‘Criminal Indicators’ Lead Police to 71 Pounds of Christmas Wrapped Marijuana

15134738_1219680571459042_8798575586740682687_nThis is a release from the Ohio State Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

A California man is facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 71 pounds of marijuana, worth approximately $330,000, following a traffic stop in Wood County.

On November 21, 2016, at 10:16 a.m., troopers stopped a rented 2016 Ford Expedition, with Washington State license plate registration, for following too closely on Interstate 80, near milepost 71. Troopers observed criminal indicators and a Patrol drug-sniffing canine alerted to the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed 10 gift wrapped boxes containing approximately 71 pounds of marijuana, 360 THC pills and a pound of hash wax oil.Packaged marijuana Photo from Ohio State Police

The driver, Daniel A. Yates, 31, of Eureka, Calf, was incarcerated in the Wood County Jail and charged with possession and trafficking in drugs, both second-degree felonies.

If convicted, he could face up to 16 years in prison and up to a $30,000 fine.

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  • Looked up Ohio highway marijuana bust. Every bust or traffic stop is from following to closely. Such bullshit.

    • Yeah they often use that because profiling is illegal. Dirty fucking pigs!

      • Dirty pigs indeed. Enforcing the laws of their state, WTF are they thinking?

        • It’s not the enforcement, it’s the illegal tactics they use , filling too close w 71 pounds, complete BS. Real story, we stopped this left coast dumb hippie and he better hope he don’t have a seed , cause his ass now belongs to Wood County!! All the comments and stories of harassment on Ohio highways , I wouldn’t go there as a medical marijuana licences, if you paid Me, these stop are constant in that region. All about same goal as Trump\Bush…fill my coffers!!!!!

          • @N – This has absolutely nothing to do with “Trump”, but your exposing your general ignorance is something I thank you for. I, and every other reader, can now easily dismiss your comment as blatant conjecture due to lack of integrity you’ve demonstrated. Thank you 🙂

        • Profiling is against the law. In case you haven’t heard.

    • Many drivers actually do follow too closely. The rule of thumb is at least 3 seconds following distance. When I’m riding I will check (without letting the driver know I’m checking). Most follow too closely. Many follow at less than 2 seconds.

  • What are criminal indicators ?Christmas presents pretty good idea but not good enough.

    • “Following too closely” = out of state plates.
      “Criminal indicators” = hair not close-cropped, no religious zealotry, failure to prominently display ‘Bush/Cheney 2004’ bumper sticker.

    • Ive known folks where it was “swerving” that got them, even tho they werent, and of course any license plate from CA,OR, WA is a criminal indicator, for real.
      This guy may get lucky as the cops in some of these states often break protocol when searching the car. Usually involving k-9 units. Had some folks learn the hard way (they only had 2lbs on em) you cant fight the traffic stop&need a fancy lawyer to get out of it.
      Look in the midwest where the NORML offices are; thats where the most profiling is done for pot, that why theres random offices on the borders of states like Ohio. So dont drive through those states if you have even a little personal/medical herb.

    • http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/investigative/2014/09/07/police-intelligence-targets-cash/

      Black Asphalt also has served as a social hub for a new brand of highway interdictors, a group that one Desert Snow official has called “a brotherhood.” Among other things, the site hosts an annual competition to honor police who seize the most contraband and cash on the highways. As part of the contest, Desert Snow encouraged state and local patrol officers to post seizure data along with photos of themselves with stacks of currency and drugs. Some of the photos appear in a rousing hard-rock video that the Guthrie, Okla.-based Desert Snow uses to promote its training courses.

      Annual winners receive Desert Snow’s top honorific: Royal Knight. The next Royal Knight will be named at a national conference hosted in Virginia Beach next year in collaboration with Virginia State Police.

      In just one five-year stretch, Desert Snow-trained officers reported taking $427 million during highway encounters, according to company officials. A Post analysis found the training has helped fuel a rise in cash seizures in the Justice Department’s main asset forfeiture program.


  • Do not go through Ohio !!! Rental cars have tell tale signs that they are rentals , that gives you away . No family and a poorly contrived story , too much cash and no bible ! Your going down !

  • too bad they did n’t get busted in Humboldt co. They would have just got a slap on the wrist and sent home.

  • some states it’s not ! Got to be aware people

  • Hope he gets max jail time.

  • 71 lbs. i think of all the work that goes into a unit. that’s a lot of xmas greenery.

    ya, before i’d be hauling gifts x-country i’d seriously do my homework finding good routes. i’d also have my lucky rabbits foot , phantom crystals, a bobble-head madonna on the dash, a baby jesus in a manger in my back window, and feng shui crystals on every window.

    i’d take my prayer flags and sandalwood prayer beads, mama’s rosary that nuns made and father blessed, the 1st dollar i ever earned, the 1st little shoes my son learned to walk in that i bronzed, my lucky socks, get out of bed on the right side, avoid walking under ladders or going near mirrors i could break…
    i’d get fresh holy water and i’d also smudge myself and the car every 2 hrs.
    what am i forgetting???

    i’d make sure i know the traffic laws in the states i’m traveling in (in louisiana they shoot long-hair men and women wearing any hippie boho gypsy indian ethnic retro cloths…
    must stop i’d check my lights and blinkers, license plates.
    i’d be the best driver EVER.
    ho ho ho…

    but when you times’ up that’s it.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S00y75ebq8
      A two night stand in Tulsa pullin out an headed west
      Freddie grabbed the Gideons from the hotel in the desk
      An we said whats the matter brother? Are you worried about your soul
      He said better safe than sorry boys, thats just how I role
      We hit the road a feelin cool as Crosby, Stills and Nash overflowin with the spirit an a bible on the dash

      Well we pulled the whole thing over for the flashin reds and blues
      The police come to the window and he said Have you heard the news?
      He said dont get smart with me boy, why you doin 95?
      my foot is heavy with redemption, Im just blessed to be alive!
      He said I oughtta pull you out a there an beat you black and blue
      I placed my hand upon the good book an said what would Jesus do?

      Its better than insurance, registration or lyin
      Its better than these fake IDs I have to keep buyin
      Its even better than an envelope stuffed with cash
      They always said itd save me, that old bible on the da-ash

      Well round these parts that hair alonell make probable cause
      If youre movin through my county, youll obey my earthly laws
      Well we did our best to quote some holy red chapter or verse
      what kinda music you boys makin?
      we said Christian music sir!
      well he thought about, contemplated, twirled his cop moustache
      alright yalls be careful now, just dont drive quite so fast

      Its better than insurance, registration or lyin
      Its better than these fake IDs I keep on buyin
      Its even better than an envelope stuffed with cash
      They always said itd save me, that old bible on the da-ash

      Well crossin at the border a few months later we heard FREEZE
      Pull in over there son, we gonna do some search and seize.
      Maybe if wed been more famous hed a said just move along
      If hed a seen us on the TV, if we’d had hit single songs
      Well hes just about to ask us wheres the money guns and hash
      Well Is prayin it would save me, that ol bible on the dash

      His hand was on his pistol, his dog was on his leash
      An that shepard he was a keeping a pretty close eye on the sheep

      We got a list were gonna look at, see if we cant find your names
      We got parabolic laser beams hears everything you say
      We got ultraviolet x-rays that can see right through your bus

      Yes sir well I hope the good lord keeps an eye on all of us, yup

      Its better than a green card, its better than lyin
      Its better than these work visas I keep on buyin
      Its better than an envelope stuffed with cash
      Lord Im at the border with a bible on the da-ash

      • Ullr rover, thank you. that was great. i’ve never heard it before. i love lyrics…the follow-up vid was the cherry. *danka*

        i can’t imagine what this guy was thinking or thinking now. i feel for his loved ones. and i feel for the grower/s who have lost their work product. i know the feeling. sad sad.
        i wish y’all well…

        Things got rough, things got tough
        Things got harder than hard
        We were just trying to make a livin’
        In our back yard

        We were born too late, died to soon
        Anxiety’s a terrible crime
        If you can’t come now, don’t come at all
        ‘Cause it’s a crooked piece of time


        and then some
        …you may see me tonight with an illegal smile
        It don’t cost very much, but it lasts a long while
        Won’t you please tell the man I didn’t kill anyone
        No I’m just tryin’ to have me some fun…

        finally, sadly we have too many singing this song for no good reasons if at all.
        …The search light in the big yard turns ’round with the gun
        And spotlights the snowflakes like the dust in the sun
        It’s Christmas in prison there’ll be music tonight
        I’ll probably get homesick, I love you, Good night…


        happy hungry white people day!

    • Well chances are you’d get pulled for the bobble head on the dash obstructing your view.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Another life ruined because of devil’s lettuce, 16 years is a long time and he’ll be living in Ohio to do his probation and parole.
    Maybe he’ll get some type of help in finding an honest job and just fined?
    Ohio had some type of medical on the ballot and they may just maybe make him labor for his crimes.
    What types of jobs can Felons get after they leave prison?

  • It’s not a war on drugs, its a war on personal freedom.

  • princess kicking ass

    God help us all those gifts could of very well been just gifts and if that is truly the value then we all need to go to Ohio cause it sounds like one could make bank there I pray for that guy nobody deserves to be locked up for some Christmas gifts

  • A total setup. Ohio cops and others profile the cars, and then force the drivers to “follow too close” or to go a couple miles over the speed limit, then pull them over. Unfortunate that Yates was so ignorant. A little googling would have told him he was driving with huge bullseyes on him and his car. Rented car?? Hwy 80?? West coast plates?? Christmas presents a month early?? Hope he has a very good lawyer.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Wearing a Got Humboldt shirt and not hauling a trailer of beef might be probable cause.

      Just wear a cowboy hat, spit chaw when talking to cops, and when they ask if there’s weed in the car simply reply, ‘ Son, if you’re accusing me of smoking devil’s lettuce, you need to take that badge off ’cause you insulted me and we need to settle this, you mechanical bull cowboy’.

      They’ll let you go….

      Rolling green like devil’s lettuce will get you popped and labeled a grower terrorist that helped 9/11.

      Get it right, lettuce heads.

  • Along-For-The-Ride

    Why are you pot folks so upset, the busts keep the prices nice and “high”

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Because they see their face on the story and deep inside want help with their addiction to drugs and partaking in terrorism.

      Their souls feel the guilt of their crimes and begs for help. It’s why the terrorists drive nuts with a car full of weed….

      They want to be caught.

      They need help, and though I want to see the military round them up, getting help for their affliction would be the main goal.

      One needs to pity the lettuce heads, while protecting their families, property, and future from these terrorists.

      It’s not called the devil’s lettuce for no reason and our communities need safe, healthy, nurturing places for children, safe from marijuana growing terrorists.

      Let them move to Syria, Iran, or North Korea if they love terrorism so much. We don’t need, nor want it.

  • Yates sounds familiar. Been listed on this site before for being arrested ? Was delivering packages before Thanksgiving.( Indicator) Should have waited till black Friday at least.

  • Too bad law enforcement does not put half as much effort into busting meth-heads…

  • Just hope they didn’t rip off some hard working soul.

  • Does he still work at Premiere Oil Change? I know he just had a kid with a bartender chick. Feel for the kid. Especially at Christmas time. He is facebook friends with sum LEOs. Maybe they can help him out.

  • Here’s your criminal indicator: a GPS tracking device placed by LE. A man is currently in a mid-western prison for a similar situation. The highway police there knew to pull him over because of the device placed by Humboldt county staff (I don’t know which department). When I asked Gallegos about the practice, he was 100% unapologetic. ‘I will catch criminals however I can’ would be a reasonable paraphrase. Word to the wise: have your buyers come here and give them the discount…the amount you save in legal fees, not to mention worry, will put you far ahead in the game.

  • Especially when it’s been armed to you and people will be wanting answers. Desperate people, make desperate decisions. Stop getting yourself in a pinch. His facebook depicts his day to day life. Too much info!!

  • Profiling? Out of state plates gets you pulled over on made-up infractions (lane change w/o signal, following too close, seat belt, etc). Rental car w plates from a state where weed is legal= immediate pull over!! Then your driver’s license says anyplace in Humboldt? Immediate search! Dogs are brought in to justify but believe me the cop will make sure the dog “indicates” contraband. Worst part is now it’s your true story against 2 respected cops’ story because you drove alone. You’re screwed. They’ll offer you a plea deal that you have to take….DO NOT use rental cars from legal states! (Switch that car out somewhere)…DO NOT use a driver w a Humboldt County license! Basic stuff. Local idiots who have been in this bubble too long may not realize that there really is still a war on. Also your phone- it records all your locations and searches and contacts. Duh. So that could lead to further serious repercussions- even people who were not in the car… Leave this transport stuff to the professionals!

  • Gave out too much info on Facebook… Can be a “big dog” in Humboldt but the wolves are waiting across state lines… and maybe don’t smoke your own product while driving out of state in a Cali rental van with Christmas presents before Thanksgiving. Wasn’t even black Friday yet so he possibly couldn’t have bought all those wrapped presents. Just sayin…

    • Right? Just ” a little 1 pound of oils” is a huge felony out there. Could do years on that one charge alone. Herb is bad enough but that manufactured by a drug lab stuff will destroy your legal chances at playing the dumb yet non-criminal mule. Again- very unprofessional. Our bubble is small and special. Respect that. Still I’m amazed the feds don’t lean very hard and clean up some oil producers here. Maybe soon.

  • Shit gets real outside California Oregon and Washington especially when that case gets handed over to the feds don’t get it wrong folks this shit is illegal under federal statute it’s called affecting interstate commerce don’t everybody know that federal law trumps state law

  • Moving that much by vehicle is dumb air is the only way
    Your talking a 71000-180,000 price tag with double return Dont be cheap find a pilot and fly the shit if their airport looks hot go to another Lol

  • Moonshine all that stuff used to be illegal until uncle Sam got his fingers on it and it was okay tobacco with the same situation as long as uncle Sam gets his finger in on it his money out of it it’s okay if you don’t make it legal what is the number one killer? Isn’t it tobacco and alcohol killing people. what is pot done to anybody does anybody know is it killed anybody you know from inducing too much like tobacco does you know what causes cancer same situation when they become gets illegal Uncle Sam gets his fingers in on it everything’s going to be good wake up everybody this is what keeps our economy floating here in California from the tip top to the bottom part in this case wake up and smell the bud

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