Two Fortuna Residents Arrested in Wyoming for Transporting ‘Raw’ Marijuana

Tyler Scott RhodesTwo Fortuna residents were arrested out-of-state in November for transporting approximately 40 pounds of marijuana. According to information released by the Rock Springs, Wyoming police on November 18, 

On November 17th, Detectives from the Rock Springs Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit arrested three individuals on multiple drug charges after an operation at a motel in Rock Springs.

With the assistance of Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Deckert and his K9 partner, Yager, RSPD detectives seized approximately 40 pounds of raw marijuana.

Shane Adam Shaffer (34) of Pennsylvania was arrested for felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana, and use of marijuana. He is being held at the Sweetwater County Detention Center with a bond of $25,000.

Alexis Shae Camacho (20) of California was arrested for felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana, and possession of suboxone. She is being held at the Sweetwater County Detention Center with a bond of $10,000.

Tyler Scott Rhodes (26) of California was arrested for felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana, possession of suboxone and use of marijuana. He is being held at the Sweetwater County Detention Center with a bond of $17,500.

Alexis Shae Camacho (Shane Adam Shaffer



  • I wonder if Miss Alexis Shae Camacho is related to President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho?

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    Note to those transporting product to Colorado and points east. Wyoming does NOT have legal marijuana, whether “medical” or “recreational” The state patrol runs each and every license plate from CA, OR, and WA and pulls over on the slightest pretext. “Just passing through” is not a legitimate defense…

    • Thanks for the info Captain Obvious!

    • I agree. But if you know 10 different trips going back east and you only hear of 1 getting popped then you still gotta figure your odds are pretty good. The feds gotta know that CA legalization will result in thousands of extra pounds which many more people will attempt to take to every illegal state. I’m curious how Trump will deal w it. Build a wall? It’s about to be a crazy flood.

      • Trump will legalize it ,and tax it, and accept any big corporate contributions that may want to get in on the industry. Any questions.

        • Sessions will enforce the federal law. You will see after the inaugeration. Memos will go out reminding the people on all sides especially the counties and cities and states representatives what the consequences are for being in violation. Any questions?

          • Yeah it will get interesting. Sessions hates even medical and thinks it has no place in society. But he’s just the Attorney General. Can’t wait to see who Trump names to head up the DEA! I’m expecting criminal organizations (considered criminal by federal conspiracy and racketeering law) like Emerald Family Farms to get hit right away. I’m okay with that.

          • They will do what Trump wants , and Trump will only see one way that poses the most dollar signs , like music to his ears, no brainer, legalize it ,take dollars out of farmers pocket and put in Ole Uncle Sams. But maybe Sessions is running the show but highly doubt it, Trump has appointed people that speak well, he could careless about their personal opinions, and if they don’t convey his message, well I think you know the answer.

            • This 8 years of obama has really fogged our memory of the bush years. If trump was cool with pot he would not have put sessions in. Trump is going to let the people he appoints do their job. He too smart to try to do everyones jobs for them. Trump would never trade drug use for tax dollars. Hopefully it will slow down the ones that are going to ruin it for the regular people.

              • Trump is not a bush nor a Obama , strictly business, I can see alot of feelings are going to get hurt this next year.Being cool with pot and going after revenue from pot are two different things

                • Trump had a bro that drugs n alcohol hurt. I think he is not for herb even though theres money to make. I saw an interview of him talking bout this. Was the one time he seemed honest in an answer. He appointed a AG who has stated, “people who smoke are bad people!” looks like we r stepping back 43 yrs

            • Well, we will find out. I know that many many people who voted for Trump in those red states are not cool with having lots of weed around for their children to smoke. Those are also the states that have no medical weed and still have huge penalties. Everyplace is not like CA and certainly not like Humboldt! I anticipate a major crackdown before any federal legalization. Because w many of Trump’s base it is not about money- it is a moral and community issue.

              • Exactly. I agree. Trump has to stick with the right wind ideology that got him elected. By cracking down at the source it will save Alabama and Indiana etc. from what Cali is going to be doing which is so huge and such a collapse of an industry at the same time its crazy.

        • Trump will most likely follow Minnesota legalized medical marijuana- the strictest law so far.
          No growers, no dispensaries, no freedom.
          It is a complete monopoly handed over to the drug company that won the contract.
          It is gown by one pharmaceutical company, processed by one pharmaceutical and dispensed by this same single pharmaceutical company. It is only available for a very limited number of conditions, and your own medical doctor has no control over dose and dispensing. Those decisions come from the corporation. It is only available in the oral prescription. This model is an example of what happens when these pharmaceutical companies lobby for complete control of medical marijuana.

    • You are totally right! I’m from Humboldt, but lived in Laramie, WY for 13 years, and ran into so many people, from the north coast, that got popped driving through. But truth is, even though they run all the plates; because honestly they aren’t pulling over EVERY single ,CA,OR, WA plated vehicle; but 100% of the ones that get caught, are doing something stupid and/or, are looking shady. One I know of, got picked up, while staying in a very small town, they allowed the dank aroma to fill their motel room and spill out into the whole building, lol. Many get caught simply because they drive bad, swerving, too fast, too slow, broken tail/headlight, stolen vehicle, expired tags, etc.

      • But of all places to go to jail, Wyoming isn’t that bad, lol. Just don’t go in there thinking you’re gonna act all hard, Cali style. It won’t work out too well for ya lol

    • This wasn’t a traffic stop.

      “an operation at a motel in Rock Springs.”

      Rhodes and Schaefer were smoking pot, maybe in the room or outside near the motel, and that attracted attention.
      “Shane Adam Shaffer …was arrested for…use of marijuana
      Tyler Scott Rhodes…was arrested for…use of marijuana”

      Camacho wasn’t charged with “use”. She’s not originally from Humboldt.
      Born in Wyoming and went to high school there.

    • “The state patrol runs each and every license plate from CA, OR, and WA and pulls over on the slightest pretext. ”

      Nope. Every plate? Impossible. Anyway, easier ways through the Dakotas than Wyoming, avoiding 90 or 94, and avoiding Sturgis.

      Seems, in that county they’re more concerned with weed coming through from neighboring state, Colorado.

      ‘Wyoming and Marijuana Profiling: Pot Busts May Be Up, But Not Everywhere’
      May, 2015

      “And then there’s the situation in Sweetwater County, which shares a border with the northwest corner of Colorado. For the past three years, Sheriff Mike Lowell tells the Star-Tribune, the marijuana bust total in Sweetwater has held fairly steady, at around 36 cases per annum — and there was an 18 percent dip in marijuana busts from 2013 to 2014.”

  • meth capitol of Wyoming… the cops are just looking for busts

  • Why the lag in time from the arrest to now?

  • “Raw” marijuana, that is a new one for me.

  • Does raw mean,freshly cut?still wet?maybe they ripped somebody off.

  • Wonder why the bond was different for all three?

    • Age, connection to the local community there, and priors.
      Also, one with the largest bond is from the Pittsburgh, PA area, furthest from the bust.

  • If Wyoming is so hard on Mary Jane, then why the low “Humboldt County” bail ? Something smells….Lol

  • I don’t get stoked to see people getting busted for cannabis. After reading details, its hard to feel sorry for them. Setting up shop in a hotel in Rock Springs, WY isn’t the smartest thing to do. I bet they felt like ballers for a second before the door got kicked in. Think people, think.

    • In the booking photo, A. Camacho appears to have been crying. Is that hard to feel sorry for, the distress of a 20-year old kid in that circumstance?

      She didn’t have any weapons, is apparently non-violent. Stupid doesn’t deserve punishment. And if my reading of the charges is correct, the other two fools were smoking weed and attracted attention. Probably not her fault they were busted.

      • She was most likely the ring leader since she is from that town. It seems you are just sorry for her. Is it lame to get busted with cannabis? Absolutely! But if you kick the beehive, its hard to have much sympathy. Cannabis should be available to all parts of the country, not just a few states. However, laws are in place. If your heart is telling you to spread the love, then do so. But do it knowing you are breaking the law. I’ll go out on a limb here and say this probably wasn’t from the heart, more the wallet. Knowing pills are involved makes them more white trash then healing spirits.

        • “If your heart is telling you to spread the love, then do so.”

          And don’t refer to other human beings as “trash”, if so.

          Doubt she was the “ringleader”. Doubt she’d any concern with spreading love either; of course they were in it for the loot.

          Doubt she was crying because she feels good about where she is and that’s what I was addessing: your comment that it was hard to feel sorry for her. Non-violent, 20-years old, busted for weed, not too bright releative to the ‘game’: she’s not a bad person. Not a reason to pay her bail but not a reason to withhold understanding and sympathy.

      • This girl has done so much bad stuff. Shes stolen from so many people and taken money from people who truly need it. Who cares what she got arrested for its about time so sort of consequence is given from her actions

  • I drove all over the upper midwest in a pick-up with a canopy and a tarp covering the legal cargo inside (covered to prevent theft). I never once got stopped. I guess it helps to have no equipment violations (everything on the vehicle functioning properly) and to obey all traffic laws. I know that’s a challenge for most drivers. Sloppy driving habits (like not signalling every turn and lane change) are hard to break, even when you’re on your best behavior in front of a LEO.

  • our stuff is raw compared to the brown bricks they usually see

  • (Yawn) Same as it ever was….

  • If your gunna be moving weight out of Cali and you know your gunna take a chance you better have a little loot hidden for bail. Checked there charges all of them got 4 out of 5 charges dropped…. Hmm singing like birds to Leo’s.

    • Nothing to sing about. Do you think they are wanting to know where the cannabis came from?

      • Lol you have three people involved and big charges over there head. Someone is going to snitch [edit]

        • Snitch on who?? Big charges? What do you think is playing out, “tell where the weed came from?”
          “It was Dave. Dave in Arcata. Yeah, twenty something with shaggy hair and a puppy on a string.”

    • If anyone sang, not likely they’d all have had the same number of dropped charges.

      Initially, hit ’em with a bunch of charges, hoping one or two suspects will quail. No one quailed; hence prosecutor dropped the extraneous charges – ‘use”, ‘suboxone’, ‘possession’, to focus on
      “felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver” and make the job easier.

      “all of them got 4 out of 5 charges dropped…. Hmm singing like birds to Leo’s.”

  • Born and bread in Humboldt and never heard of “raw marijuana”. WTF?

    • We have the “raw” marijuana compared to the rest of the USA, kinda like the raw coverage of this blog… untouchable

  • Could’ve been a lot worse it could’ve been Utah

  • Look at our cute little entrepreneurs. Apparently the rest of the country doesn’t respect them nearly as much as humboldt. Fly over country is not impressed and doesn’t “know who you are”. A good reminder that there are still places you should keep a very low profile and be extra polite. Just like the good ol’ days…

  • A concerned teacher

    Just saw this article today. Alexis was a student of mine in Eureka, Cali. She was a wonderful student, and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. Unfortunately, it looks like things may have changed since high-school, but I can see she is truly distraught in her mugshot. Maybe this will be the wake up call she needs to turn her life around. All of the negative comments about her are unnecessary but expected in these comment sections.

  • They did but we’re all too chicken s**t to do and that’s driver weed out of town so we can get top dollar

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