Search Party for Missing Woman Gathering on Saturday; Volunteers Needed

Stacy Smart missing womanSearchers will be gathering at the Pine Cove Marina in Lewiston this Saturday. 51-year-old Stacey Smart has been missing since October and family as well as friends are looking for clues on what may have happened. “Vounteers are requested for ground searches of local dirt roads and of the lake, with special request for sonar boats,” according to a press release from the family.

Smart, a 51-year-old, Lewiston resident, has an injury to her left leg. She is about 5’8″ with blue eyes and pixie cut hair–shorter than that shown in the photo. She has a tattoo of a red lotus blossom on her lower back.

If you have any information about her case, please contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department at 530 623-3740 or the Nor-Cal Alliance For The Missing anonymous tip line at 530 378-4491.

Here’s a map of where the searchers will be gathering.

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  • Laytonville Rock


  • Dear god,please help the rescue crews and guide them to these women.thank praying for the family’s of these women for their safe return♡

  • Im around that area now if my plans work out I will be there

  • This is a very sad situation. I hope they find something, anything, that will let them know what happened. It has been so long.

  • does anybody know what time they will be meeting at pine cove marina?

    • got it 10am theres a lot more to this story sounds like the boyfriend denied a lie detector test but yet he’s not a suspect

      • L.e.o will suspect anyone regardless of what it seems,just like the woman found near by, her husband is interviewing to the world after being told not to, brings another suspect or suspects, like everything he his relatives and who he hangs with, also her whole family and friends. Threats that will come out in every story if her loved ones cooperate,lie detectors are not accurate and am sure he was advised not to agree to take one, they may have not been together long enough to warrant any cohabitant laws. How long will he be able to play it out if he knows something. Men make deals of secrets with drug dealers,the dealers send other people out to make that person pay inside ransom cause most men fuck up over and over and the loved one pays the price.Rural living can take hold on any persons,a lot of men keep someone around to absorb the retaliation.Oh he is a suspect all the time until they break the case hopefully after they find her. Even if he is innocent he will be advised not to take the poly.

  • I am Nicole Santos-Hamann husband It is killing me to see my wife looking for her mother all day every day and crying every night. I don’t have much money we live paycheck. If anybody can tell me where Stacey Smart is or give me information that leads me to her alive and well deceased on vacation in the Hampton’s I don’t care just lead me to her.I will quit my job the second we find her cash out my 401k and give the person that leads us to her 10,000 dollars the second the funds hit the bank

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