Another Quake Near Petrolia; 7.8 Quake Near Solomon Islands

A series of quakes have rattled the North Coast this morning and one very large shaker hit across the Pacific from us. The first, a 6.5 roller, struck at about 6:50 a.m. but it was off the coast about 80 miles. The second quake hit about 8:32 a.m. It was even further offshore.

Then a 7.8 quake hit near the Solomon Islands off the coast of Australia. (Definitely not the North Coast, we know. But we paid attention because of the possible threat of a tsunami.)

Because of that large quake across the Pacific Ocean, the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group at first posted on their Facebook page that the threat of a tsunami was being assessed. However, about 10:50 a.m., they wrote,

No tsunami threat to the West Coast or Alaska from today’s big Solomon Islands quake. Magnitude revised to 7.8. The tsunami watch for Hawaii has been cancelled.

Then at 10:33 a.m. a 2.9 quake shivered near Petrolia. Not many people reported feeling it. We’re keeping a watch on all the activity. We’ll update if anything new occurs.



  • Get those emergency kits together, keep your car at least half full and have an out of state contact to call in case the phones go out. Know whom in your neighborhood may need to be checked on after an event.
    Theres tons of info online, esp lately since theyve kinda figured some big ones are coming soon based on lots of activity at the southern end of the san andreas fault. And the amount of big quakes over the last few weeks.

    Its not if its when. Picture not being able to get anywhere for 2 weeks and your home is unsafe to be in. Prepare accordingly and overdo it just in case. Tents, water filters, medicines, food, etc. And a watch!! Theres some great emergency preparedness stuff online from folks who went thru things like hurricane sandy who learned the hard way. One of the main things was once everyones cel died, no one knew what time it was!!

  • Old girl scout.i travel with everything but the kitchen sink.always prepared,water,food,cell ready,and my handy dandy scanner!!my kids always made fun of me.ha now who’s got the last u guys

  • Excellent reportage. The Solomon Islands, off Petrolia. Thanks for the update!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Suspicious Observers puts up an alert, better listen.

  • Mary Lou Lorensen

    I CARRY MY EARTHQUAKE SURVIVAL KIT IN MY CAR! My car is always with me..but my home is NOT!

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Excellent reminders Shift Happens.

    In addition, keep a wind up cell phone charger handy, consider scanning vital documents/photos/inventory of your property/county parcel numbers/insurance information/financial data on a thumb drive.

    Consider alternate routes to and from home, school etc.

    Strap your water heater to a wall stud.

    Understand the how and when to turn off utilities (you may not need to after a quake and it can take a long time to restore utilities after a big quake).

    A hand held scanner and a listing of frequencies is also a handy tool.

    If you are dependent on over the counter or RX medications you can ask your health care provider for a paper script for a three month supply, refillable for 4 times and take it to Wal Mart and ask for the Costco price comparison and get your medications for your emergency kit. Tell them you are a cash paying patron. They will not give you the best price unless you ask for it.

    Many insurance plans will not allow you to have a three month supply unless you mail order and often their cost is substantially higher than using a regular or mail order pharmacy source.

    Have supplies on hand to cover broken windows, work gloves to clean up after a quake and think of what supplies you would need for pets/livestock/frail elders or infants and children.

    Learn what your workplace and children’s school emergency response plan is. Think about a mini emergency kit for your children to take to school or their day care. Keep a mini kit at work as well.

    It is easy to get complacent when we have not had a big shaker for a long while.

    And it is easy to dismiss the real threat of a larger sized quake.

  • Solomon Islands tsunami threat over after 7.8 quake
    A magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit close to the Solomon islands early Friday,

  • These medium size quakes are good, hopefully it’s relieving some tension.

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