A Wrinkle in Humboldt

Stills from a Wrinkle in TimeThe director of A Wrinkle in Time which was partially filmed in Humboldt County tweeted two days ago,

Beautiful week shooting surrounded by Redwoods and our insanely talented cast + crew. Thanx to Humboldt County for having us!

Stills from a Wrinkle in TimeParts of Madeleine L’Engle’s well-known children’s book, “A Wrinkle in Time,” were recently shot here. Ava Duvernay, the first woman of color to direct a big budget live action film, evidently was impressed by our beautiful county and included these magical shots from of the crew filming.Stills from a Wrinkle in TimeThanx, Wrinkle in Time crew, for coming to our area.

UPDATE 1:02 p.m.: Katie Dorn videoed the crews filming at Sequoia Park. Here’s some of what she saw:



  • Non-Local Union Professional

    Thanks to Cassandra, our dedicated Film Commissioner and our talented local crew for demonstrating that in addition to the local beauty, this area stands ready to assist in making quality films in Humboldt county!! Thanks also to Ava (and ‘Hollywood’) for shooting here!
    If you (reader) are interested to see how many crew members are ‘just off camera’ from something being shot (in this case, a young woman at the front door of a house), click on @wrinkleintime (above) and watch the very cool ‘mannequin challenge’ shot of all the crew, frozen nearby in a work mode position. Yes, this is how it really works……. “SMOKE IT UP!” (And no, that has nothing to do with 215 matter, but rather is inspired by one of the Humboldt, on-set photos).

    • They are obviously city folks, they are smack dab in the middle of a poison oak patch. I hope they come back again, but maybe use a local the recognises that stuff. I would volunteer, I don’t get it.

      • Where’s the poison oak? I see a couple of sticks but they’re too far away to tell what they are.

      • There is absolutely, positively no poison oak at sequoia park…. hahaha, Wow

      • Non-Local Union Professional

        Don’t think it’s PO Ernie. Sets have local Location Managers (and a Film Commissioner/Cassandra) who would recognize PO and steer the crew away (or bring in Greens Dept to clear it). Keeping everyone (especially the Director!) safe on a set is number 1 priority, always!

        • Sorry, could have fooled me (and apparently did) I clicked on the top picture, expanded it and thought that saw three leaf clusters. Granted, it’s a fuzzy picture, but try it.

          • Non-Local Union Professional

            Tried it Ernie. It is too fuzzy. It’s not impossible that a crew would shoot near PO, but the would be ‘taped off’ so no one got near. Last thing locals (on set) want is the Director going back to Disney with a case of PO. Not good for our other project prospects.

      • Sequin park is well maintained. Not sure how much poison oak you’ll find in Eureka.

      • Not poison Oak…

  • It’s so amazing how many movies,commercial ‘ s ads,etc that have been shot here.we are truly blessed to be surrounded by all this beauty!!!

  • OMG they are girl in red chex

  • As far as I know there isn’t any poison oak in that park, lol. I was surprised how quiet they were since there are semi’s and equipment trucks parked on several side streets and when the extras arrived in like 10 vans they were very organized.

    • Non-Local Union Professional

      Thanks for sharing the observation, Vicki. Film shoots are generally highly organized and respectful of the local environment. Problems cause delays, and time is money…… (A union film crew standing around is very, very pricey!!).

  • Walked my dog through park while work going on; very friendly and accommodating crew!

  • Non-Local Union Professional

    FYI- What Katie Dorn captured is a ‘cable cam’ (camera that rides on a cable). Looks like it was retracing and the camera crew scrambling to catch it at it’s ‘number 1’ position (it’s starting place).
    Industry is slowly integrating drones for shots like this, yet if sound is rolling, it would likely have been too noisy.
    Good to know that the crew was friendly, Fogbound! We are always reminded that we (the crew) are in YOUR neighborhood and strive to act accordingly.

  • I grew up dichin school in sequoia park there is no poison oak .But there used to be good mushrooms behind the duck pond.

  • It’s not poison oak. This time of year, poison oak has no leaves!

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