[UPDATE From Law Enforcement] Scotia Exit Blocked by Law Enforcement

Law enforcement stop

Photo provided by James Robertson

Law enforcement stopped a white vehicle on the Scotia offramp 7:45 a.m. The offramp is now closed.

We’ve had multiple reports of up to 10 law enforcement vehicles pursuing someone with lights and sirens on south on 101. This appears to be the same incident.

UPDATE: And here’s why the officers stopped the vehicle:

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 12-09-16 at about 6:36 AM, the Arcata Police Department (APD) responded to a report of a robbery that had just occurred from a guest of the Super 8 Motel (4887 Valley West Blvd).  The investigation revealed that the female victim was staying in a room with an acquaintance, identified as Wesley Nance. At about 6:15 AM, two friends of Nance’s arrived at the room. The victim stated that Nance and his two friends brandished handguns and demanded money from her.  Nance and the other two suspects took an undisclosed amount of money from the victim and some of the victim’s property and left the motel.

A county wide BOL (Be on the Lookout) was issued for Nance, the two suspects, and Nance’s vehicle. At about 7:12 AM, an Officer from the Eureka Police Department (EPD) spotted the vehicle driving southbound on Broadway and began following the vehicle. Once sufficient backup units arrived, a high risk traffic stop was initiated on Hwy 101, near Scotia.

An APD Officer and Detective responded to the scene of the traffic stop and arrested Wesley Nance (22) of Sacramento and Richard Valdez (23) of Sacramento for Penal Code 211, robbery. The third suspect was not in the vehicle and has not yet been identified.  Both Nance and Valdez were booked and lodged in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Anyone with information in this case is encouraged to call the Arcata Police Department.



  • Wow…10 vehicles…how did they do that?

  • A young male passenger was out of the vehicle when I drove by and the cops had their guns pulled and were hunkered by their cops cars.. scary!

  • Wow too bad you cant get a response like this when your homes broken into, mail stolen, need a cop in middle of night when someones lurking outside, etc.
    Yes all those instances i just listed happened to me and numerous others with zero help from cops. No one in my neighborhood even bothers to call anymore, hate paying taxes for zero help, sux!!!!

    • Me too just a week ago and we think we found the stuff in a camp behind Hilfiger s but are scared to try to go get it.

      • J. Worthingham Fatback

        If you recognize YOUR ‘stuff’ in a camp, then if it were me I would call Andrew Mills and tell him to get his PERSONAL self over there and go with you to check the camp out. There is absolutely NO REASON that you cannot get a law enforcement assist.
        Go over there with a shotgun, and make a citizens arrest, lay the perps on the ground, and THEN call the EPD and tell them you are holding burglary/robbery/thief/B&E perps at gunpoint, and it would be a good idea for them to get there ASAP!

    • Good I’m glad you won’t call on very over worked police. I won’t have to wait so long as long as you don’t call

  • Wow. That’s insane 10 cops. Guess they all ate there Wheaties this morning. There on a roll. ! They must be wanted fugitives to warrant that many cops.

  • If you were listening to the scanner this morning it sounds like guys were armed robbery suspects followed out of eureka all the way down there until they could rally enough guys to stop the car.

  • Hopefully more of the laytuntucky murder suspects!

  • Someone robbed a donut shop. You know how cops love their maple bars.

  • What the hell is wrong with you people commenting on something you know nothing about making fun of it grow up

  • I come here every morning for a lol experience. Thank you all for your comments. Your all tooo funny.
    Merry Christmas

  • Armed Robbers automatic weapons….they were BOLO for wht Pontiac…..

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    As someone who has been an Armed Security Officer and worked in areas that most of you clowns wouldn’t dare show your face, your comments directed at our local Law Enforcement Personnel just goes to show that you have not grown up past your pacifier stage and out of your messy diapers yet. When you do get to pre-school age, let me know and I’ll TRY (I said TRY) to further educate you on how to really understand the life and dangers that these Officers goes through everyday to protect clowns (and that’s a nice word) like you.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Who’s the cherry? Oh, it’s Eldon. Cool. Hey, Eldon, dude, ever work around heavy ordnance in the South China Sea during the Vietnam Nam Comflict?

    • Hey! Clowns lives matter!

    • Concerned Fortuna citizen

      Sounds like you couldn’t make the force, so you settled for security jobs at $10.50 an hour

    • I WAS gonna let you slide on this one ELDON, then ya just HAD to go there twice…firstly, “worked in areas that most of you clowns wouldn’t dare show your face” isnt it sort of in the nature of clown to NOT show their face? secondly, yes “clowns” is a nice word and is about as far off as you can get to describing three men with guns robbing an unarmed little girl of her trimmerpay before she could illegally smuggle it into costa rica.

  • Cutting down a redwood tree on 101 south of hooker Creek. Is it the same redwood that caused the pile up by dean creek? It is south of hooker Creek.

  • No mention of weapons being found. That means the POS that got away, potentially has the weapons.

  • Lodged….that’s why they call it the Humboldt Hilton…lol

  • Lodged… That’s why they call it the Humboldt Hilton….

  • All jokes aside. The police are doing a pretty good job with the resources they have.

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