[UPDATE 5:15 p.m.] Raid North of Laytonville: ‘Armored Car…Helmets…Kevlar Vests,” Says Witness

A residence in north of Area 101 is being raided by Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department.Mendocino Sheriff raid

Behind an indiscrete black plastic fence beside Hwy 101 south of Bell Springs Road, law enforcement vehicles are lined up as of 10:30 a.m.

Readers reported seeing “a convoy” with an “armored car” and officers wearing “helmets and Kevlar vests” gathered at the CDF (California Department of Forestry) station north of Laytonville about 9 a.m.

Then the convoy moved north. Now they are opposite the old graffitied building a few miles south of Bell Springs Road and north of Area 101.

Armored medical ? Mendocino Sheriff

This emergency vehicle was seen leaving the area.

Below is a Google embedded image of the area.

We’ve attempted to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department for more information and will update as soon as we have more details.

UPDATE 5:15 p.m.: The Mendocino Voice was able to reach the Sheriff’s Office. They reported, “One person was arrested this morning, confirmed Captain Gregory Van Patten of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. Van Patten said “The Mendocino SWAT Team (comprised of personnel from Mendocino County wide agencies) assisted in the service of an arrest warrant in that area this morning where one person was arrested without incident.”



  • I call this spot the Laytonville ghetto; it’s been there for years looking like crap!! Sort of like the area leading to Willits where it’s narrow and damp all year, with yards full of junk. Smells of pot heavily in October for miles.

    • That spot north of Willits we called Pneumonia Gulch. Sun shines down in for about an hour a day. Be careful! It’s a known spot for black ice to develop and regular ice to linger on the road!

      • My father called it Ice Box Canyon.

        • Ice Box canyon is right in between laytonville and willits so thats south of laytonville. Where the sleepy hallow trailer park is. Bell Springs is north of laytonville .

      • BOBBY first this spot is north of Laytonville and south of BELL SPRING’S ROAD no way is this close to WILLITS? so why even say willits ,ca ? this spot should have been torn down or check year’s ago right on a creek stream who know’s what was grown or raised there ? fish and game would have been there year’s ago if they saw something like that going up around willit’s or any other place ?SO NORTH OF LAYTONVILLE IS THIS PLACE LEAVE WILLIT’S OUT OF THIS NEW’S EVENT OKAY!!

    • It’s not considered Laytonville. that part right there is like no man’s land but you’d know that if you were local.

    • Twin Rocks used to be the name of the place across the highway

    • and they cameth for thee today Jethro

      I’ve long considered that stretch from near there to past Willits to be Californias version of West Virginia hillbillies. It was only a matter of time before their “hidden from view” operation was raided. I can only imagine the environmental issues that will be found.

      • Anytime I hear someone, living in California, make a “hillbilly” comment they always relate it to West Virginia, which to me just means they’ve watched the movie “Deliverance”. Being familiar with both W.V. and Northern California, specifically Humboldt and Mendocino, let me point out a few things. You say you consider that stretch of 101 to be “Californias version of West Virginia hillbillies”. Are you aware that these beautiful mountains throughout these two counties are littered with properties just like the ones along this stretch of 101? They’re everywhere!

        Now here’s the diffence between W.V. hillbillies and Humboldt/Mendocino hillbillies. W.V. hillbillies are just that because they live in poverty with little to no options for bettering their lives. There are no jobs, their lands have been stripped and devastated by big energy, their communities have been left to deal with pollution, disease, and poverty by the coal companies. They continue to suffer so the rest of us can have electricity. But with all that weighing on them every day they are proud hillbillies, they’re humble, and if any of you showed up at their door most would invite you in, feed you, and give you a warm place to sleep.

        Humboldt/Mendocino hillbillies are a different kind of hillbilly. They’re hillbillies with $$$$ because, unlike W.V. hillbillies, they have had an opportunity that other poor communities only hope for. Obviously I’m talking about growing weed. So now we have hillbillies with piles of money which means big trucks driven by assholes who can’t park in a single space, tough guy attitudes, mounds of any kind of drug that exists, more weapons and ammo than one man needs, egos that make them think they’re superior to everyone else, properties that they destroy themselves with no consideration for anyone downstream from them or any wildlife, and the list goes on and on.

    • Kinda dark campground there.

  • Guessing some other drugs involved.

  • This is nice, but it would be nicer if they were raiding the thieves at the capitol building.

  • That scene has been going on for at least a decade… wonder what made them pull the trigger….

  • Does there dog bite?

  • That’s why they have Kevlar doggy proof vests!

  • We call it “The Wall that Crank Built”, here, locally… Jussayin’…I live about 2.5 miles from there…it’s not “Laytonville”, per se.

  • The graffiti building in the old days used to be called Timber Trails Bar

  • The “black tar wall” they started green ,time to sober up for a bit.

  • I always called it, “The Wall of Tweak.”

  • Now if they would just clean up the rest of the grows in that 15 mile radius

  • I lost my connect?

  • Doubt seriously that this was mealy a drug bust, on a Sunday an all could have something to do with the murder / kidnapping investigation? Something about this must have been time sensitive, otherwise iam sure the drugs would still be there on Monday.

    • If this is the place it looks like there has been an off and on resident there for years with severe mental illness that sometimes does really dangerous things.. if he is there at the moment again that could have something to do with a Sunday raid. A few years back he started a bunch of fires because he believed it would help him communicate with aliens. I haven’t seen or heard from any of the residents in a long time but I do know that a lot of what went on there was because of mentally ill residents I don’t know if they are still there or not.

    • Makes sense. Hopefully they get some more of the murdering thieves.

    • Good analysis, never heard of task force working weekends.

  • I may write a cartoon skit,,,, your comment banters are just too funny sometimes.

  • A Sunday bust? That’s a new one….

  • I always wondered how they grow weed there .I figured meth .

  • They sent ten MCSO vehicles plus others for one guy? Something more serious had to be going on. MCSO isn’t that big of pussies.

  • They sent ten MCSO vehicles plus others for one guy? Something more serious had to be going on. MCSO isn’t that big of pussies.

  • I’ve watched this place develop over the last 15 years or more, and reading what others have said, including the neighbors, confirms some of my suspicions and musings. I certainly agree with the comment about West Virginia from this area to Willits. And I really liked the pic of the old Humboldt Honey. Hope there’s some follow-up because this has the makings of a good mystery reveal/soap opera.

  • The cops have nothing better to do now that cultivation,processing,and transporting Marijuana is an automatic misdemeanor. Now maybe they will go after the less profitable busts like meth.

    • Your totally wrong wrong about misdemeanors!!! You must have voted for prop 64 without reading it, like most people who voted for it. How does it feel to have legal cannabis but can’t legally get it till 2018?

  • That spot is CLASSIC! A must-see for any serious connoisseur of NorCal’s post-modern tweaker sculpture movement. I’m completely shocked that it was raided, they seemed like such nice, normal folks…

  • We live close by and call the place “methatopia”

  • Why does every unorganized human in this town have at least one (big) dog? None of them have been formally trained, dogs and owners. It would be more respectful to carry and wave a gun around then allow their damn mutt to do whatever they want, wherever they want, to whomever they want, under the bullshit guise that their dog has rights. Most, if not all owners that bring their defensive dogs into town for security reasons needs to understand that they can be arrested for aggravated assault, or the dog taken down. Though all lose dogs around town are all well-trained service animals, right? Maybe a little BBQ sauce would suffice….

  • Ice-Box Canyon!

  • The article is incorrect: Two people were arrested, one for FTA and one for discharging a weapon: She is on the 12/4 booking report…(this should narrow it down for ya)


    EX FELON WITH A FIREARM 12/4/2016 10:00 AM


  • I would like to add my thoughts on this. Nobody has mentioned that house On the North side that had the tall fence and tons of garbage in the yard. i know it is finally cleaned up now.Thank Gosh. Every town has a eye sore

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