Southern Humboldt Football Team May Have to Shut Down

2016 Southern Humboldt BulldogsThe Bulldogs, a Southern Humboldt Youth Football and Cheer team will be discontinued and the kids will be unable to participate in 2017 if adults don’t step up to the plate by December 12 , says Melissa McConnell who is vice president of the board.

McConnell explained that the board is having trouble recruiting people to fill positions that keep the team functioning. Describing this next week as “one final attempt to save our Bulldogs,” McConnell said that there would be no 2017 Bulldogs without some adult volunteers.

“If we don’t have a board, we don’t have a league,” she said. “We have made several attempts to recruit members to fill positions, but to our disappointment there are no volunteers. This means all Bulldog accounts…will be frozen indefinitely.”

These are the positions that are available:
Vice President
Cheer Coordinator
Snack Shack Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator
Equipment Manager
Field Mana

If you have any suggestions or can help, please contact McConnell at (707) 223-0383 or President Renae Rowton-Wade (707) 502-9642.



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