Traffic Stop Leads to a Mess of Money, Meth and Marijuana

spoon for drugsThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

     On 12-05-16 at about 1545 hours a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at the intersection of Herrick Avenue and Elk River Road in Eureka.  During the traffic stop the deputy could see what he believed to be a one pound package of processed marijuana bud on the passenger side floor board.  A search of the area revealed another package containing 380 grams of suspected methamphetamine,drugs 616 grams of packaged marijuana bud, 50 clear glass pipes commonly used for smoking methamphetamine and additional packaging material.

Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force responded to assist in the investigation.  The passenger in the vehicle was identified as 42 year old Christopher Stacy.  He was subsequently arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sale, transportation of a controlled substance, and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

A Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant was obtained for Mr. Stacy’s residence in the 6100 block of Humboldt Hill Road.  When agents arrived at the residence two additional persons were located and identified as 38 year old Brandy Cyphers and 55 year old Richard Taylor.



Inside the residence, Agents located 4,498 grams of packaged marijuana for sales, 22 grams of concentrated cannabis packaged for sales, 114 1mg Lorazepam pills packaged for sales, 1 gram of heroin, over 400 clear glass pipes commonly used to smoke methamphetamine, digital scales and packaging materials.  In addition Agents seized $4,900.00 in U.S. Currency subject to asset forfeiture.

Brandy was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing a controlled substance.  Richard was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

This investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.drugs

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Families must be proud…

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Ship these type of people to a deserted Island somewhere, drop them off with a few boxes of food and clothes and then see what they think about ruining other peoples lives and the minds of our children. Let them rot.

  • If it’s illegal to possess cash, then shouldn’t government be prosecuted for manufacturing the stuff?

    Richard M. Nixon once said, “If the President does it, that means it’s not illegal’’. Likewise, if the government steals one’s money, that means it’s not illegal.

  • I’m very glad these drugs and these people were caught. The last time according to the web site, we were actually dealing with the local drug labs was 2004. There were 308 drug labs discovered that year. In 2012 when the feds got out of this business and the local police forces followed, we had 2 labs busted! This year we have had only 7 labs discovered, and probably half of them were discovered and dealt with because they caught fire, or blew up.

    I hope we can divert some of the money that is being used to chase down pot and start using it again to bust these local meth labs. I know all this meth is not coming from the cartels. It is being produced by some of our local meth monkey cooks. These people are destroying our air, water, food, land and health. Not to mention neighborhoods and property values.

    I would like to see our local police and sheriff’s department get the equipment and proper training to start putting a stop to this terrible problem. It is one of the worst
    problem that we have here in humboldt county, that is not being dealt with!

    I know, I’ve been sucking these fumes up for over two years and I can’t get any help resolving this issue! Does anybody have any ideas how we can stop this disease, before we have to start setting up our own enforcers? I’m totally fed up and very tired of being sickened from these chemical fumes day and night!!!

    • Umm have you tried 911 that should do it if it is as you say it is, if you are in eureka pop will take care of it

    • how is there any sort of indication that this has any connection to any local labs or cooks?less than a pound of meth and ten pounds of pot?seems to indicate a typical county scenario where illegal pot grow supports the small time street level sales of imported hard drugs.

    • they stopped looking for meth labs here several yrs ago when federal funding of the hazmat clean-up costs were cut.
      local police reported they could not afford to incur the expense of the clean-up and so they were not going to look into them.

  • Friendly neighborhood

    Wait, let me get this straight, they were selling Ativan to calm the anxiety caused by Meth? That’s some caring right there, LOL.

  • Just plain stupid people! No other thing comes to mind!

  • I agree with “hammertime”. I am sick of smelling butane in the air among other chemicals. I smell it a lot in the morning when someone is cooking their crap. I love where I live but am very sick of the crap that is hurting our children and my lungs.

  • Kicking myself for not snapping a pic. Went by it twice. Sheesh..right down the hill from the house.

  • As drug dealers, they seemed to have a customer retention program in place in that they had syringes and pipes available with any purchase. (1 gram minimum. Be sure and sign up and get a punch card… buy 10 get one free)

  • What a waist of human life.theirs and every one that stuff {hard drugs}touches. so sad!

  • I don’t think we know one way or the other yet, if the meth was locally cooked or if it was imported. I do know that the drug is manufactured here and is also brought into this county. Either way it is a bad situation. Check out all the violence and arrests here lately and you will find a very large percentage of these situations will involve this drug.

    My dad taught me that just squishings the ants one by one won’t end the problem. You need to seek out the nest and destroy it! We can bust the users for possession until were blue in the face, but that will never stop the problem. Drive around the county late at night and take a good whiff of the air. If you have a good nose, you’ll take in the nasty, caustic, toxic, smells of many cancer causing chemicals used to manufacture this poison.

    We need to realize that this destruction to our citizens, homes, and environment will not cease by just treating the symptoms of this complex malady!

    judi is right on the money with her comments! It’s time to step up and meet this problem head on.

  • Wow what happened to Brandy Cyphers I’m shocked didn’t know she had turned to this life… Very sad

  • That’s my sister. I’m sure there are things in your past you are not proud of and if giving the chance to do it over would have done different. Everyone has their struggles but have some courtesy for her children that will read this some day if they haven’t already, not to bash her and make things worse. Thank you.

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