Another Suspect in the Laytonville Homicide Arrested

ABDIRAHMAN MOHAMEDYesterday evening, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department nabbed one of the suspects in the slaying of Laytonville grower Jeffery Settler, confirmed Capt. Gregory Van Patten of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department. The officers captured Abdirahman “Richie” Mohamed, age 28, after an intense investigation.

Van Patten said that the San Diego Sheriff’s Department had been working with his in attempting to locate the man that they had formerly only identified to the public as Richie.

“They were able to establish a vehicle that was associated with [Mohamed],” Van Patten explained.  Yesterday, they stopped it while Mohamed was inside.

“We have detectives that were on their way to get a flight to San Diego this morning,” he explained. There they will attempt to interview him and “see if there was anything of interest of where he was at” or in his vehicle, Van Patten said.

Mohamed is one of several trimmers wanted for the slaying on November 11 of the marijuana grower they were working for. According to Van Patten, the trimmers believed that they weren’t properly paid for the work they had done.

Van Patten confirmed that it seems the suspects “weren’t fully compensated the amount that had previously been agreed on.”

After the detectives interview Mohamed, Mendocino County will try to have him extradited to this area, said Van Patten. Mohamed has the right to try and fight the extradition.

The Mendocino Voice has more on the suspects still at large. They write,

According to MCSO’s Lt. Shannon Barney, “attorneys representing various suspects have reached out, trying to see what their clients are facing.” Barney said MCSO is still currently looking for the additional four suspects; some have “voiced a desire” to turn themselves. He noted one suspect has been telling people in the area that “he has talked to us and he has been cleared,” but that this is not true.

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  • Don’t hire outside your circle……bottom line.

  • Yesss.. finally got that fucker!..good job. How many more to go?
    Who the hell would hire a mug like that?.. he looks like a terrorist.

  • Interesting that they would have to extradite him from within California

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Not sure, but what does it mean they killed him over not being paid an agreed amount?

  • Thank you for catching this criminal. You have to rob and murder my son Jeffrey because you feel you weren’t paid enough! I hope you rot in jail. Trust me the law enforcement detectives know way more then they are sharing. I think all of them are in for a long long time. Thanks to all the personal for capturing this accused murderer. Greg Settler

    • Eww this guy looks gross, So is he a citizen? Why would you have to get extradited from San diego to Mendo? It’s all CA?
      Rest up Jeff you will be extremely missed

    • I’m so sorry for your loss.i hope he gets the punishment he deserves and the justice you seek.god bless to you Greg settler

    • So sorry for your dreadful loss.

    • Jesse wells is one of the shadiest, most violent individuals I’ve ever met. Wish I never knew of him, honestly. I hope he gets caught and put away for a very long time. Maybe within the bing he’ll reform himself….loose cannon

      My condolences to you and your family for your loss.

  • I’m going to throw this out there. Maybe none of these people are guilty. Maybe they are rounding up everybody that trimmed for the man. Everybody is a suspect. My speculation, it will end up being a local tweeker, right down the road. Just a guess.

    Let me add, if in fact these people are responsible for the death of the victim, may they get the maximum sentence and then some. If I read correctly, it was only 10 pounds stolen. That would be about 2 pounds each, totaling approx $2400 each. If you are willing to kill over $2400 you should be locked up and never allowed back into society. With that said, anyone killing over money should disappear for forever!

    • if they weren’t involved, they wouldn’t be on the run. My best guess is as soon as they get the girl in there to tell on everybody, everybody involved will go down. And some of the people in the pictures do indeed look like local tweekers. The moral of the story is always have crew around you. It’s not just trimmers who will Rob you. Very rarely do 4-5 armed friends get robbed. Stay safe, people.

  • Doesn’t anyone proof read anymore..?

  • The others werr radicalized by this guy.They were going to fight with isis in the motherland with the money from the joke. Those guys are now in laytonville

    • It was 100 pounds or more and I am sure he had a large sum of money there. Seven to ten people went there with the intent to rob Jeff at the very least, some of them are terrible people and the law has considerable evidence. Yes they are just accused but it’s know that all of them went there at 4AM to rob him. None of the ones standing by apparently tried to stop the killing. They will eventually meet their ultimate fate! Father Greg Settler

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