[UPDATE] Two Arrested in Eureka on Alabama Warrants for Marijuana Trafficking

Ross Zieman

Ross Zieman

Yesterday afternoon, two people at a Myrtle Avenue address in Eureka were arrested on warrants from Alabama. Ross Zieman (age 32, see photo right) and Crystal Nolan (age unknown, see photo below) were both booked into the Humboldt County Jail.

Crystal Nolan

Crystal Nolan’s mugshot from this website.

According to Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza, a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “We arrested two people with warrants from Alabama for marijuana related charges.” She explained that officers had gone the residence on Myrtle Avenue on what turned out to be a civil complaint. “When we were able to contact the individuals, it turned out they had out of state warrants and we arrested them for that,” she said.

According to warrant information on the two at the Mobile County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office website, they are both wanted for marijuana trafficking among other charges related to possession and drug paraphernalia.




  • Big wheels keep on turning
    Carry me home to see my kin
    Singing songs about the south-land
    I miss ‘ole ‘bamy’ once again and I think it’s a sin…

  • Should we extradite people to face felonies in other states for crimes which would be misdemeanors here?

    • Of course we should, Ed! Do you really want California to be an asylum for all those charged in other states for pot-related crime? They knew what they were doing, and that was breaking the law. I am all for California legalizing medical marijuana, but come on!

    • Yeah this is curious. Is LE obligated to take them into custody? In the absence of a Federally mandated legal duty, I can’t think of any good reason to use local resources on matters that are classified as misdemeanors in California. I’m thinking there’s gotta be some compensation for services rendered in the equation.

      • on federal grounds and in federal courts it is illegal…Obama asked for le to go easy but that has to legal authority

    • Thank you for asking Ed. I often give legal advice on the blogs. Life isn’t always fair, and sometimes the law isn’t fair, but we live in a nation of laws, as lawyers are wont to belabor. Laws are great until they bite you in the ass. There is a system to change the laws that are unfair, but the system seems to be flawed.

      Where do I send my bill? 😉

      • Well, we don’t extradite people to countries where they have the death penalty, or have I got that backwards, and other countries won’t extradite people to the US because we have the death penalty? Well same difference. I was just thinking of expanding the principle. But seriously, folks, there is a guy in Texas doing long hard time for a little bit of marijuana. Would it have been morally right to extradite him to Texas from California?

        • that’s a very good question Ed

          I say no, Texas can pound sand…and they have plenty of it.

          Weed prohibition is a human rights issue in many ways.
          No extradition…imo

        • Are there legal precedents for not extraditing from one state to another, ED? If so, are there certain circumstances when it does not occur? Has the US Supreme court ruled on jurisdiction and states rights/sovereignty? Thanks. My law library is closed tonight 😉

        • There’s a big difference here. Any laws enacted in any state has supposedly passed muster with the US Constitution. We are the UNITED States of America, not the Untied. The time to move to California is before you violate another state’s laws, not after.

          Please don’t ever make me have to agree with Ernie Branscomb again, ED.

        • Gosh Ed, you sound like a rational person.

        • Especially when all of mr. dontwannabeintexas’s marijuana-related activity took place in california!!
          No, we should not extradite people for their marijuana “crimes”. We havent the money to waste on the exercise honestly. However, if these two from alabama were called on for other obnoxious, community-busting behavior like domestic violence or drug dealing, then whatever’s clever…send em however we can send em.

    • Ed , they are being held for crimes committed in Alabama not Calif.

    • Absolutely, you do the crime take responsibility for your actions. If in your state possession is a felony than you better be ready to except the consequences for your actions. Our court systems and our community is full enough of people thinking they can come here and do whatever they please with no consequences!! This is our home not a refuge for people playing games thinking they can hide here because of more lenient laws. Just my opinion though.

  • Roll tide won’t be rollin no more…

  • I don’t care where they are from,a criminal is a criminal.if your on the run and hiding and you get caught in another state,TO F-IN BAD,your still a criminal!!and your going back where your wanted.We have enough here,don’t need more.DOES EUREKA HAVE A SIGN SOMEWHERE THAT.SAYS CRIMINAL’S WANTED?like on a t-shirt geeze

    • Idiots are all over the country G-ma. And all it takes is one knuckle-dragger to tell his fellow clowns back east that if you come here, you can knock some old hippie grower over the head and steal all his pot and bingo you’re all rich.
      Thats actually what these fools believe. At this point I welcome legalization. No one likes the idea of ‘big’ pot businesses here, but at least this kind of crap will eventually stop.

    • Word G-ma!

      • i know as you age, your vision is getting weaker, but nonetheless, there are an infinite number of shades of gray between the black and the white of which you speak granny. Thinking is our strongest defense. If you stop being able to do that, you become a liability to the rest of us ma’am.

  • You said it G-MA

  • 32 teeth in a jaw bone.

  • Build the wall already!

  • And yet those that bilked the country for billions get off scot-free…


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