Did You Lose Your Drugs?

Meth and needles

Found outside the Patriot Gas Station early this morning one striped purse with needles and 59 grams of meth. To claim, contact the Garberville Sheriff Substation at (707) 932-2761.

Okay, so that’s not a real ad. But the meth, needles, and etc. really were found. When we learned of the find, we asked Corporal Chad Zeck of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “Is 59 grams a lot of meth?

He kindly explained that meth is often sold by the 1/4 of a gram so this could represent potentially close to 240 sales. There were, he said, a number of empty baggies, a scale, and a list of phone numbers included with the striped purse discovered at the gas station in Cooks Valley this morning.

“If we had found this on someone,” he explained, “this would be a solid possession for sales case.” However, tracking down the owner of the meth will be very difficult–unless, of course, they would like to come in and claim it…

“But, getting this much meth off the street is great!” he said.



  • There’s precedent for folks trying to reclaim such lost property, so let’s hope the owner steps forward.

  • Hahaha. Must be some good stuff… “had legs” and walked there on its own

  • The makeup bag looked familiar so I showed my friend the pic…she confirmed that this was the makeup bag that was stolen from her truck two years ago when we both lived near the high school in Eureka! Had lots of makeup in it at the time 🙁

  • Damn drugs make you stupid…

  • Only users lose drugs

  • They could argue that the scale was because they like to accurately meter their doses, and the large quantity is because they like to buy in bulk to save.

  • Good find corporal, some sale person just realized where they left their pharmaceuticals.

  • Awsome!!! Lmaf…😃😂😂

  • Awesome has an “e” and lmaf doesn’t mean anything. Nice to see you got the emojis figured out.

  • I do believe that station has cameras time to do some investigating maybe finger prints.

  • I guess you can’t claim drugs without owning the repercussions.
    But this reminds me of another ‘Lost and Found story.

    The wife of our former EPD police chief was wearing some beautiful jewelry: a large and gorgeous opal pendant, matching earrings, and a nice diamond ring that I commented on. They were spectacular.

    She said she found them in a crumpled paper bag in the street curb while stepping out of a taxi in Half Moon Bay. She said she had more jewelry at home, too, other than what she was wearing. She said she told her husband about it, who was the police chief in Half Moon Bay at the time, and he advised placing a ‘Lost and Found’ ad in the paper. They did that. I suppose he looked for the reports of similar stolen property and didn’t find anything matching the property found. To note, he is a stand-up, honest, and ‘by the book’ guy in all respects.

    Of course, no one came into the police station to talk to the police chief to claim their (likely stolen) jewelry. Would you? So, after some legal period of time, the jewelry became hers, free and clear. I’m sure it was thousands of dollars or more in value.

    I wasn’t sure what to make of this. Someone had had their beautiful jewelry stolen. Someone else got it for free. It was all done in a legal way. And it helps to know people in high positions. Usually those kind of folks are lawyers, but in this case it was your astute law enforcement officer who was in the right place at the right time.

    • September, 2016
      ‘Man arrested outside Seahawks game after allegedly asking police about lost briefcase of cocaine ‘


    • My son found over $200 cash in the Ross store in the bayshore mall. He asked me what to do. Shit. We turned it in to the security guy in the store. He took my phone number and locked in in their safe. I called a week later and he said a woman came back and asked about the money. He said it was her money for her kids school clothes. Part of me suspects he just pocketed the money, but I go ahead and believe that somebody did pick up their lost money.

  • probably belongs to the meth head heroin junkie who’s old man got carted out of the Johnston Motel by the coroner Thursday night. She is now nowhere to be found… husband dies, she splits, cause she’s got a warrant out on her in Henderson , NV and no one has ever picked her up. She’s the one who carries a pink case and sells meth…oh I mean begs for money outside the credit union
    Finger prints anyone??

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