Car Theft Suspect Pulled from Water After Fleeing Law Enforcement

chpstarA suspect who was allegedly found near a stolen Chevrolet Cavalier around 12:50 p.m. on Marshal Lane in the Hoopa area is on his way to Mad River Hospital after fleeing police and jumping into a flooded waterway. According to Sgt. Brian Lale of the California Highway Patrol, one of his department’s officers was sent to check out a possibly stolen vehicle. When the officer arrived, there were two suspects on scene. One fled in a white pickup.

According to Lale, at 12:58 p.m the suspect that fled jumped into a waterway. (He wasn’t sure which waterway.) The male suspect was eventually recovered from the water and, at 3:05,  was taken to Mad River Hospital.

The other occupant of the previous stolen vehicle was also arrested and in the vehicle there was a firearm, said Lale.




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