‘I Would Have Been Riddled With Bullets’: A Witness Describes Tonight’s Officer-Involved Shooting and Provides Video

Officers secured the scene before clearing medical personnel to respond to the victim. {Photo by Mark McKenna]

Officers secured the scene before clearing medical personnel to respond to the suspect who is crumpled by the front wheel of the dark colored car. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

This evening’s officer-involved shooting which began around 4:45 p.m., ended on 5th Street with the wounded suspect lying on the roadway. (See here for earlier story and more photos.) Israel Widmark, who works in the Eureka area, witnessed the final moments and took video. Widmark told us that he was finishing up moving some cars into an enclosure. One car wouldn’t start for some time. “I would have been riddled with bullets,” he said if he had been able to start it quicker.

As he drove up the road, he saw “cops flying by.” As he turned onto B Street, driving towards 5th Street he said he saw a co-worker spreadeagled on the ground. “I jumped out [of the car], he said. “What the hell are you doing,” he asked.

His co-worker told him to get down as officers were shooting at someone. Instead, Widmark hurried towards 5th Street. In front of the Copiers Plus shop multiple officers crouched. He began videoing the scene.

The suspect was crumpled on the ground three cars further down in the street in front of R & D computers.  “I just saw the guy laying there dead in the street,” he said.

Widmark said he wanted the officers to check on the man lying on the street. He worried that the suspect would die.

“They just kept staying,” he said. “Then another guy got mad.”

Widmark says that man, who was not an officer, began moving towards where the suspect was sprawled on the ground. One officer tried to keep the guy from going up to the suspect.

Then the other officers started towards the suspect. Widmark said, “The cops started moving towards the downed man, real slow.”

Then the ambulance arrived. Widmark took some more video and then left the area. Here are his three clips.

Earlier Chapter:Shooting in Eureka; officer-involved



  • gotta love commentary on 3rd clip. “I heard that dicker go past me man” (talking about the bullets) “you know what they sound like” other guy responds “ya ya ” …..no question….those guys are Actually Eureka locals lol.

  • Why are people so stupid? Armed man attempts to murder police and they are chicken shit for not breaking cover to render aid? If u have ever been shot at, u cannot comment on the fear or concern that one has about self survival. Moving in on a threat takes time and resources. Moral of the story: don’t shoot at the police and terrorize citizens and you won’t have to worry about bleeding out in the gutter of a cold eureka street. God help our country, we are fucked!

    • My sentiments exactly- Sounds like intent to commit a gross act of foolishness. They probably meant-well but too naive to appreciate that the assailant had zero respect for fellow citizenry.

    • Putting both himself (and the suspect) and the officers at risk, plus, he thought the suspect was dead in the first place. The officers have a new distracting complications in that situation, trying to protect the interlopers in the case there is another shooter, etc… If they were all standing around the dude like in the photo that may be a different story. If that were the case I’d be inclined to request gloves from the officers and offer first aid to limit any bleeding.

    • I'm in awe of Mr. News Man

      Well… Mr. Newsman certainly has a lot of life experiences. The police are “chicken shits”, he was able to declare the poor, innocent, victim of police brutality (yep, clearly the situation here) “dead” several times, or was it “fucking dead” AND he knows what a bullet sounds like whizzing by his head. 😂 He’s really living the life. I’ve been here for over 30 years, not an official “local”, but I’ve never experienced any of these things. The commenter on this feed with the remark about Mr. News Man being a “local”, needs to change his local associates. There are many more good associates in this area, than thugs. We just don’t get the negative attention. Feel free to take yourself and your associates on out of here. You’re part of the problem.

    • Oralee McAlexander


  • The person was shot in both knees, ankles, and junk it appears. It will live to stand trial!

  • Sounds like tweakers did a video can’t see s**t f***ing morons get in there and let us see something f***ing idiots

  • Bad guy this is why you don’t run from the poleese. Dr Chris .Turk sacred heart hospital

  • Lol. All those people running into the shooting. Reminds me of a standup comedy snip where the comedian says that white people run to the incident not away from it. Not being racist here. Just thought it was funny to see that play out.


  • The guy filming is an idiot!!

  • There is a big difference between being around shooting and being shot at. Everybody thinks that they were almost killed. And exactly how are they supposed to help this moron? He would have bled out by then and a citizen wrapping the guy with his tee shirt was a waste of time. Worse, by sticking themselves into the middle of the situation they risk getting shot themselves. This isn’t Boy Scouts, it’s life and death for the cops and robbers. Frightened people with guns do not need to be messed with. People continue to show us how stupid they are.

  • I like the guy laying spread eagle on the ground, blocks away, who didn’t run towards the shooting.
    An expirenced city dweller! My kinda guy…

  • Dont believe the hype

    Just like the EPD to stand around while someone bleedz out on the ground in front of them. Police are supposed to wound not kill. Why do we pay millions for them to carry non-lethal weapons when they just are gonna shoot to kill anyway?
    If this guy lived he’d have yet another lawsuit, i see no gun near the perp and the witness stated “His co-worker told him to get down as officers were shooting at someone.” Not that the cops were being shot at.
    Whelp they saved us a few million at least in lawsuit costs, still 3 pending after we paid 10 million to one family

    • “Police are supposed to wound not kill”

    • Um they did wound. I’m sorry but If there is a threat to themselves or the public, they need to neutralize that threat. That’s their job. I am thankful that the suspect didn’t run away wounded and shoot anyone else. They did their job taking a crazy guy with a gun down and not injuring themselves civilians in the process.

    • Perp had a gun. Reread. They don’t shoot fucking rubber in response to being shot at. I wouldn’t either.

  • If cops weren’t killing so many unarmed citizens all over the US, then there would probably be more trust in them. But these days people have little trust in law enforcement… even in tiny Humboldt.

    • The perp was armed, read the article!

    • If the media want feeding this false narrative that police are killing unarmed people, idiots wouldn’t believe it.

    • Oh, Here We Go Again.

      Oh man, where do you even start to reply to this. Just keep walking and scratch one’s head. 🙄

    • Um, hello, the suspect was armed and pointing a gun at civilians.

    • The first criminal killing of a suspect I remember, in the fashion of outright murder by cop,happened in eureka at the winco. A mam had been making a complete nuicance of himself, for perhaps as long as a year, when he was spotted at winco. He was running away when EPD shot him in the back. That was about 1999 ish. My point being eureka kills whites as much as any group, but they’ve been killing for a very long time.

  • When a law officer gives you a lawful command, especially to stop, you must obey. The Federal Supreme Court has consistently said you cannot resist lawful arrest. In other words, you must stop and surrender your carcaus! This social misfit attempted to flee, do a carjacking/auto theft (both felonies) and is armed with a firearm and brandished it in public. Remember no law officer is required to submit to being beaten, mauled, stabbed, run over, shot, or killed/lay down their life to perform their lawful duties. Only in TV land do the law officer shoot the bad boys in the shoulder, leg, etc., to effect an arrest. The rules of engagement (court rulings, department policies, training, etc.) dictate what levels of force that an officer can use. When you discharge your firearm, you try for center of mass. Kudos for the good guys, one social misfit our of circulation. The Affordable Care Act will take care of the medical problems of this wanna be bad boy. Frank McGuire

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