Local Author’s Short Story in Fractured Fairytales Collection

Matthew BrockmeyerA short story anthology featuring local author Matthew Brockmeyer will be released December 15. His story is set in Eureka over 100 years ago.

The anthology, After the Happily Ever After, is a collection of fractured fairy tales. Within this large volume you will find dark retellings and continuations of classic myths and folk stories written by an array of talented writers, said Matthew Brockmeyer of Ettersburg.

The book blurb proclaims, “Within these pages are more than seventy continuations, retellings, and eldritch stories that explore the dark forests, magical castles, and gruesome monsters After the Happily Ever After.”

Brockmeyer’s story “Nightingale” is a retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story of the same name. He says the story is set in 1910 Eureka, back when all of Old Town was a red-district.

“The story examines the clash of modernity with old-time ways,” Brockmeyer says. “This would be a great Christmas gift for anyone you know who loves dark fiction and fantasy.” Check out the book here.


For more information on local author Matthew Brockmeyer, including links to his other works, please visit his website: www.matthewbrockmeyer.com



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