parental child abduction. Further investigation has revealed 10-year-old MacKenzie Fleek was erroneously reported to have been taken from that location by her mother, Nadine Schifano, in violation of a civil restraining order.

MacKenzie has been located and is safe out of state with her biological father who was granted full custody by the court. Schifano has been cleared of any involvement in her disappearance.

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  • The little girl is safe,that’s all that matters!!YAY

  • Can we please stop posting this garbage? Roughly every single one of these turns out to be a false alarm. Even when it’s not an entirely false alarm, there’s always bullshit and manipulation behind the custody claims. The public doesn’t give a fuck about these peoples’ private family matters, and the families would most likely rather the public doesn’t hear about them either.

    • There’s always the option of scrolling past stories you think are not worth your time.

    • Kym reports the news. If I child is reported missing, I am surely glad she is covering it. As for no one caring about these families or their members, that is sadly your opinion and your feelings, Bushytails. Many of us care about others in our community and the problems they face. If more people cared what a better world it would be. Thanks for great reporting, Kym.

    • B T. Speak for yourself. You do not represent the rest of this community. Far from from it.

  • hey Bushytails,
    Why cant you be happy this child was with the right parent? It would seem to me, that even if it was a mistake (like in this case) sometimes it may not be, and a child’s life could be in danger. Grow up and don’t criticize the story, move on to another story that may interest you. If you had kids you may understand, my guess is you don’t.

    • I am very grateful this child is safe. I have kids, and I don’t understand making a false claim? The reporting party put a womens life in danger, by sicking the police on her for absolutely nothing! The reporting party lied. They should be held accountable for making a false police report. Wasting the resources. This was not a mistake! Someone reported that her mother took her and left in a white ford fiesta.

      • Funny as heck too cuz I sold that Fiesta to West Coast Auto Sales in Redding over 2 months ago… I’d be that mother, falsely accused and sadly I’ve grown used to being the target of Martha Fleek’s false accusations. She SHOULD be held accountable for this false claim, for all her false claims… She’s made so very many over the last 3 and a half months. How about holding the courts accountable for judgements in her favor, after she stood in the courtroom and admitted to kidnapping 2 children she had no rights to? The state of California grants no assumed custodial rights to grandparents… So how did this woman get them granted to her? Favors perhaps; illegal motions pushed through by a retired judge with no concern for the legality of what he puts his signature to and with disregard for the actual laws? I make no claims, only guesses as wild and outlandish as the proceedings themselves have seemed to be All parents of these two minors object to Martha having any involvement what so ever with these children, in screaming voices that have fallen on the Humboldt Courts deaf ears. In this case, guardianship was given to the article’s mentioned father and his wife before this whole mess had even begun, the papers drawn up by a lawyer, signed by all adult parties involved, and notarized; but denied by Eureka Police as grounds to make this woman produce 2 minor children she had no legal claim to, that she had kidnapped and was concealing from their RIGHTFUL custodians… No matter the way you twist these bits and pieces… it adds up to a terrible miscarriage of justice, individual rights cast aside on whim, a mockery of systems meant to protect basic human freedoms, the list does not end here.

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