[UPDATE: No Tsunami Danger] 6.5 Quake!

Did you feel that one? A large quake just rocked Southern Humboldt [UPDATE: It rocked the North Coast.] The quake sites haven’t registered it yet but we’ll update when they do.

UPDATE: This quake hit off the mouth of the Mattole River west of Petrolia. It was a 6.8 which struck at approximately 6:50 a.m. It was 10 km deep. This is around 102 miles west of Ferndale.eaarthquake
UPDATE 7:13 a.m.:

UPDATE 7:16 a.m.: Nikki Leskinen, radio host at Lost Coast Communications got interviewed by NPR. Listen for her this morning.

UPDATE 7:21 a.m.: The quake has been downgraded to a 6.5. according to the USGS.

UPDATE: 7:40 a.m.: No reports of major damage so far. (In fact, to our knowledge, no one has even reported a picture frame askew.)

UPDATE 8:38 a.m.: Caltrans reports,

UPDATE 8:41 a.m.: Facebook activated a safety check for those experiencing the devastating aftermath of this quake (poking a little gentle fun because life is good.)



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