Someone’s New Corvette Crashed in SoHum

corvette2Ouch….just ouch. This crash on the Briceland Thorn Road near Hohstadts Garden Center features a brand new Corvette (Okay, maybe not newly manufactured but new to the owner). The photographer, Eddie Barker, said that the vehicle was headed east (towards Redway) and didn’t even have a license plate yet.

“[T]he dealers placard in the back window was not a temporary permit,” he said, “but the dealers personal placard.”




  • Interesting that it is unclaimed and not yet towed.. with a CHP tag on the window..

  • I can’t wait for the comments on this one

  • He is in icu and not good so lighten up ok

  • will do but not sure everyone else will be so light, hope they make a full recovery

  • That is so sad. Quick recovery for the driver. I bet he will cry over this one or someone will anyway

  • As in Ferris, they said I can fix it, but who is going to want it again.

  • Hope his car insurance was in effect, and that he will recover from his injuries.

  • Hope he’s ok!!pretty powerful car.i had a 68,she screamed.big block colboldt blue,blk racing stripe Loved that car!!hope the car can be repaired

  • Reminds me of the last scene in mr Deeds…
    Damn! These cars are fast…

  • That’s not a new corvette.

  • Icy roads this time of years be careful, corvettes have most the weight in the front and are rear wheel drive so easily spin out, been there done that, but not nearly as new or nice! hope they recover

    • Car barely looks damaged…was he not wearing his seatbelt? Lucky he didnt flip it with that rag top. Hope he makes it.

      Look at Corvette fails on youtube. Too much power for most who drive them.

    • Dear Guest, the C6 corvette does not have most of its weight on the front wheels. On the contrary, weight distribution is almost equal at 51% front/49% rear.

      It’s the high Performance engine and the wide, low profile summer tires that make it tricky on ice.

  • Amatures can’t all drive the cove road like me. :p

    -The Stig

  • If the driver is in ICU, that means that the crash was known about because he did not walk away from the scene and take himself to the hospital. So why would there be a police tag on it and it not have been towed away after the accident? That does not make sense.

  • It’s Not a brand new corvette, it’s a C5 2005 or 2006 with the ls1 most likely, nothing special. They go for less than 20 grand now. You could pick this one up for 5 grand after today lol also your not suppose to drive a corvette in the rain or ice whatsoever. Wheels are so wide you hydroplane.

    • Ummmm, you don’t know Corvettes. That’s a C6. 2005 to 2013. The C6 came with an LS2 or LS3 (2008 on…) The C5 had pop-up headlights, this C6 Vert did not. A sure giveaway.

      • Oh yeah it’s a C6 your right I was mistaken, but I actually did know that. Try not to be so condescending I was saying it wasn’t brand new and was nothing special, clearly not special enough for me to retain the information o’ mighty corvette joe has retained.

  • How long before the windows are broken out, wheels are taken, car is shot up, and lit on fire?

  • You can’t drive a donut-mobile on slippery roads like it is a Subaru…

  • Writer obviously doesn’t know Corvettes. Not new.

  • Racing school

  • Complete slug, a chipped hoverboard has more hp

  • The owner is not in ICU. He is fine. Glad to be alive.

  • Was that their striping purse left at the Patriot in Garberville they had all kinds of stuff in it the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in Garberville substation wants to hear from the person I bet it’s theirs with that kind of parking job

  • I think Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is offering a reward if anybody wants to come forward how they Park pinstriped purses with all kinds of stuff in it neat stuff gadgets gizmos makes you go fast just like that Corvette

  • If I had a dollar for every grower that wrecked an expensive vehicle in the first few weeks then I could buy my own fancy car and auction it off for charity.

  • How bout stop driving like an asshole

  • No need to discuss the year of the car. The author made it perfectly clear that the ‘vette was new to the owner and is not a new model. See the 2nd line of the article (at the top), in parentheses. It says, “(Okay, maybe not newly manufactured but new to the owner).”

  • It’s old now!

  • You know, that road is famous for speeding pickups driven by people who are less than sober and driving crazy. Might have run the vette off the road and not even known it… I refuse to go to out SCRoad because it’s too dangerous for regular clean and sober folks.

  • Hi everyone. This is my car. I wasn’t injured in the crash but had to exit the car feet first as the doors were jammed and the top would not lower. Got some scratches as I dropped 10 or 12 feet into brush. I had just driven it back from Portland, OR where I had flown to pick it up. When I stopped in Redway to stretch the temperature outside was mild. I drive the road quite often and am aware or the dangers. That “hairpin turn” is tretsurous in good conditions. I intended to make the turn at 15 mph or less. Entering the turn I applied the brakes, but nothing. Steering the same. A deer was skittering on the inside of the turn and I assume we both had the same problem.

    I have insurance so that’s ok. I’m really impressed that you, my neighbors are concerned about me. Watch out or black ice and generally drive safely. Also lets drive slowly through Briceland.

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