Male With Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound in Fortuna

A male on Kenmar Avenue in Fortuna reportedly shot himself in the head. There are multiple people at the shooting scene, according to the scanner. Medical was asked to stage at Strongs Creek for a male with gunshot wounds.

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  • Bless his soul and may God comfort his family. So sad.

  • December’s a bad month for suicides prayers for your soul.

  • Was he homeless man.

    • The rumor mill is saying an 18 year old kid.

      • Accident not suicide

        • Wow, accidentally shooting yourself in the head? He certainly missed a few of the basic gun safety rules. It would probably be best for him not to handle guns again….ever. Hope he recovers quickly with minimal lasting damage.

          • Very disrespectful

          • No, its doesnt mean he was unaware of any basic gun safety. Nearly everyone who has an accident with a gun was aware of what they should or should not be doing. They all just think that they are an exception. THinking youre an exception is required in order to rationalize owning a handgun in the first place.

            • You got that right, you won’t find a handgun in my hand unless I plan on using it , it’s saved my butt more than once.

              • Most people who would need to resort to using a handgun to protect themselves usually do not get the time to retrieve a gun, so if its not at least within reach when shit hits the fan you will not come out on the good end of the stick.

            • You are the exception…. [edit] The number of people who own guns is so diverse there’s no way a thinking person would make such an illiterate statement. In our world today I take a gun every place I go and feel good for myself and anyone near me. With no mental healthcare crazy can happen. instantaneously and yes I am prepared to stop it!

          • Wow. Really. Did you just say this?

      • He is 18 not a rumor I would know cause he my brother and now he dead

    • No not homeless, he was a really good friend of my family

      • I’m so sorry to hear this, is there any chance of recovery???? I used to be a very good friend of his sister, I couldn’t believe my ears when I woke up to this news…. absolutely tragic…..

      • So sorry…..hope he recovers

  • Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone. Hope he will be ok.

  • I heard the shots. Yes, shots, there were three of them.

  • He was my nephew he was a good boy. Marcus is his name. And my prayers go out to Lisa and his grandma he will be missed. I Loved him so much.

  • Accident not suicide

  • 3 shots ? Doesn’t happen unless someone else is helping out. Would be investigating as an attempted homicide.

  • R.I.P I wish this was not true, you are loved and will be missed dearly

  • I cannot imagine waking to this reality. An absolute tragedy. Marcus, I know you were loved fiercely. My whole heart reaches out to his family. I just can’t imagine…… ❤️

  • Linda… thoughts, prayers and condolences… believe your nephew was the talented young man in sports ?

  • NoneOfUrMfBusiness

    Once they find out his ethnicity, watch there be NO investigation… SMH. Humboldt.

    • You are despicable. A family is grieving and someone lost their life. Don’t turn this into a race matter. It’s a HUMAN matter. You are what’s wrong with this world. Have some decency. If at all possible, show some respect.

    • IT DOES NOT MATTER THE RACE. This young man had something going on in his life that he could not handle. R.I.P. Marcus, I do not know you, but I know you have family that love you and will miss you terribly.

  • But Im sure he he hadn’t had a gun he would have stabbed himself in the heart like a klingon, or bashed himself over the head with a hammer, right? Don’t blame handguns.

  • He was my student in elementary school in Burnt Ranch. He was a beautiful kid that was very well liked. Super sad.

  • Peace. Prayers for his family and his friends.
    MARCUS was a very respectful towards me and he was a kind young man with a good heart. I know he loved his girlfriend and his nephews. So sorry for the loss of of your loved one, may he Rest In Peace.

  • This sounds sorry for the family.bless you all

  • I’m really happy you’re tapping into the suicide market of Humboldt Co. We are ranked #1 per-capita for the state! What a clever way to financially capitalize on something that otherwise is a sensitive subject! Genius. Keep up the good work and keep the suicides coming!

  • He was 18. It was an accident. No there were not 3 shots. He passed immediately. Your brother and I love you beyond words Marcus Allen. He was a very good kid and an amazing athlete. He got mixed up in some bad stuff. Just like we all have at some point. RIP baby boy. We will see you again one day. Fly with the angels and watch over your brothers and sisters. ❤

  • No excuse for this. So sorry the family is having to deal with this.

  • Prayers to the family and friends of this young man. He may be gone but never forgotten. I know this type of pain and if people do not know this kind of pain then keep your rude remarks to yourself and respect this family who is grieving. This is not a place for racial remarks or politics. Thank you

  • That is so disrespectful… it doesn’t matter what he did. His friends/family are grieving right now… I can’t believe you had audacity to to comment on this post…

  • Wow. Just wow. You sir are an asshole.

  • My beautiful Marcus, you are on the trail home now. You are loved, my angel. I hope Shadow guards and guides you to the gates of heaven. Love you baby,grandma.

  • I do not know if my heart will ever stop aching. Grandma Roxy Dale.

  • This was a good hearted boy… He just got lead into shit he shouldnt hsve… R.I.P. Marcus.. Lost but not forgotten

  • Lost a friend

  • My son did not commit suicide so i would appreciate it if people would stop talking their condecending shit trying to be about something they have no business getting airtime was a tragic accident and yes, if he had more knowledge of guns it wouldnt have happened.marcus is a native american and hawaiian . Yes, he was very good at sports.and yes,we are greiving terribly.please keep all shitty comments to your self.his little sister and his brothers are reading each and every comment..please dont make it harder for us all by writing stupid,ignorant statements.i would like to know where my son obtained the gun in the first place ,so if anyone could let me know id appreciate it.also if anyone out there has children please tell them you love them always .never let someobe you care about leave your presence without saying i love you.i pray that no one else ever has to see their beautiful baby with a bullethole in his hansome face while he lies in a cold county room in a body bag.for me and my parents and marcus’s older brother tylar,that is the image we have in our hearts and minds.

    • I am so sorry, Lysa… my thoughts are with you and Auntie and Uncle Dave and your kids.

    • So sorry for your loss cousin my heart aches fo you and the family love ya Lisa.

    • Aunt Roxy, Lisa, and parents, those that stepped in and helped raise, and family
      I am so sorry. I don’t believe that it was a purposeful act, either
      I was outside working and there were more shots than one fired. I’m only a few blocks away heard the shots.
      I love you guys and wish I would have known he was right around the turn from me.

      • I hope you told the police you heard more than one shot! If this was homicide there must be justice. Thank you

    • Soon sorry for your loss Lisa I remember when he was just little such a sweet boy our prayers are with you zeds your family

  • my brother marcus allen stachel was a good person and a kind man he did not mean to die it was a total mistake and i love him so much that i dont wanna believe that he is dead the fact is he did not mean to shoot him self is a relief,but no matter how much people cry does not change the fact that is sill gone , and i will never forget him i love you marcus i sorry this happend to you

    from little sister prisscilla i love you so much marcus i cant even tell you how much but i can tell you is RIP MARCUS ALLEN SATCHEL love your little sister prisscilla

    • Lisa… there is never the “right” thing to say to someone at a time like this, except that I Love You and I am Always here for you and your family. Just remember that your son loved you and he may not be here physically but believe he is here in spirit. I love you Lisa…

  • My son Marcus is a beautiful native american and hawaiian young man.yes, he is very bright and gifted intellectually and in sports.Marcus did not commit suicide but yes, tragically if he had better gun safety and knowledge of guns it night never have happened. I have many questions about the whole incident.i only got the coroners version

  • Lysa, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • My heart goes out to all of his family: in the Hoopa Valley, in McKinleyville, in Eureka and on the Coast. He was a wonderful young man w a big heart and a vision to give back to his community. I’m sorry that he never got a chance to get away from a few bad choices – he would have made an amazing leader.

  • My son Marcus stachels death is no longer being looked at as an accident. Homicide and cousin Julie if you heard the shots please tell the local police. And anyone else out there with any information whatsoever if you don’t want to talk to police please talk to me.I beg matter what the outcome it can never bring back my and believe I will find out and I won’t stop until someone is held accountable.whether it us on the court of law or my court of ma. The truth will be brought to light and when it does may god have mercy on their soul. Because there will be none anywhere else. Lysa stachel the mother of the angel sent home much too soon.

    • This is so horrible. Please don’t ever stop investigating. Mason wants to interrogate everyone till he has answers. My son is so horribly sad over the death of his big brother. We both loved Marcus very much.

    • Hi lysa, you don’t know me but my name is David and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and knowing your son Marcus. I had heard from my grandson that one of his friends had died or was murdered. I didn’t put it together until now. I’m so sorry for your loss. He was a great kid with an extremely bright future. I have two sons who have served in combat and my oldest was wounded in Iraq. Until I heard he was ok I thought I lost him so I can only imagine what you and your family are going through. I know him through Steve. You have my deepest condolences.

  • My heart goes out to the family of Marcus. I didn’t know him but my family and myself know his brother Tylar and just knowing Tylar, Marcus had to have been a sweet kind loving young man. He left this earth too soon and that is always so hard for us here still living. Remember all the love he had and all the good memories you all shared with him. Keep him close to your hearts and time will show you how to deal with everyday life. Remember to breathe when you wake up, remember to take small steps ahead, and remember to pray for help. He is still with you always. You as a family can make his short life count as something big. Don’t let anyone out there take that away from you. I pray that you can get through the hardest times gently. No one can tell you how or how long to grieve, so there is nothing that you do that is wrong at this time. Celebrate the holidays as you would have with him there with you. It will be one of the hardest times but remember what this season is all about…LOVE. Bless you all, Kathy Travis (Brittany’s mom)

  • Oh…I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a loved teen family member. It hurts so bad. Many prayers for all of you.

  • Lysa, I am glad you will look further into this. Mason is distraught and cannot function. He needs to have justice for his big brother. Our hearts ache that we will never see or talk to him again. I am sorry for your loss and all the kids involved. Melissa

  • Poor kid, he was just getting started in life.

    I enjoyed being his uncle and living with him in Eureka and San Diego. I used to watch over him when he was a baby/child.

    He loved his big brother Ty, and always had to be in Ty’s presence throughout the day in the early years.

    He left San Diego when he was about 5 years old. I didn’t get to see him again until he was 11 or 12. At that point he had already become an awesome wrestler and football player. He had gotten a lot of recogniton throughout the local athletics community during his playing days.

    He was also an awesome basketball player. I played him and his brother Jesse in a few games of 21 a few years ago. I was surprised of how good he was on the court. That boy had an awesome shot, and of course his defense was on point.

    From seeing and hearing about Marcus, it was obvious that he had a lot of natural ability and excelled in sports.

    He’s a had a big impact on his younger brothers and sister. Jesse, Jared, Mason, and Prisscilla all looked up to him.

    He’s had a lot of support from our family throughout the years. From his loving mother (Lysa), father (Steve) , step-moms (Melissa/Wendy), grandparents Roxy/Dave, big brother Ty, Uncle Matt, The Stachel family. They all at one point took Marcus under their wing and showed him love as best as they could. He had a lot of friends that looked after him, and girlfriend that showed him love as well.

    He will be missed by his family and friends dearly.

    Thank you all for the love and support during this difficult time.

    RIP Marcus, I love you Kid, see you on the other side!

    Uncle Marc!

  • A service for Marcus will be today at 3PM at The Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center.

  • I still sad that my big brother is now gone because that makes a hole in my heart no one will ever fill no one to take his place I love marky he was a good boy the video of the man conffesing to killing him is up on the internet just serach on google marcus satchel and go to videos and it should pop up but any way the guy who killed him need to be put away marcus gone forver gore to soon but never gone from our minds or our herarts

  • Lysa stachel Marcus allen stachel's mother

    Someone sent a video to our family of a woman talking to [edit] and he tells her that he pulled the trigger,that he fired the gun three times.we posted it.Hey [edit] is there anything you want to tell me now???

  • There is no rest for the wicked and the truth will come to light.know that….

  • It a fight to know he never coming back he never gonna wake up never gonna smile never gonna hug me he just not going to but (when you are feeling down remember that their is always tomorrow and it could always be better a lot of people won’t get the chance to see the morning again so count your blessings and be thankful because u were given another day life go’s on -banited younghog) Rest in peace big bro

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