[UPDATE 8:37 a.m.] 101 Completely Blocked by Dean Creek

Traffic Collision Car AccidentHwy 101 is blocked by multiple traffic collisions just south of the Dean Creek exit. This stemmed from a vehicle accident about 6:39 a.m. and then there were several following crashes that blocked all four lanes.

Traffic is being diverted through Garberville and Redway so expect Redwood Drive to be extra busy with confused drivers from the 101.

UPDATE: Photos provided by Saddlepaw Media.Tree accident road blocked Tree accident road blocked Tree accident road blocked Tree accident road blocked
UPDATE 7:58 a.m.: The estimated time of reopening is quarter to nine according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page. A 6 foot in diameter tree is crossing the road. There are multiple vehicles crashed into it.

UPDATE 8:37 a.m.: According to Caltrans spokesperson Eli Rohl, the highway is now open.



  • Blocked by Dean Creek! My first thought was a flood.

    I hope all the folks are ok.

  • Wow! Update ASAP.

  • Godspeed, folks.

  • I live on the hill across from the accident. I heard the tree come down in the dark, not knowing it fell on the highway, and a little while later the impact of the cars. I hope everyone is ok!

  • Text reads a little awkwardly…

    did collision stem.. “from a vehicle crashing (into a tree?) About 6:39 a.m..” ?

    • Yes gotta look at the pictures to put it together.

    • It looks like it started from a tree that fell onto the hiway? Someone posted that it looked like it started from just a car accident. Im having problems with (my cell, internet, service???) Trying to read other posts, so i didnt see Kyms comment til i posted this.

  • What happened? It looks like either a traffic collision, a landslide, or a War of the Ents. The only clear info in the article is the location.

    Did you skip your coffee this morning, Kym?

  • Luckily that tree is rotten!

  • Don’t piss off the trees.

  • Oh my,I’m praying for everyone,to be ok.their might be a lot of those rotten trees.be alert be safe all.

  • Slow down folks. 5 mph for dark & another 5 mph for rain or wet road….

  • I think unless the tree hit them they were driving too fast for road conditions, because they hit the tree it’s there fault and they all get a ding on their driving records.

    • Open the flute on your stove earnie, the soot is getting to you, you don’t get “dinged” for natural disasters, floods or anything else Mother Nature throws our way, if you do you’re getting a bad deal and wrong insurance company.
      Go see flo

      • They should get dinged by their insurance companies! One shouldn’t be driving so fast that they can’t stop for a tree across the road, even if it is dark and raining. Why should I pay higher rates due to others who can’t drive safely.

      • a tree falling on you is an AOG.
        a tree falling on the road and then-after being run into by vehicles is not gonna be an AOG.

      • I prefer that Gecko.

  • i was wondering if someone slipped kym decaf too

    No one is getting a “ding” unless they make a claim with their insurance companies which in single car collisions many avoid. Only then will finding “fault” be at issue. Any police reports generated will likely report facts only and not be concerned with assessing liability simply noting”act of God” or “liability inconclusive ” .

    The DMV dings come with ACTUAL VIOLATIONS for speeding, DUI, and collisions where u are found more than 50% at fault. Not assumptions made by arm chair accident reconstructionists.
    Don’t quit your day job.

    And to the self important prissy pants “reality check” who accuses people of “bad manners” for giving feedback on readability : really?

  • Rotten tree fills with water and most likely fell onto the highway directly in front of oncoming cars. JMO

  • Why would they get dinged for hitting the tree, Ernie? It was an accident and it was dark. If a tree falls on you, you can’t exactly avoid it! I don’t think their driving records should be dinged for that.

    • Treeware, i’m sorry to be argumentative. But read Ernie’s comment. He did say, “unless the tree fell on them.” In other words, obviously they couldn’t be blamed if it came down upon them.
      But there is a law right there in the DMV handbook–or there was when i learned to drive, eons ago–that the only true law of speed limits is that you have to go slow enough for the road conditions. Also, you must not “overdrive your headlights”–that is, you must go slowly enough to be able to see anything in front of you in time to stop.

      Now granted, people usually do not drive this way–they don’t drive as if they expect to come upon a fallen tree in the dark. I myself tend to go that slowly, always conscious that a deer might jump out, or be lying there suffering on the pavement–and i want to be able to stop in the distance between where i saw it, and where it is. Of course, other drivers hate my style and ride my bumper or pass me in anger, or more peaceably if i pull over for them, which i try to do.

      But, just saying, Ernie is right. Though i don’t know about dings on driving records… just in principle, it’s your job to stop before you hit an obstacle.

      • “Earnie is right, though I don’t know about dings on driving records”
        Yea that makes a whole lotta sense…

        We only get dinged if we are proven at “fault” of causing the accident.

      • Fortunate Tobehere

        We were on our way home from our Grandson’s High School Soccer game. My husband was driving 30 to 35 mph in a 55 mph speed limit. It was pouring down rain, and very dark. The car behind us was on our butt so much ay one point I was going to tell my husband to pull over and let him pass us. There isn’t any where to pull over except a few places and they are few and far between. We came up over a hump in the road and before we knew it there was a hugh Oak tree was covering both lanes about fifty feet in front of us. My husband applied the breaks, but there wasn’t enough time to stop. We just knew we were going to die. It took aprox. 45 minutes for fire rescue crews to cut the tree off our truck so we could get out. We were NOT hurt >>>Thank You Lord. The chp officer told us as well as fire and rescue and others…. We are very LUCKY to be alive. Had my husband been driving any faster we would be dead. My husband drives SLOW some say …slow as a snail. I’m so grateful he was driving that night. Our F150 is toast…But we are alive and Grateful. Had we pulled over to let the tailgater pass us… He would have more then likely died on impack, He was driving a small sports car. Our truck went up over some of the limbs on the road..a small car would not be able to do that. The tree was totaly wraped around our truck we stopped with in an inch of the limbs comming through the windshild. Now you say it is the drivers fault …well according to the CHP yes you are right you should only drive as fast as the conditions allow …The CHP said if you hit a deer that runs in front of your vehicle ….It is your fault. I think that law needs to change. Because if your driving under the speed limit you can get a ticket ….. if you have so many cars behind you. Well what if there is no where to pull over so cars can pass you? There is aprox. maybe 4 areas you can pull over (without tearing up your undercage,bumper,talepipe,tranny,ect,ect.) to let someone pass on this Hwy. CHP said you don’t get a ticket. And it depends on your insurance if you get a ding. Try putting yourself in that situation before runnung your mouth off….If you don’t have anything nice to say…. SAY NOTHING !

  • I’m still hoping to find out if everyone is ok.can you all imagine coming around a corner in the dark AND BAM hit a tree in the middle of the road,wholly shit,or your just driving along and BAM a tree hits you,either way wholly shit!!It’s not like we don’t live surrounded by trees.and their big suckers!!please be safe ALL

  • Tree fell in road. Many cars involved. Yikes! Hope everyone is well!

  • Non-Local Union Professional

    ‘THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN’ in coming years, ‘WILL NOT HAPPEN!’ With Trump as Precedent (yep!) he will ‘CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES!’ within 5 miles of a roadway, to prevent this kinda thingy. And yes, the trees will be donated to industry. (If The Don thinks longer, he will determine that smashed cars and people going to hospitals are both ‘GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY!’ Stay tuned…..).

  • A genuine “Jumping Redwood” playing dead!!!!

  • I don’t know about the insurance part of it but I was told that even if your vehicle is hit by someone or something else, in the middle of the night, while you’re sleeping, you get a ding on your driving record!!! Admittedly this was a LOT of years ago, so I don’t know if it’s still the case!!!

    • If your car is sitting your yard and a tree falls and hits it, it goes on your comprehensive insurance, not your collision insurance. Therefore there will be no “ding on your insurance.
      I have had many claims on my comprehensive insurance with no repercussions.
      Just this year I have had two comprehensive claims.I was removing the grader blade from my Kubota and it rolled down the hill into my truck. Another, I was loading my side by side into the truck and tail gate collapsed.Both claims totaled over $20k and since I have $0 deductible comprehensive, insurance paid for all of it and my rates stayed the same.

  • Rotten Douglas Fir loosened by earthquake, rain , wind, should have been cut down ALOOOONG time ago! Hope everyone is ok.

  • A redwood tree in a redwood grove in the dark is pretty good camouflage.

  • Drove bye on the way to work this morning. I must have just missed it. My lucky day, going to bye some lottery tickets when I get off work.

  • SHAKA….. Nope, all dead trees should KNOT be removed, only dead/ dying trees hang-out -over- along roadways. Dead trees hold a huge place in the eco system. Huge habitat….Its amazing that people living here not only dont know locol trees, dont even know a Redwood from a Douglas-Fir. Kinda sad… OY VEY!

  • Simply, 22350 CVC – Driving too fast for conditions, aka unsafe speed. Doesn’t matter if you’re going 10 mph, if you cannot avoid something stationary in front of you, you’re going too fast with a related cause of inattention. And yes, your insurance company will “ding” you and rightfully so.

  • Oh wow! They were really fortunate limbs or hoods didn’t come through the windshields into them. Thankfully it was a soft redwood type tree that gave somewhat upon impact. I hope everyone is okay.

  • Shak… You really need to go outside …Even worse than i do. WTF is a “soft redwood type tree?’ Read my last comment adressing you? Get a tree book and sqirrel in for the winter ? Study? Book? Good chance from the way it was rotted, that it was a Douglas Fir with a broken top, or missing a huge limb, water sets in , dry rot, They rot from the top down. See the big radial pitch seam crack in the first pic? Been a weak tree since it was a pup. CAL TRANS probebly missed it because it had become buried in the new growth since the freeway was put it. …….[And that was only my first CUPPA – KONA!]

    • I wonder why there was no mention of the cars going around this tree, into the northbound lanes into oncoming traffic,that caused most of the damage and debris on the road.

  • Is their any info on how these folks are?

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