Armed Home Invasion Leads to High Speed Pursuit: Suspect Being Sought by Helicopter, etc.

home invasion feature

Image from WikiCommons.

An armed home invasion in the 5000 block of Fieldbrook Road near the Fieldbrook Grange around 6:30 p.m. sent law enforcement scrambling in pursuit. According to scanner traffic, the robbers were two black males and one female. There was a high speed car chase.

We believe the two males have been detained after a car crash. But the female fled on foot. Helicopters are in the air with spotlights near Moonstone Beach and law enforcement has reportedly put up a roadblock near Westhaven.

According to scanner traffic, the Humboldt County Sheriff has requested help from the DEA. We are attempting to gather more details.



  • Hmmm. Black Lives Matter….

    • What the heck is that supposed to mean? Are you questioning whether Black lives matter based on the fact that some Black people were involved in this? What about all the dumb ass stuff some of the white folk do around here?

      Later troll

      • Took the bait, didn’t ya. HAHA👏

        • bait?

          you post marginally racist bullshit then smirk when someone speaks to it?

          what an asshat.

        • Yes he did . Spot on MR. ME. White Helicopters Matter. Well, depending on who you’re rescuing.

        • There is some truth to the statement ” black lives matter ” I believe that Me was responding to the turmoil that B L M is causing around the country, I do not believe that these people are concerned about black lives any more than the Klan are concerned about Truth. If you follow up on this I am sure these people are from some place else not Humboldt. They came here to rob and pillage from what they believe are weak targets. Blacks from the ghetto perceive white boys as being weak and spineless and to call out Me for making a comment about BLM is way too P.C. and racist in and of it self.

          • Exactly. The BLM movement is like any other group, no matter the race. They protest, often violently, claiming injustice to their cause, but then some from that same race does something like this. Any sympathies I may have had for these folks goes right out the window. I don’t give a damn if they are black, white, indian, or PURPLE for that matter (please forgive, or don’t (I don’t care) the political incorrectness of the ethnic names). Anybody that commits a crime like this deserves to be put right into a six foot deep hole.

            • Racism is racism it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is if you have an issue with somebody because of the color of their skin or ethnic background your racist. This group could do so much more if they actually had a common goal to focus on versus what they’re not getting and what they need people to give them. Get out and make your own stop stealing rioting destroying personal property. All lives matter!!!

    • hmmmm can’t wait to solidify your racial beliefs….

    • Yes they do!

    • Guaranteed if these guys were killed by police trying to arrest them, people would start up with the “black lives matter”. Photos would be posted of the men, from 10 years ago, when they were sitting with their grandma. Family members would appear on tv claiming how nice the men were. Nevermind the armed robbery they just came from. I pretty much hate cops, but I do defend them in many cases where they shoot people while on duty. It’s just, I’ve been handcuffed at gunpoint more times than I know, and never been shot. I just calmly do what they ask and it always worked out.

  • Concerned Fortuna citizen

    I helped these people last week at my work. I’m willing to bet money. Black sedan with out of state plates. They were dressed in very expensive clothing, refused to shake my hand and glared at me. ( I’m white). Both men had shorter hair, woman had hair shoulder length was about 5″7 with a nice ass

  • Can I get a face tattoo!?!

  • They can run but they can’t drive.

  • It would be awesome if the Humboldt County Sheriffs Department could round up the local, born and raised in fieldbrook, drug addicts that are responsible for the majority of the violent Home Invasions, Attempted Murders, and possibly Murder. I think they are trying, just wish they could hurry it up. Our community is not safe til the local Hardcore criminals are stopped. Don’t worry, they know who I am talking about.
    Sorry for the victims in this case, glad they know the people terrorizing them have been caught. Good job to The LEO’s.

    • I wonder if ME and the idiot Progressive friend, know that the folks you are referring to around are at least 80% white… Of course they would probably blame the locals behavior on Black Lives Matter because of their ignorance about about that movement.
      I never cease to be amazed at the incredible amount of ignorant folks you can see posting on here.

  • lost coast out post reported of a lady going over a cliff, is this the same incident?

    • Same incident. Right after the woman disappeared from sight, a deputy said that from where they last saw her running she *could have* gone over the cliff. They were checking other areas too.

    • Lady? If the shitbag is the one over the cliff, then good!

  • If you sell illegal drugs then no crying when you get robbed

  • Norvell Eaisley and Charleston Jamond Thompson arrested yesterday for high speed chase. Minus one that must have fallen off the cliff or maybe escaped. From Missouri and have been in trouble before.

  • They were maybe looking for Redwood burl.

  • Let’s build the wall!!!

  • Moonstone beach. Mmmmm moonstone beach. Why are there so many of these doper thieving dirt bags running to moonstone beach?? Mmmmmm. I wonder why so many of these scumbags run on down to moonstone and hide out?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Terrorism through devil’s lettuce…

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