Deputies Investigating Domestic Violence Find Marijuana and Firearms

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Rama Schafer On the evening of December 7th, 2016, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Deputies were dispatched to a domestic disturbance in the 6900 block of Linda Road, in the area of the county known as Humboldt Hill. Upon arrival, Deputies contacted the subjects involved in the disturbance. Subsequent to their investigation on scene, Deputies arrested 28 year old Rama Schafer for domestic battery. During this investigation, it was learned that Rama was on Summary Probation with terms that he submit to search and seizure for illegal weapons. Deputies searched the residence pursuant to the Probation terms, and located the following:Heap of marijuana

  • 368 pounds of processed marijuana bud in 1pound vacuum sealed bags and 1 pound turkey bags

  • 13 pounds of marijuana trim/shake

  • 3 pistols

  • 3 shotguns

  • 8 rifles (one of which was not serialized and unlawful to possess)

  • Several high capacity magazines

  • $4,200.00 in U.S. Currency suspected to be proceeds from drug sales

At the conclusion of the investigation on scene, the above listed items were seized as evidence, and Rama was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and booked on the following charges:

  • PC 243(e)(1) Domestic Battery

  • H&S 11359 Possession of marijuana for purpose of sales

  • PC 30605(a) Possession of assault weapon

  • PC 23900(a) Possession of non-serialized firearm

  • PC 32310(a) Possession of high-capacity magazine

  • PC 1203.2 Probation violation

Anyone with information regarding suspected drug and/or criminal activity occurring in their neighborhood is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.Firearms on a table, guns



  • Wow! Nice collection. Paranoid much? Take life a little easier.

  • If he can’t keep his anger under control to save at least 400,000 worth of goods, then that guy really doesn’t need to be in possession of all those guns.

  • Wow, the cop shop has a really beautiful curly old growth table. Its a shame to set all that nasty crap all over it. Seems better suited for a Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. You think we could swap that out for my plastic Costco folding tables I used last year?

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    Damn, bought a dog off this guy a couple years back. Dude was polite and punctual (a rare combo for here) and let me take my pick of the pups. Even threw in a little smoke because I drove all the way out there. Sorry to see he got himself in this situation.

  • Wow so sad A whacko woman will get you busted every time

  • domesticviolenceaffectsusall

    The real crime is the domestic battery charges will be likely be dropped!!!!!

    Assholes who think its ok to shove their spouse around and be controlling and verbally abusive NEVER change.

    They just get old. They stay drunk. Unscathed and unrepentant they will always find someone to make excuses for them and to cheerlead and parrot their lies and bullshit.

    If the traumatized and victimized battered spouse DOES manage to escape (with society and her own friends making excuses and BLAMING HER the entire time it’s a fucking miracle when she can) it’s no biggee for the abusive turd. He will quickly replace her with a weaker more needy and
    compliant fanbase / doormat.

    • Was really liking this comment as spousal abuse is horrible and unacceptable. But then you start to use her and he adjectives trust me women can also be very abusive. Treat your partner with love and respect.

      • passiveaggressiveliarsshouldbeavoided

        I’m sure some do.

        But in THIS instance you will notice it was a male charged with domestic battery not a female. And one commenter (with psuedo logic i think) boldly called out the female for being the “wacko woman that gets u busted every time.”


        What you are seeing is deflection. Projection. Gas lighting. And ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.

        Lalala poor men. Typically they cry “abuse” when they just don’t get their way….{end}

        The sad God Damn reality is that statistics don’t lie like the lying liars men can be!

        30% of woman will suffer control/emotional/physical abuse at the hand & warped mind of a man.

        10% of men report the same.

        Many more instances are unreported… by both sexes.

        Social science suggests that by virtue of their dominant strength and size coupled with thousands of years of women’s physical/emotional dependence on them, men have an overwhelming advantage when it comes to dominating and mind fucking the spouse!! It all goes back to the saber tooth tiger…

        Now while a woman struggles through multiple events and mindfuckary -coupled with complaints of feeling threatened, manipulated, controlled and then invests herself in the endless counseling and bargaining & various hoop jumping to comply and “be good enough” to illicit behavior from her spouse that is not demeening or threatening -before she finally (if he hasnt KILLED HER first ) gets out! (Fact: For the majority of woman who escape abuse it took 7-10 events before she got out . Another fact: a woman’s biggest risk of HOMICIDE is by her spouse or lover. That is so fucked up. )

        Then on the contrary if you ask a man how “things are” he will rarely voice disatisfaction as long as his physical needs are being met; or until the female frees herself, or even starts to establish boundaries and her own self worth (over exclusively catering to his) Oh my gOd. Then in textbook douchbag behavior a man’s claim of being “abused” finally comes out at the tail end of his marriage or relationship (read: regular sex supply) and it is used solely as a smear tactic after his victimized spouse finally frees herself from the duplicity and chaos!! Then on his way into the arms of the first lady to drop her undies for him he will cryyyyyyy to any willing audience about his super mean ex. Controlling men often portray the women that FINALLY GET OUT as “crazy” and “abusive.” Oh Boohoo …she wont let me manipulate her with my lies and anger any more – she’s so abusive.

        Please. Don’t be dumb. Ask questions. Validate reality not mumbojumbo alligator tears.

        And do not be alarmed ladies! Of COURSE (even tho you were once the “love of his life”) you are now seen as a controlling ABUSIVE slob -listen carefully- because rather than take responsibility for his choices and behavior he (as a self absorbed anti social jerk) PROJECTS his pathology onto his victims! So obviously you are a lying meany pants 🙂 It’s awesome when they do that too, be glad. Because it shows EVERYONE who he really is.


        P.s. Do not blame yourself if you end up with an abusive cheating spouse of either sex. They are typically charming, attractive & great lovers! Many a kind, creative, loving & generous person has been fooled… and (if a woman,) possibly murdered. Proceed with caution.

        • victimblamingisignorance

          Thank you! This is absolutely brillant and most definelty aligns with most women’s experience with abusive partners that I know. They’d burn strong women at the stake if they still could. Was it an avg. of 3 women who die in this country daily from a “loved one”? I’m surprised the cops were there to help.

        • Blah blah blah. Statistics show that once a woman leaves an abusive relationship she is most likely to enter another abusive relationship.


          • if you didnt make me mad id be nice

            right ? IF she wasn’t so into being betrayed and manipulated, so used and abused and shamed, blamed then discarded then those abusive assholes wouldn’t even exist! God lady! Get it together.

      • Right on George.

  • Wholly crap,all that for a fight.somebody is pretty unhappy today.

  • A pound for every day of the year, good year? Or nothing moving? 4200 cash is all , nothing moving , som beach, probably didn’t think he would get rid of it all in one day

  • Man, looks like Fluffy there was armed for war!

  • Rutt row scuby, rots o ruck…

  • On probation? SLOW LEARNER.

  • I guess that’s no bail?

  • PC 23900(a) Possession of non-serialized firearm

    I thought we didnt have to put a number on homemade weapons till the the new year? I guess I am not reading SB 808 correct?

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      Which gun is non-serialized? None of them look homemade to me.

      • The silver lower on the bottom ar15 looks to be what’s referred to as an 80% lower that you have to mill out and finish yourself, which shouldn’t be illegal aslong as its not sold to another person, or owned by a woman beating dipshit with a house full of drugs

  • I hope losing your half million in bud will teach you to treat women a little better… Another outstanding Humboldt businessman loses it all..

  • I don’t think this relationship is going to survive….just sayin’

  • IDIOT! alert, was already on prob too genius

  • I don’t see a tag on those antlers either

  • Must be related to Goldberg, was that Jons stuff?

  • A straight shooter

    Holy cow, the ship did not come in!

  • They don’t catch the smart ones.

  • There’s more to this story. He was only booked for DUI and Domestic Violence.

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