[UPDATE: Reopened] HWY 299 CLOSED !! Berry Summit still a mess

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Hwy 299  is closed due to accidents involving several semi- trucks. They either broke their chains in the westbound lanes or got stuck near Berry Summit (Mile Marker 31.33). All traffic is parked going both ways currently. Caltrans is saying to use chains on vehicles that are not 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. CHP is stretched thin up on Hwy 299 with no less than five accidents on Hwy 299 in the last couple hours.

UPDATE: 299 Reopened




  • Please be aware they do not plow Hwy 36 over South Fork during storms.
    Stay home.

  • Good night to stay home.
    I’m not worried about driving in snow as I grew up living and driving it in. But I sure do put a hurt of worry on the locals that never have.
    Be safe people, holiday season is upon us and we want everyone of you to be around the tree ❄️

  • 36 is a mess, avoid. Even in 4wd with snow tires I was sliding a lot at 20mph. I saw Caltrans scrape it but it seemed to just pack the fresh snow into the slush and make an ice sheet about an inch thick, that was on SoFkMtn, didn’t see east of that.

    • Get some new tires and learn how to drive better in the snow. I drove the 36 last night from east of South Fork mtn and it was fine, I didn’t slip once, even when I tried to. Yeah, I went 30mph in 4×4 til past Mad river. That’s how you drive when the road is snowy. It wasn’t a difficult drive at all.

      • My husband was raised in McCloud, CA…great at driving in snow like you. I, however, was raised in Eugene, OR…almost never snowed, so I suck at driving in the snow! If you’re not experienced at snow driving, try to get someone who is to drive you…if possible! Stay safe

  • It’s treacherous on 36 from McClellen Mtn to Dinsmore and beyond. Stay home if you can.

  • 299 was insane. Semi’s broke chains? Some of those odor drivers didn’t chain up FIRST.

  • Treacherous from McClellan to Dinsmore? Come on it ain’t that bad.

  • Just drove over the 36 from fortuna into central trinity towing a trailer. It was a breeze! Turned to packed powder just up from mad river over south fork. plenty of traction, and nobody on the road!

  • Cal trans keeps HWY 36 plowed for the school buses commutes, other then that common sense and driving slow not crazy will get you thru it!!! Burr Valley rd is a whole different story, climbing from 2000ft ? to 4000 foot level aint going to happen with this much snow in the valley below Its a private road and not plowed at all

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