Semi Stuck on Bair Road

Humboldt County Public Works closed Bair Road near Hoopa this morning after an 18 wheeler towing a 60′ trailer got stuck.

“He’s blocking the road about mile marker 9,” said a county road worker over the scanner.

At this point they are looking for a tow truck to help the semi get unstuck.



  • Boy, that is really off the beaten path. We used to take driver’s training courses up there for mountain driving. The teacher would stop us in the middle of the road with a 200′ drop off on one side and a bank on the other and say…”Ok, turn around”. It was scarier than Hell.

    It would make so much more sense to set up your business closer
    to town or at least closer to a state highway so semi-trucks with 60′ trailers would have a much easier time making deliveries. Probably the Sun Valley Floral Farms approach would seem to have a better business model instead of that of one of the characters on the Discovery Channel’s, Moonshiners. That’s just an assumption on my part, though.

  • Doubt it’s a 60′ trailer. 53′ is maximum trailer length for almost every manufacturer, unless custom built. Probably maximum length(combined vehicles) of 60′. As 65′ is the legal maximum combined vehicle length.

  • Berry Summit was closed and the driver’s GPS gave the driver that rode as the alternative. Son-in-law is the County road foreman who contacted County Road Dept to notify of road closure ; Buddy’s was the answer. Man driving had limited English and family in Canada. Driver, of course unbeknown to him, no cell service. All is well for all

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