Berry Summit is a mess! Mutiple TC’s Chains required

Humboldt 299 at the Berry Summit Sand House, about 10 miles west of Willow Creek (postmile 28.5) From Caltrans Traffic Cam

Humboldt 299 at the Berry Summit Sand House, about 10 miles west of Willow Creek (postmile 28.5) From Caltrans Traffic Cam

The scanner traffic we hearing last 45 minutes; Two Traffic accidents up on 299. The first one is mile marker 29 right at Berry summit is a multi vehicle including a Big Rig. A Cadillac is hanging of the roadway. Traffic is backed up and snow falling. The second one is a solo vehicle rollover Mile Marker 17.45 blocking eastbound lane. So far these are non-injury traffic accidents. CPH officers stated that the highway has snow and ice and at Berry Summit they checking vehicles for chains if not a 4WD. CHP issued a warning on their Facebook page the following.

We are currently working several traffic collisions on SR299 between Blue Lake and Willow Creek. There is active winter weather conditions in this area. Please avoid this area if possible, and if you must travel thru the area please prepare accordingly and carry chains.

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  • Saying a prayer for all those having to travel thru there.please folks be alert and be SAFE!!!

  • Thank you Kym I just checked the cal-trans cameras before it got dark, and there is snow at Berry summit, Buckhorn and OR Mtn’s Drive safely everyone if you are going the direction

  • If you’ve had little experience driving in the snow and on black ice around sharp curves with big drop-offs down canyons on one side of the road, please dont drive the 299 right now.

  • The latest is that 299 is closed in both directions at Berry Summit because of the accidents and multiple stuck semi-trucks.

  • Yay for the snow. Sucks for the drivers. Be safe.

  • actual chain control checkpoints might prevent some of these wrecks.

  • I traversed this route @ 5:00 PM in my Honda Accord heading home to Willow Creek.. Problems began in the icebox section on Willow Creek side of Berry where large trucks have always gotten stuck and once stopped plug the road. There was a black Toyota? over the side into the creek near the Brown construction site and eventually the road became one lane with stalled trucks, -4 Hwy patrol units in summit area, More cal trans than I have ever seen. Always leave plenty of space between you and next vehicle and hope smart drivers do the same on your rear. Had big dually Dodge plowing the lane ahead and at least 3 large plows working summit area. Did not slip or have any difficulty other than people stopping or going extremely slowly! Probably the 3rd worst cluster I have observed in 40 years over the hill!

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